LA Prosecutors and Kevin Spacey Case; Gay Couple Turned Away From UK Straight Bar; Gus Kenworthy’s Boyfriend and an Excellent Video With A Porn Star

LA Prosecutors and Kevin Spacey Case

Whenever I post about something like this I try to urge people to consider the fact that in the US we are all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles are reviewing a sex crimes case against Kevin Spacey.
According to NBC, the sherriff’s department first submitted the case on 5 April. Now, the District Attorney’s Office’s Sex Crimes Task Force is reviewing the case for it to potentially move forward.

You can read the rest of it here. There are a few more investigations mentioned.

Gay Couple Turned Away From UK Straight Bar

This is interesting. I’ve been seeing gay and straight people mingle in most US bars lately. Especially in traditional gay bars.

A gay couple was refused entry into a bar in Leeds, UK when bouncers said it was ‘mixed-couples’ only.
Patrick Hannon and Jake Archer had gone to Jake’s Bar in the northern English city for a drink at 10pm on 24 March.

Here’s more. It’s being investigated by the bar’s manager. I hope there’s a follow up. I’m curious.

Gus Kenworthy’s Boyfriend and an Excellent Video With A Porn Star

I don’t know much about Kenworthy’s boyfriend, so the best I can do here is link.

Gus Kenworthy’s boyfriend, Matthew Wilkas, stars in a gritty, NSFW new music video from singer Natti Vogel.
Vogel began his career writing music at NYC’s prestigious The New School and NYU before throwing himself on to the New York City cabaret scene.

You can watch the video here. 

It’s very good. And this press release is very true. I think gay people face this at least once daily on social media.

A press release for the video says, ‘it highlights the desperation and alienation queer people face growing up in a heteronormative society, but through the lens of one specific individual. 

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Gay Attacks NOT Covered By West Virginia Hate Crime Law; BBC Video Brings Gay People To Tears; Gay Couple Violently Attacked At Miami Beach Gay Pride

Gay Attacks NOT Covered By West Virginia Hate Crime Law

The violent attacks against gay people continue. If anyone out there still thinks there isn’t a lot more work to do, check this out.

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled this week that anti-gay attacks cannot be prosecuted under the state’s hate crime law, a decision that activists said diverged from recent outcomes in gay and transgender rights cases. The ruling clears the way for a college athlete accused of assaulting two gay men to be tried on lesser charges.

Here’s more.   The attacker saw two gay men kissing in public, he shouted homophobic slurs at them from his car, and then got out and beat them up. He was a football player at a West Virginia university.

 BBC Video Brings Gay People To Tears

There’s a new video out from BBC Scotland that’s tugging on the proverbial heart strings of many. And this goes hand in hand with what I just posted about above with the hate crime in West Virginia. 

Most LGBT people have said in numerous studies that they are uncomfortable holding hands or kissing their romantic partner in public. This is why.

“Imagine choosing not to make sure the person you love truly knows it, out of nothing but fear that you’ll at the least get a dirty look and the worst be murdered. Imagine how it feels to constantly be double, triple taking on strangers faces, instead of just living and being able to love someone dear to you.”

This is why a lot of gay people I know carry guns. I know a lot of people are pro gun control, but these gay people I know feel safer, they have legal gun permits, and they know how to use a gun. So go try to tell someone who is at risk of becoming a hate crime victim they shouldn’t carry a legal gun. It’s not something I would try to do.   

Here’s the rest. 

Gay Couple Violently Attacked At Miami Beach Gay Pride

In keeping with today’s theme, here’s another attack against a gay couple…at a pride event, no less.

Rene Chalarca and his boyfriend Dimitri Lugonov were walking out of the restroom in Lumus Park at around 7:45 pm on Sunday when four men approached and violently attacked them.
“They start to hit us, like beating us, hard,” Charlarca tells his local news station.
You can read this one, here.  It’s interesting how we never hear about these things on our local TV news. 

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Straight Guy Shocked: Sues For What Happens In Men’s Steam Room; Gus Kenworthy Gets Felt Up At Miami Pride? Secret World of Gay Farmers

Straight Guy Shocked: Sues for What Happens In Men’s Steam Room

A straight guy wound up in a NY steam room where “other” things were happening, and he was so stunned by what he saw those men doing to each other he’s suing.

