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Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance; Indie Publishing

Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance; Indie Publishing

Instead of adding a link to the other post about the release of this book, I wanted to mention something for those who think indie publishing is simple in a separate post. This book was uploaded to Amazon around six o’clock this morning and I just received an e-mail verification that it went live a few minutes ago. Thankfully, Smashwords and allromanceebooks.com were faster to deal with. This is also why it’s so hard to pinpoint an actual release time unless you have a web site of your own and sell the books from there.

In any event, this is the Amazon link.

FREE Excerpts Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance; Miss Richfield in Philly

Women Who Love to Love GR Release Day

Update: Link to Smashwords  and here’s one for Allromanceebooks.com Link

Today is the release day of my recent anthology, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. When I began this project last January and put out the call for submissions I knew it wouldn’t be a fast book to release. In other words, I wanted to take my time, gather the right stories and authors, and put together a book that will hopefully be entertaining and interesting for everyone. Each story has a strong plot, and each one is markedly different from the other. I’ve already written several posts about the book as things have cropped up since January, and here’s a link to most of them.
In celebration of the release day for The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, I’d like to post a few excerpts from some of the stories. I still don’t have a link yet to Amazon because it takes a while for the book to go live. But I will update when I get one very soon.
From Changing Curses by Li Blaine
By the time she turned sixteen, new carts buckled and broke the instant she placed her hand on them. By eighteen, each and every horse she mounted stumbled and became lame. At twenty-three, the weather found her and dried the fields. Crops withered during the harvest and streams flooded during the winter. The village was near starvation when Ilya finally set off alone. The sandy mountains of the outland became her home. Food was scarce and weight fell from her bones but still she lived. For years, she watched from the dusty hillside as life returned to the community, knowing she’d been to blame for what they had suffered.
From The Facilitator by Tilly Hunter 
I work from home, drawing up designs for fancy dress costumes for a movie merchandising company. Jake is staying at my apartment temporarily while he looks for a new place. But the way things are going, he’ll be moving in with his fella Will before long. I’ll miss the company, but I’ll be glad to stop hiding my romance books. I don’t know why I hide them, really. I’m sure I wouldn’t if they were straight-up erotica, but they’re not. Generally they’re kinky man-on-man smut; sometimes with fangs.
From The Courage to Jump by Oleander Plume
Lucy Larson was the pen name of one Brenda Suggins, age thirty, graduate of Merck County Community College, with a certificate in interior design. Which wasn’t even worth the paper it was printed on since the closest thing she ever came to an interior design job was working in the drapery department at Sears. Instead, Brenda was a bank clerk by day and the secret writer of gay erotica by night. Her latest series, Brothers of the Crescent Moon, was very popular among young gay men, but lately, even more of her readers were heterosexual females. Reading about the exploits of two hot, long haired, muscular werewolves really got some women hot. The latest book in the series was highly anticipated and had already sold two thousand copies in pre-sales.
Lucy started writing erotica for fun, then at the urging of an old boyfriend (who later turned out to be gay) she sent one of her short stories to a publisher and her career took off from there. Of course only Lucy’s publisher and her old boyfriend knew about her secret life. She kept it well hidden from friends and relatives. She couldn’t even imagine the reaction she would get from her mother if she knew she was writing about gay sex. No, she could imagine and it was pretty ugly.

Miss Richfield in Philly

When I saw this on my local Philadelphia news channel last night I figured I would share with links. For those who don’t know who Miss Richfield is, he’s a well known female impersonator I first saw about twelve or thirteen years ago in Provincetown at the Crown and Anchor, and I’ve been following his act ever since. I don’t typically follow that sort of thing unless it’s something I think is really good. And for me that sort of entertainment is only good when it’s done with camp, satire, and is so over the top you know you’re not supposed to take it seriously. All you’re supposed to do is have fun watching it. It really is an art.

In any event, there’s a new TV commercial out where Miss Richfield is marketing toward the LGBT community to visit Philadelphia. The first time Miss Richfield did this was in 2004.

“Ten years ago, Philadelphia was proud to officially ‘come out’ as a gay-friendly destination when we invited LGBT travelers to visit,” said Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of GPTMC. “With our new commercial, we’re going beyond our history roots and reiterating our invitation, celebrating both the city’s evolution into a premier destination and the LGBT community’s progress over the last decade.”

