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Russell Crowe Beverly Hills Hotel; Johnny Weir’s Fit of Rage; First Lady Belize

Russell Crowe Beverly Hills Hotel

Here’s a link to some back story about what’s been happening at the storied Beverly Hills Hotel with regard to the Brunei owners of the hotel and the way gays are being treated so viciously in Brunei. There’s been a boycott of the hotel that has received a great deal of support from the LGBTI community and many celebrities, globally. Now Russell Crowe, who has played gayface, is voicing his opinion, and he’s NOT supporting the boycott in spite of what’s happening to women and LGBTI people in Brunei. It should be clear that this is not just about gays. It’s also about the way women are being treated there.

This is what the privileged actor Russell Crowe said:

The Gladiator star said he did not agree with a boycott as it hurts the staff he considers his ‘friends’. 

Tweeting his support, he said: ‘I don’t agree with the boycotting of Dorchester Collection hotels. It only hurts the hard working staff who I consider friends.’

The owners of the hotel have stated they don’t discriminate against gays or women in this country, or at The Beverly Hills Hotel. They just discriminate against them in their own country through Sharia Law. It’s called convoluted logic, which I doubt Crowe is capable of fully understanding…or maybe I’m painfully wrong about that.

Here’s a sample of how someone replied to Crowe’s tweet:

‘Maybe you should watch Gladiator again for a refresher in what it truly means to persecute innocent people,’ Scott Holleran told Crowe

I don’t think anyone wants to see the people who work at the hotel hurt financially or emotionally. But I would find it very hard to support anyone or anything that is even remotely associated with what’s happening in Brunei right now…or anyone even remotely associated with Sharia Law.

I also think Russell Crowe is a dick. He gained a good deal of his money, fame, and privilege sucking up to Hollywood as a straight man playing gayface when no one even knew his name. And he worked that angle right down to the last smile and wiggle of his now tired middle aged ass.

First Lady Belize

In the country of Belize, gay sex is punishable by up to ten years in prison and the First Lady of Belize is calling for a stop to gay hate and anti-gay violence. These are her eloquent words:

‘The universal declaration of human rights gives us all the right to life, liberty and security of person. It speaks of a world that is free and equal,’ she said.

 ‘And yet, LGBT persons continue to be subjected to terrible violence. They are deprived of their most basic rights, most importantly, the right to security of person because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

 ‘Hate crimes and hate speech against the LGBT community continue to rear its ugly head. And we have seen cases in Belize where they have been physically attacked or subjected to insults without provocation.

‘I continue to assert that violence is never justified despite our differences. Just as we fight to end racism and gender inequalities we must also seek to end the practice of bullying others because they are different.

‘No-one deserves to the inhumane treatment that many LGBT person suffer.

They are often in fear, not only for their physical safety, but for their lives and that is no way to live.’

Now that’s a first lady a country can be proud of.  It’s actually refreshing. You can read more here.

Johnny Weir’s Fit of Rage

I almost hate to put this into the same post with something as important as what’s happening in Brunei, and with a woman as dignified and smart as the First Lady of Belize. But good old Johnny Weir is at it again with his husband, Victor Voronov, and this time Weir allegedly went batshit douchecanoe over a twitter photo.

I’ve posted about the ups and downs of their marriage here, and about them getting back together recently. Unfortunately, the happily ever after ending didn’t last long, which lead Voronov to call the police.

Voronov told the TV show the fight began over a selfie he had posted online.

Oh, those dangerous selfies.

‘It’s just a picture of me at the gym, nothing inappropriate about it. But then, I get comments that say things like, “Love your arms. Hot! You’re so handsome, you don’t need him.”‘

Nothing anyone mature enough would get upset about.

This is allegedly set Weir off.

And fire is hot.

‘I have been terrified of him probably four or five times in our marriage, and this one was probably the most terrified I’ve been,’ said Voronov who married Weir in December 2011.

I would have gotten a fly swatter. 

Voronov said the fight escalated when he said he was calling the police: ‘He would not leave me alone. So I had my phone; I was trying to call the police. So he attacked me to get the phone out of my hand.’

I repeat. A fly swatter.

You can read more here.

Actually, I’ve had issues with woodpeckers around my home and I don’t want to harm them because they are so beautiful. But they also tend to be pests that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. I recently discovered that a photo of Johnny Weir hung closely to where the woodpeckers are beginning a new hole is the perfect bird frightener.


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Trans Teacher in Texas; Fist of Awesome Gay Bear; Johnny Weir Again

Trans Teacher in Texas

Last week a posted about a trans substitute teacher in Texas who was fired because a parent complained about her. This article mentions she’s been allowed back, but with a few very discriminatory stipulations, one of which is they won’t allow her around children.

She agreed this week to accept a full-time position outside the classroom that will last through the end of the school year.

‘I said I’m willing to do whatever because I really need a paycheck,’ Klug tells Lone Star Q. ‘It doesn’t make me very happy, but I think it should placate them [the parents] somewhat.’