“I’m relaxing, I’m sitting in the corner, it’s very meditative,” he said of the mood in the steam room of the Equinox on Broadway in Gramercy Park as he got settled.
“The steam clears… And I look across from me. This gentleman, sitting pretty close, his towel is open, his legs are spread and he’s looking right at me, and the guy next to him was rubbing [the man’s] inner thigh,” the so-called victim told The Post.
Here’s more. Frankly, I’m not a fan of this sort of thing myself. And I can fully understand why this poor guy might worry that he would be sexually assaulted. And, according to the comments I’m not the only gay man who feels that way. I can’t wait to see how a judge rules on this one. 
Gus Kenworthy Gets Felt Up At At Miami Beach Pride?
This isn’t something I would do or support, but it happened anyway. And that’s because I don’t believe in objectifying men or women, and I don’t believe in sexual assault. I believe in respect. 
Gus Kenworthy, who is always so polite and reserved, made some nice comments at Miami Beach Pride and here’s what they did…
“Pride is so important and Miami does it right,” Gus said from the stage before leaping into the audience. “It’s such an honor to be here!”
Emcees Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard warned people “no package grabbing,” but did encourage them to “feel his butt for me!”
Here’s the rest.  Why would they encourage that, especially with a nice guy like Kenworthy? I don’t get it. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to treat someone that way, in such a degrading manner. Maybe it was camp or dark humor? At least that’s what I’m hoping it was.  
Secret World of Gay Farmers
I once had a much older gay friend who grew up in Iowa on a farm and he used to tell stories about what happened on the farm. For me it was proof that gay men have always been around and they’ve always found ways to connect with each other. But it’s not always easy, not by any means. 
The real gay farmers living under these conditions don’t often find a cinematic happy ending, but a project started in 2009 called the Gay Farmer Hotline has quietly been helping people through tough times.
Now a new short film called Landline has been produced that tells the stories of some of these men, most over the age of 50, using real phone conversations to pull back the curtain on a fragmented community that continues to exist in the shadows.

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Gay Man Falsely Accused of Rape; Hot Gay Sex Scene on HBO’s Here and Now; Mom Keeps Kids From Gay Dad

Gay Man Falsely Accused of Rape

This is a very scary thing.

Lucien Harris is a trans man who used to identify as Lottie Harris. Before transitioning, Harris became infatuated with Malik when they worked together at a restaurant in Essex.
When Malik, who is openly gay, turned down Harris’ advances, Harris went awol.
Here’s the rest. It’s one of the most bizarre stories I’ve read in a long time. 

Hot Gay Sex Scene on HBO’s Here and Now
I’ve posted a few times about HBO’s new series, Here and Now. I’m not in love with the characters, but oddly, the story line is interesting and I’m hoping it’s leading up to something. 
And hey, speaking of slipping through cracks, HBO’s Here and Now has quietly been broadcasting some crazy hot-and-heavy gay scenes that you probably haven’t seen.
The show is intersectionality materialized, following a diverse family in the Portland, Oregon area.
Here’s more. I have seen the show and I don’t hate it. It’s one of those subjective things and someone else might love it. 

Mom Keeps Kids From Gay Dad
Here’s a story about a woman who didn’t want her ex-husband to see their kids because the ex-husband is gay and she’s worried he’ll turn the kids gay. 
The mother’s lawyer wrote a letter to the father saying his lifestyle could make the kids turn gay. The letter said his sexuality ‘may cause the children to experiment sexually and engage in homosexual and bisexual behaviour at a later stage.’
The gay dad took the woman to court, and he won. You can read more, here

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Homophobic Gay Jokes; "120 BPM" Tribute To Gay Activism; Alum From Dartmouth Claims Laura Ingraham Bullied Gays

Jimmy Kimmel’s Homophobic Gay Jokes

This is the kind of thing that has always bothered me. I’ve seen it all my life. And I never know from which direction it’s coming. I could be watching something on TV and homophobia is the last thing I’m thinking about, and then it happens. Someone like Jimmy Kimmel makes THAT remark.

Jimmy Kimmel is under fire for resorting to gay jokes in his feud with Sean Hannity.
During an exchange of insults with the Fox News host Friday, Kimmel tweeted a joke implying that Hannity has a sexual relationship with Donald Trump:
When your clown makeup rubs off on Trump’s ass, does it make his butt look like a Creamsicle?

Here’s more. This is just as homophobic and as insulting as anything a right wing Christian might say. In fact, in many ways it’s even worse because so many gay people don’t even realize how wrong this is. We’re so used to getting insulted we don’t even realize it’s happening…including me.

“120 BPM” Tribute To Gay Activism

There isn’t much gay history out there, so things like this are highly significant.