In the new 30-second spot, titled “Miss Richfield’s Selfie Tour of Philadelphia,” the flamboyant Miss Richfield 1981 embarks on a Philadelphia tour, visiting landmarks all over the city while snapping photos of herself-and some new buff friends-along the way. While wearing her red-white-and-blue, she starts at Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell; runs the Rocky steps yelling “Yo, Adrian!” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; admires the views along the Schuylkill River; dines alfresco over food and wine; dances at a crowded nightclub; and finally, collapses onto a hotel room bed.
You can read more here. And this is a web site for Miss Richfield on Word Press. We live between New York and Philly and know both cities fairly well. There’s really a lot to do in Philly, and it’s always been gay friendly for those who are single, those who are couples, and those who would like to be a couple.  

Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance; Freedom to Marry

Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance

I’m only posting a reminder that tomorrow, August 30th, is the release date for the anthology, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. I’ll post more tomorrow about it in detail, with a few excerpts, too. (Contributing authors, I will be in touch with you very soon with copies.)

And when I say that tomorrow is the release date, please take into consideration that I don’t know a specific time when it will go live on Amazon. The book will be distributed in many places, but I like to put it on Amazon first because that’s where I usually get most of my feedback. And I’m never exactly certain when it will go live after it’s uploaded to Kindle. As soon as I have links, I’ll put them up on tomorrow’s post.

Freedom to Marry

I’ve been posting about the Freedom to Marry organization for a long time now. You can read those posts here. In many ways Freedom to Marry has been my own personal catharsis because I’m living in PA where gay marriage is still not legal and my twenty year relationship with Tony has not been recognized like those in other states since the SCOTUS ruling. And not even in my own home town where I always thought the LGBT community set examples for others.

It’s been a disillusioning week for all gay couples in New Hope, and what surprises me even more is that there are some gay people who are supporting the mayor’s decision not to buck an immoral law and not to fight for equality to be on the right side of history. That kind of mind set just blows me away because it’s political and not emotional. This is the main reason why I decided not to go to law school after I graduated from college and took my LSATs. When it comes to things like this I don’t support or respect every single law, and I believe there are certain laws that need to be changed.

This is the latest from Freedom to Marry

This week has seen a flurry of activity supporting the freedom to marry in New Mexico. Three counties in New Mexico have been ordered by district court judges to end marriage discrimination and begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. County clerks in three additional counties have followed the lead of these rulings by issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in their own counties. These huge steps forward in New Mexico this week bring renewed urgency to why we need the freedom to marry uniformly across the state – and, ultimately, why we need the freedom to marry nationwide.

You can read more here.

Ryan Field Press; Steve Jobs Video; Russian Sports Minister Wants Calm

Ryan Field Press

I’ve been seeing chatter all over the Internet about how authors are starting their own publishing houses…and when I use the term publishing house it is for lack of a better term…and it’s created a lot of questions and curiosity, which is perfectly normal. So I thought I would explain what I’m doing with Ryan Field Press, and what my immediate goals are at this point in time.

To back track, I ventured into indie publishing almost two years ago with the Chase of a Lifetime series because I was curious about it and because I wanted to see what it would be like to have complete control over my work. I also have over twenty years experience. However, I didn’t predict this situation. This past spring I posted about one of my e-publishers shuttering its doors, which left me with over thirty orphaned back listed titles. Fiction I had worked hard to write and edit, some were historicals that had taken a great deal of research. I could have shopped them to other small e-presses, but after the experience of one small e-press closing with only on month’s notice I decided to take advantage of my experience in publishing with Ryan Field Press and re-release the back listed titles on my own. And although I had not predicted I would ever be re-releasing these back listed books alone, it is what it is and small e-presses are not always run the way I would like to see them being run.

In other words, when you submit your work to a publisher…any publisher, large or small…you don’t expect your work to disappear a few years after the books have been released, and after all that hard work. Especially with e-books, because they just disappear into cyberspace. But it happens. In my case the publisher got sick, but hadn’t thought ahead and hadn’t set up a business plan in case of illness. And sometimes that’s just called life and you do what you have to do. This time I chose to indie publish the back listed titles alone. I know that I can trust myself without a doubt. If I get sick, I have people I can trust to continue what I’ve been doing. That’s called running a business and having a business plan.

In spite of my frustrations, many positive things came from this experience. For those who follow this blog I’ve written a post as each book has been re-released. Best of all for readers, I was able to price these books at .99 instead of 2.99 or higher, which is what they had been priced with the publisher. I even left the original covers, in spite of wanting to change them, so readers would not get confused and think it was something new in case they’d already purchased it and read it. I had issues with contests I’ve run because readers have already read the books offered in the contests and I’ve had to go back and forth with them until we found a book they hadn’t read. And most people remember book covers…I hope.