You can’t blame her for taking the job. She needs the money. At least I can never fault anyone for doing whatever they have to do to make a living, especially in times like this where most people are making barely enough to survive and people like Hillary Clinton are making two hundred thousand dollars plus for each speech they give on the topic of income inequality.

In any event, you can read more here. It’s very disturbing.

Fist of Awesome Bay Bear

I don’t play video games much, but the title of the game, “Fist of Awesome,” sounds so familiar to me. But I just can’t place it. In any event, there’s a video game out called “Fist of Awesome” and the creator of the game says that he intended the main character in the game to be a gay bear. And he did this for some very important reasons.

‘When I started making Fist of Awesome I always intended for the main character, Tim Burr, to be gay,’ Hunt said.

‘It wasn’t something that affects the gameplay in anyway, it was just something the player would discover at the very end of the game. For a game that sells itself pretty hard on the whole beards and bears thing, ending the game with the understanding that Tim was a ‘bear’ all along somehow seemed appropriate.’

You can read more here.

He also says it’s his way of creating equality in games. Bravo!!

Johnny Weir Again

The divorce battle continues with Johnny Weir and husband, Victor Voronov. And this time Voronov is talking about Weir’s behavior…trust me, you won’t be shocked.

‘What he’d done to me is unforgiveable. Morally irrepressible,’ he says. ‘The most conniving behavior I’ve ever seen anybody do. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I love him.’


You can read more here if your stomach can take it. And here are a few previous posts about Weir and why he thought it was more important to support the Russian Olympics than it was to support equality.

These people never seem to go away.

Ways to be Happy; UK TV Star Scandal; Johnny Weir Divorce Gets Ugly

Ways to be Happy

When I saw this article about 27 things we should know about happiness a few days ago I earmarked it for a post because I think it’s something that resonates with most people. Without actually getting into the sub-conscious, or even the art of theosophy, it shows how we can make our own happiness in many ways just by following a few simple techniques. But you need to be aware of these things. That’s really the secret. Just the same as you need to be aware of negative thoughts that might bring you down. We aren’t taught these things, so it’s not always easy to reach this awareness. But it can be done.

As much as 40 percent of our happiness levels are within our control, according to some happiness researchers. In order to turn happiness into something you create, adopt small habits — such as lingering on positive moments and forcing yourself to smile — and you’ll start to feel joy on your own.

You can read more here.

It’s a good article for beginners who just want to feel better. And, it’s an excellent article for those interested in metaphysics and higher consciousness because it shows how so many are getting more interested this topic without even knowing they are doing it.

UK TV Star Scandal

A teenager in the UK studying at The Fashion Retail Academy committed suicide and he’s been linked to an unnamed British TV star. The boy’s mother knew it, and it was more than just a casual encounter. According to the mother, the teen had done some styling work for the TV personality…even though the TV personality had a paid stylist. Instead of paying the teen, the TV personality allegedly bought the teen gifts.

Other sources presented evidence about what happened between the teenager and the television star.

DC David Gadsby from the Metropolitan Police said: ‘One evening Ben went to a party at this man’s house.

There was a lot of drugs and alcohol there. ‘At about 4am, Ben wanted to leave but a cab was too expensive. The man offered a room and Ben went to sleep.

When he woke up this man was lying in bed next to him.’ David Taylor, a nurse, said Ben had told him about a sexual relationship he had with a TV comedian.

 ‘He thought he had been groomed. He felt embarrassed, ashamed and used but never said he was raped or abused. It was consensual’ he said.

You can read more about this unfortunate situation here.

Everyone has their own opinions on raising children. But if that kid had been my gay teenage son I would have gone after that TV star within an inch of his life and that would have been the LAST teenager he ever pursued.

Johnny Weir Divorce Gets Ugly

The divorce between Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov is getting uglier and now there are police involved, restraining orders because Weir through a doll at Voronov, and custody of the dog.

Meanwhile, two-time Olympian Weir obtained a judge’s order allowing him into the couple’s apartment for 30 minutes to collect his belongings.

He was accompanied by police officers.

TMZ reports that Voronov returned from court while Weir was there and sobbed as he took his belongings – including their dog, a Japanese Chin named Tema.

The pair are reportedly returning to court next week for a hearing about the dog and other matters.

My only comment is thank heaven there aren’t any kids involved in this. Studies have proven that kids who go through an amicable divorce, even though at the time of the divorce they are traumatized, eventually learn how to cope. Last week we took my dad out to lunch for his birthday and my brother, his three kids, his ex-wife, and his new wife, all went along and it was very nice. It’s even better for family members when it’s amicable. I didn’t want to lose my relationship with my ex-sister-in-law.

In this case, with Weir and Vornonov, I would really have felt very sorry if there had been kids involved. I won’t even comment on the poor dog.

You can read more here.  From what I gather, there isn’t a third party…at least not yet.