“120 BPM (Beats per Minute)” is the latest such film. An unabashedly passionate depiction of the work of AIDS activists in Paris in the early 1990s, it has resonated deeply with audiences. At its premiere at the Cannes film festival last summer, critics were in tears; it won several awards, including the Grand Prix. At a recent preview in London, viewers sat dumbstruck during the credits before standing to applaud.

You can read about this, here. I don’t know much about it other than this article, but I’ll keep looking. Sometimes these movies…think Stonewall and the nightmare it turned out to be…are white washed by straight people in the Hollywood hypocrisy sector of our society. So at this point I can’t be sure about this one. 

Alum From Dartmouth Claims Laura Ingraham Bullied Gays

Here’s a not so surprising story about Fox News conservative pundit, Larua Ingraham, who has branded herself the all-knowing wise one of us all. Oh yes, she knows it all.  

In 1984, as editor of The Dartmouth Review, a conservative student newspaper at Dartmouth College, Ingraham sent a reporter to secretly record a support group meeting for closeted gay students, then published a transcript in the paper with accompanying text that referred to gay people as “sodomites,” Newsweek reports.

Here’s the rest. I can’t comment because I’m not a fan of any pundits. 

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Pulse Nightclub Shooter Was Not Gay and Never Did Grindr; John Barrowman In Washington DC; An Ad With Tom Daley Called Inappropriate

Pulse Nightclub Shooter Was Not Gay and Never Did Grindr

Here’s more factual news about the Pulse nightclub massacre. 

It was assumed Mateen targeted Pulse as it was a gay club. It was suggested this was motivated by his hatred of his own homosexuality.

Investigators have confirmed there is no evidence he was a closeted gay man.
They found nothing on his electronic devices he was ever on Grindr. Instead, he looked at porn involving older women and had extramarital affairs with two women.
Here’s more. There is some proof, however, that he may have been homophobic. 

John Barrowman In Washington DC

I love John Barrowman for a lot of reasons. He’s high energy, fantastic with people, works hard at his craft, and I think he’s around my age. I also think he lives in Palm Springs, where Tony and I live part of the year. He’s always very candid, too.

John Barrowman (a.k.a. Captain Jack Harkness) was in Washington, D.C. earlier this week for Awesome Con, D.C.’s annual celebration of all things comic book, sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, and pop culture.
While there, he and a couple of friends ran around town taking goofy pictures of themselves…
There’s more, here. It’s totally SFW. 
An Ad With Tom Daley Called “Inappropriate”
Here’s a good example of the way gay presses will spin and twist the news with their own special brand of clickbait. Tom Daley did an ad for some kind of android cell phone that was supposed to be water resistant…but only water resistant with a catch. It’s not totally water resistant. The ad wasn’t pulled because it was inappropriate. It was pulled because it was misleading. If anything, Daley should be thanking the Advertising Standards Agency for saving his good name. No one wants to be associated with a misleading advertisement. 
Because consumers were likely to understand that the product could deliberately be submerged in a swimming pool and that no precautions were required to be taken after it had been immersed to preserve the product’s performance, and because that was not the case, we concluded that the ad exaggerated the capability of the product and was misleading.”
Here’s the rest.  Here’s more proof that you should always read between the lines with some web sites these days. It’s just too bad the ASA isn’t checking out misleading headlines. 

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Bob Dillon Writes A Gay Anthem? AMA: No Valid Reason To Ban Trans People; Call Me By Your Name and Allegedly Banned Nude Gay Sex Scenes

Bob Dylan Writes a Gay Anthem?
I’m still waiting for the Grammy Awards to add a category for fiction. If Bob Dylan can win a Nobel for literature…yes, literature…that’s the least authors can get from the music industry. But don’t hold your breath. 
Now they’re calling this Bob Dylan song a gay anthem. 
Dylan was one of six artists who took classic songs and regendered them to focus on same-sex love for a new album called Universal Love.
Dylan sang the 1929 jazz standard “She’s Funny That Way” — popularised by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole — except his version is called “He’s Funny That Way.”
Here’s the rest. They go on to mention that pop music has always been about heteronormative mainstream culture. Like we didn’t know that. That was exactly my point when I wrote the book, When A Man Loves a Man. I didn’t do that one by accident. My whole point with that book was to point out that gay people have never been represented in pop music…or anything!  
Glendora Hill: When a Man Loves a Man by [Field, Ryan]

AMA: No Valid Reason To Ban Trans People

Here’s another important piece about transgender people in the military. This time trans people now have the American Medical Association backing them along with the rest of us.

Leading medical, psychological and military experts have condemned a shocking report produced by Trump officials that claimed transgender troops were “unstable” and not suitable for military service.
In a letter to President Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the American Medical Association (AMA) savaged a report signed off by Mattis earlier this month that set out the case for a ban on transgender soldiers. 