This hasn’t been simple, mainly because the books were already pubbed and re-pubbing is harder than pubbing something original in a tech sense. Logos have to be removed; permission has to be granted from Amazon; proof has to be provided and triple checked that I’m the author and I own the rights because the book is already in the data base. But it’s also been worth the effort because now I know these books will always be around and I’ll always hold the rights. No one can ever come to me again and tell me, “that’s it, your books won’t be for sale anymore next month because I got sick.” At least not in this case, or with my indie pubbed novels I’ve released in the past two years. I can’t predict the future of other small e-presses, but I have learned to expect anything in life. And I wanted to be prepared this time with my back list.

I’ve also been posting about a new release I have this month, an anthology titled, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. This book will be pubbed with Ryan Field Press, and I will maintain control over this book…which ultimately means I won’t be going out of business and the book will be around as long as I’m around, and my heirs are around. The same thing goes for past Ryan Field Press releases, and all future Ryan Field Press releases. In the same respect, the authors who contributed to The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance will retain their own rights at all times. This means they are free, according to the contract, to shop and sell their stories, or self-publish their stories, as stand alones whenever they want.

At this particular time, I have no intention of acting as a small publishing house with Ryan Field Press, or as a small e-publisher. If this changes in the future, I’ll announce it. But right now Ryan Field Press is a business vehicle that I’m using to indie publish my own back listed books, a few new releases, and the occasional anthology. In the future, I might get into e-publishing *services* because I think there’s a need for affordable e-publishing services that aren’t scams. I will be doing this with one of the authors that contributed to The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, and this author will retain all rights and I will not be acting as the publisher. I’ll be the e-publishing service; the author will maintain all control. I also think we’ll be seeing more authors do things like this in the future, because having that basic sense of security is extremely important.

And, my advice to anyone signing with any small e-press right now would be to find out about the future and where you will stand in case something happens. In other words, make sure they have a long term business plan in case of illness or death or run out of funds (or get bored), and if they don’t make sure all rights revert back to you if they shutter and fold. You want your books to be around for a long time, not just a few years.

Steve Jobs Video

Last night a friend sent me this Youtube link to a Steve Jobs video that was supposedly put together by Apple. It’s really very nice, and one of the few tributes I’ve seen to Jobs that says it all in a short amount of time.

You can get there from here  I didn’t see a share for blogger.

Russian Sports Minister Wants Calm

In what sounds like it could be hidden concern that the LGBT community just might gain enough support to actually boycott the Olympics thanks to Russia’s laws that highly discriminate against LGBT people, the Russian Sports Minister, Vitaly Mutko, wants us to all calm down.

Mutko said “the athletes can come and compete” and the chase for medals should be their primary concern.

“This is a sports forum,” he said. “This is a sports festival and we have to talk only about it.”

I don’t know what he’s missing about why gays are so passionate about these anti-gay laws in Russia, but he’d better come up with something better than that, because this is about a lot more than a sports festival. And when Russia passes a law that states they can lock LGBT people up just for being gay, we’re getting into quality of life human rights issues and I think that trumps a sports festival. And if this were any other minority I wouldn’t even be discussing this now. Can you imagine if Russia decided to treat people of African descent, or Jews, the same way they are treating gays?

“I don’t have the feeling there is a problem whatsoever,” IAAF President Lamine Diack said. “There is a law that exists. The law has to be respected. Some things have to be respected. We are here for the world championships.”

No. We don’t have to respect that law. And I’m taking this to mean screw everything else, even human rights, because world championships are more important. There are some people who just shouldn’t say anything at all. This is the sort of thing that can get worse in time if we don’t do something about it now. The world ignored Hitler for far too long, and millions of Jews were locked up and killed as a result. Shame on us all if we ever let anything like that happen to anyone ever again.

Matt Damon’s Tan Lines; Gay Kiss "Inappropriate"; Women Who Love Gay Romance

Women Who Love Gay Romance … Cover Preview

This is actually the first time I’m seeing the cover for The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance up anywhere. Because the majority of the book is so intimate, I opted for a cover that didn’t have a nude male torso this time. And although there are many steamy scenes in the book, and in each story, I thought the emotional aspects outweighed the sex…as far as covers go.

Matt Damon’s Tan Lines

There are so many serious things happening around the world right now, sometimes it’s important to focus on the silly things. And what could be sillier than focusing on Matt Damon’s tan lines?

For his performance as Liberace’s boy toy, Damon had to wear some pretty skimpy costumes, including several bikini-style swimsuits. Wanting to avoid noticeable tan lines in the film, he said he hiked up some bikini briefs and got spray-tanned from head to toe. The result, though, was a pretty epic tan line that was probably worse than he would have had otherwise.