You can read it all here. It goes on to state that the AMA supports full coverage for treatment of gender dysphoria.

Now watch the bible Christians lose their minds.

Call Me By Your Name and Allegedly Banned Nude Gay Sex Scenes

According to this piece, here’s the real reason why you didn’t see what you thought you were going to see in this alleged “gay romance.” Yes, they are still referring to this movie as a gay romance.

He alleged that the film was changed because lead actors Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet both had clauses included in their contracts that prohibited full-frontal nudity.
The screenwriter told the newspaper: “When Luca says he never thought of putting nudity in, that is totally untrue.
“He sat in this very room where I am sitting now, talking about how he would do it, so when he says that it was a conscious aesthetic decision not to – well, that’s just bullshit.
Here’s the rest. They also mention something about the fact that Hollywood did it again by hiring two straight actors to play gay face. 

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Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Casting; Adam Rippon Met A Guy On Tinder; Transgender French Olympic Gold Medalist

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Casting

This looks like an advertorial to me. But I was just thinking about another Ryan Murphy show, Versace, the other day and I seem to follow a pattern with all things Ryan Murphy. I start out excited, I can’t wait to see it, and then two or three shows into whatever the series is I start recording it on DVR and tell myself I’ll watch later. Which I never actually do. This never happens to me with other TV shows. I just finished binge watching Sneaky Pete, The Santa Clarita Diet, This Close, and I can’t wait for the next season of Better Call Saul. I’ve seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel three times. I always finish everything I watch, except Ryan Murphy.

In any event, I’m sure many of you love Ryan Murphy TV, so here’s something about the next American Horror Story…

When it comes to Murphy’s other FX anthologies, he’s currently casting an eighth season of American Horror Story (and, in classic Murphy fashion, reveals he’s “throwing in Joan Collins” and is “interested” in Anjelica Huston)

You can check that out here. Of course I’ll try watching it again, and maybe this time I’ll finish watching the entire season. 

Adam Rippon Met A Guy On Tinder

Well get my smelling salts. 

Here you go. 

It seems like just yesterday that Adam Rippon was regaling us with Grindr stories, but he may be putting his online dating practices on hold for the time being.
The Olympic dreamboat has recently taken his new relationship public, [insert heart-eyed emoji here].
You can read this one, here.  I’m very happy for him. No snark intended. I love Adam Rippon. I just never like the way these articles are written. 
Transgender French Olympic Gold Medalist
I don’t know much about this, but it does spark some interesting conversations by people who do know a lot about it. 
Sandra Forgues was part of France’s Gold winning kayaking team in 1996 in Atlanta and then won Bronze in Barcelona.
She also won world championships in 1991 and 1997 and dominated the sport in that decade.
But Sandra, now 48, has revealed that she transitioned a year-and-a-half ago.
Here’s the rest. There’s a link to another article about trans people competing in sports at higher levels. 

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"This Close" Gay TV Show on Sundance; Matt Wilkas and Chem Sex In New Video; Grindr To Stop Sharing HIV Info

This Close Gay TV Show on Sundance

I don’t have a link to this one, but I wanted to post something about Sundance’s TV show, This Close, because I’m enjoying it.

They are always so quick to compare a new TV show to something else, which is exactly what they did with This Close, but frankly I don’t see any resemblance  to any other TV show. It’s nothing like Looking or Girls. It’s much better and there’s no awful Lena Dunham. In short, This Close is completely unique and it’s like nothing I’ve been before.

I think people who enjoy reading gay fiction will like it. It’s funny, emotional at times, and you get a completely different POV most of the time.

I love it.

Matt Wilkas and Chem Sex In New Video

I’ve posted about Chem Sex and PnP…Party and Play. It’s when a group of guys get together to take drugs and have anonymous group sex. It’s very popular now with hook up culture, and a lot of guys are doing it.

The trappings of modern gay existence can be challenging to navigate, and here to offer a crash course in questionable decisions that affect one’s physical and psychological health is a new music video from Natti Vogel starring Matt Wilkas.

Here’s more. I like the video. There’s a lot of emotion. 

Grindr To Stop Sharing HIV Info

Here’s a follow up to a previous story about Grindr sharing HIV information. 

Grindr has promised to stop sharing it users’ data, including HIV status, with other companies.
It made the decision after a global outcry over the fact it shared user data with companies, Apptimize and Localytics. They’re companies with help business improve their app’s performance through ‘analytics insight’.

You can read this one, here.  But it makes you wonder anyway…about all social media and what gets shared. 

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