Damon said the awkwardness happened the morning after his spray tan. “I start brushing my teeth and my wife kinda comes in,” he said. “And she screams, ‘What the hell happened to your ass?”

Damon thought the tan lines were so funny, he asked the director to leave them in his nude shots. Actually, I’ve read a lot of harsh things about Damon playing someone so much younger than he is, but I have to admit I think he pulled it off well. I even said to Tony the night we watched Behind the Candelabra that I was amazed at how young he looked for someone in his forties. If every forty year old ass in a bikini on the beaches in P’town looked like Matt Damon’s, I wouldn’t need dark glasses and Tums anymore.

You can read more here.

Gay Kiss “Inappropriate”

There was a youtube video with two men kissing that was flagged as “Inappropriate,” by users, and dubbed “Age-restricted” by youtube, simply because they were two men kissing. There was no nudity; there was no foul language. Youtube claims this was “human error,” which makes sense if you know anything about how poorly most social media web sites are run when it comes to things like this. When it comes to social media, the owners missed basic US history, because on social media you are always guilty before you are proven innocent.

The artist who produced the clip, Idan Bitton, released this statement:

“‘First Kiss’ offers a view into an intimate moment between two men. The kiss does not interact with the viewers nor seeks their approval. It just is, alive and present for 84:24 minutes. For me, the video is a reflection of the gay rights struggle momentum. At this point, everyone is welcome to take a look if they choose to, yet our kiss is here to stay with no apologies.

It’s the old double standard once again. It’s OK for a man and a woman to kiss, hold hands, or even make out in a parked car, but let two gay people do anything even remotely related to these things and it’s adults only. I even see this on some blogs where gay books are discussed, where there’s an adult content warning page that pops up before I actually get to the blog. But when I do get to the blog most of the time I only see things that have basic gay content and nothing that would require an age restriction. And I usually just leave and wonder why.

As of now, after complaints, youtube has removed the age-restriction. You can read more here, and check out the video.

Gay Sex on True Blood; Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance Blurb

Gay Sex on True Blood

Almost every original series on HBO tends to push the limit when it comes to sex. I’ve posted about full frontal male nudity on Boardwalk Empire, and how unexpected it was. And last week I watched one of the most detailed homoerotic sex scenes on True Blood I’ve seen in a while. And that wasn’t the first homoerotic sex scene for TB. And I think that’s partly because of the nature of the theme because vampires tend to view the world differently than humans. One of the things I liked most about the Anne Rice vampire books was that she actually had homoerotic sexual scenes in her books at a time when no one else would even think of doing that. They weren’t always as detailed, but they were there and once I started reading Interview with the Vampire I couldn’t get enough of her books for that reason alone. And it wasn’t just the sex. It was the fact that there was a mainstream book out there with something that was actually homoerotic. What a novelty?

I think one of the reasons I wasn’t too fond of the film, Interview with the Vampire, was because I didn’t find the same amount…or degree…of homoerotic sex between Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. And I’m sure that wasn’t an accident. THOSE two were still building their careers and too much gay sex could have ruined them. Once again, Hollywoodfail. But things have changed a lot since then, and I think it’s important to note these changes sometimes, especially when there are some highly vocal types out there screaming that there is too much sex in gay books now.

This was one of True Blood’s most recent gay sex scenes, with Ryan Kwanten:

Last night’s “True Blood” featured a close shave between Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten) and Ben, a faerie, who while both shirtless in the bathroom, asks for a shave from Jason.
Even though it’s just a steamy dream, it’s always nice to see “True Blood,” one of TV’s queerest shows, including more male-on-male (or faerie, vampire, werewolf, fill in the blank) action.

It wasn’t a graphic scene, but it was highly erotic and it did cross that line where Interview with the Vampire as a film (not a book) failed to go.

In this article actor Stephen Moyer talks about True Blood’s gay following, and whether or not there will ever be angry gay sex with his character, Bill, and Erik.

“I’ve been asking myself that question for a long time. Alex and I would absolutely embrace that. Last year, when Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we even suggested it. Of course, Bill and Eric together isn’t necessarily Sookie’s fantasy.”

I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I think Sookie might like it. I remember the scene he’s talking about and it reminds me a lot of the anthology I’m releasing this month, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. In fact, I think Sookie might even embrace it…as would the viewers.

In this article, actress Kristin Bauer takes a different side when she says she’s not interested in seeing Joe Manganiello do any full frontal nude scenes. (I know, she actually said this in public.)

“I often hear that it’s not fair that women do it but men don’t do it,” Kristin Bauer told us last night at the Pacific Design Center’s Second Annual Patterns for Paws event benefiting the Amanda Foundation in L.A.

“I’m a portrait painter,” she explained. “I paint nude women—I’ve been doing that forever. And I kind of don’t need to see any men full frontal that aren’t my husband, to be honest. There’s a difference in the anatomy, and I think women full frontal is a little more artistic.”

I have posted and written about this double standard many times, and I don’t think she could be more wrong about anything. Or, maybe her husband was standing nearby and she couldn’t tell you the truth so she pulled a Tom Cruise an blew smoke up out butts.

In any event, True Blood has pushed the limit with homoerotic sex scenes so far, in the same way Anne Rice did it in her books, and I hope they continue to do so. For those of you who are asexual and don’t like sex scenes, there’s always something for you to watch on PBS…or you can knit a sweater. And for those who don’t like too much gay sex in books, you can always read authors who don’t write gay sex scenes in gay books. Odd as that may sound, they are out there and there are choices for everyone. It’s just that the choices for people like me who do like gay sex in books and TV are now out there, too, and we’d like a chance to enjoy what we want to read and see.

Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance Blurb

I posted a teaser/partial blurb on social media last night, but here’s the full blurb. I don’t have any links right now, but the book will be released sometime next week for certain and I’ll update as things progress.

As a side note about the blurb (details count), one thing I wanted to do with this blurb was to add each author that contributed to it. I’ve been in so many anthologies over the years I can’t even count them, but I always felt slighted when the editor of the anthology would mention certain authors in the blurb, and not mention me and the other authors. I felt just as awkward when the editor of the anthology would mention me and not mention the other authors. And you know what, I think that’s just pure laziness on the part of the editors. They didn’t want to take the time to mention all the names and they faked it. I didn’t want to do that, and each and every author who contributed to this book deserves to be mentioned in the blurb. I also hope the one line descriptions help readers see what each story is about…something else we never see in anthology blurbs.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be a straight woman thrust into the intimate, emotional relationship of two gay men, this book might answer a few of your secret questions. It’s a collection of very different fictional stories that mesh together and create fantasies that in some cases could actually happen in real life.  

When one gay man falls in love with his best girlfriend and her boyfriend, it becomes a heart-wrenching trilogy with three new adult stories by Bella Stanberry that cross social boundaries for which the characters will eventually pay a price. In Anna Black’s Fallen Angel, the straight female character finds out what it’s like to explore her most discreet fantasy. And in Baby Got Bach by Giselle Renarde the straight female character is invited to cross a line that leaves her terrified.

 A Touch of Therapy by Morgan Honeyman delves into new age lessons about how to heal as the main character observes two gay men from a comfortable distance.  Li Blaine’s Changing Curses is a more lyrical dream world which takes a mystical approach when the main character figures out a way to rid herself of a curse. The Facilitator by Tilly Hunter shows how a woman can find herself involved with her best gay friend and his boyfriend, with handcuffs and her grandmother’s wooden spoon. And in the sweet, tender tale of Lustful Wishes by R. Noir, the main character is a confused young man who has had both women and men in his life and he’s trying to figure out how to do the right thing.  

All these stories combined with The Courage to Jump by Oleander Plume, where an m/m erotic romance author gets a chance to meet and explore her gay characters in real life, create a world of dreams that challenge one of the most unspoken topics today: The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance.  


Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance Anthology

I wanted to update the information on Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance Anthology in a post of its own instead of linking it with other posts today. If you haven’t read about this, you can check it out here. This was the actual call for submissions page.

Submissions are now closed, and I have received some excellent stories from some very talented writers. I will be finishing up a project I’m working on for German Publisher Bruno Gmunder this week, and I’ll be getting back to everyone who did submit within the next two or three weeks.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit to this anthology. There’s some great stuff here, for lack of a better phrase. I think it’s going to be a great book, and I’m still focused on a summer release date. More to follow soon.

And, just so it’s clear. This is fiction. This is pure fiction written by, and about, women who love to love gay romance. Someone mentioned to me there’s another book out with a similar title and I checked that out. That other book is non-fiction, and it deals with why women love gay romance. My anthology is fiction written by the women who love gay romance…who actually fantasize about gay romance. So the two are completely different books. And as far as I know, no one has ever written or focused on a collection of short stories written by women who love to love gay romance. They’ve written gay romance stories with gay characters in anthologies, but I don’t think they’ve actually added women into the romantic stories as viable characters interacting with the gay characters. If I’m wrong about that, someone please let me know and I’ll retract it.