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Anne Rice Feels As If She’s Gay; More About "Dude Sex"; The Benham Brothers Are Worried, Again

Anne Rice Feels As If She’s Gay

It may have been authors like Anne Tyler and John Irving that inspired me to be a fiction writer and to love fiction, but it was Anne Rice, and ONLY Anne Rice, who first showed me that gay characters…and homoerotic scenes…could actually be incorporated into mainstream fiction. She did this when no one else was doing it. And I will never forget how I felt when I picked up Interview With the Vampire, started reading, and discovered there was something gay going on in that book. At that time, I didn’t think anything like that existed. I wasn’t even sure it was allowed.

With that said, Anne Rice recently said this in an interview with Daily Beast…

I was writing about vampires before the AIDS crisis. People told me Interview with the Vampire was a gay allegory, and I was very honored by that. [Rice’s son, Christopher, is openly gay.] I think I have a gay sensibility and I feel like I’m gay, because I’ve always transcended gender, and I’ve always seen love as transcending gender. In my books, I’ve always created bonds of love that have transcended gender. But I’ve never associated AIDS with vampires, myself.

I’ve always been very much a champion of gay rights, and art produced by gay people—whether it was the early Frankenstein movies that had such a gay sensibility to them, or any art created by gay people. I’m highly sensitive to it. I have a gay sensibility. I get teased a lot by my gay friends because we have a rapport on things we find exciting or interesting. It’s very hard for me to remember that I have a gender, and that they’re treating me in a negative way because of that gender.”

Here’s the source. The comments from people are vicious, dumb, and cruel with this one. It’s a good example of the Internet at its worst. And that’s ironic because Anne Rice has spent a great deal of time fighting bullies online in the writing community. She did this when everyone else was terrified to do it, and it gave strength to those who have been bullied in writing circles. But all that aside, I only know that Anne Rice gave me…a gay kid who loved to read…something gay to read at a time when gay wasn’t chic, it wasn’t the most popular thing to do, and all other mainstream fiction writers ignored it…even those fiction writers who were gay. As far as I’m concerned, she’s earned her right to feel as if she’s gay.

More About “Dude Sex”

Here’s an interview with a guy named Tony Silva who studies things like straight guys having gay sex.

Silva’s recent study, Bud-Sex: Constructing Normative Masculinity Among Rural Straight Men That Have Sex With Men, has been blowing up the Internet. In it, he spoke with 19 different men living in rural, predominately white areas who identify as straight but who hook up with other men on occasion.

“There is quite a bit of research about sexuality and masculinity in urban areas,” Silva, who identifies as queer and has both an MA and MS in sociology, explains. “Rural sexualities and masculinities are fairly understudied. For this reason I was interested in examining those areas.”

You can read the interview here. The more I read about things like this I do start to wonder. At a glance these straight guys having sex with guys sound like closet cases. However, this kind of reminds me of articles I’ve read about how straight cowboys in the old wild west had young male sex slaves working on ranches because there weren’t any women around. You don’t hear much about it because it’s so taboo. 

The Benham Brothers Are Worried, Again

I think these two Benham brothers come up with this nonsense to get attention. This time it’s about the HB2 bill in North Carolina. 

Now that the bill has been repealed, failed-reality-stars-turned-Christian-extremist-activists David and Jason Benham have taken to Facebook to express their outrage over what they’re calling a “political shakedown” by “sexual activists” so they can begin their systematic persecution of Christians.

“Here’s what they’re really after,” David Benham asserts in a new video uploaded to the twinsies’ Facebook page. “If you can repeal that, then they can go right back in and enact ordinances all over this state that will open up our bathrooms and our locker rooms to sexual predators!”

Here’s the rest. All I know is that I’ve NEVER met a transgender person who is a sexual predator. But I’ve been to plenty of men’s rooms in my time where the real sexual predators were straight, married, middle aged, Christian men looking for gay sex on the down low. They aren’t shy about it either. In fact, they congregate in public rest rooms looking for sex with men. All of them living double lives in the closet, and then they head off to their Christian churches on Sunday mornings. Once again, something else you won’t hear in the mainstream media. Good old Jake Tapper should do a CNN “Breaking News” on this topic, just once. 


He Survived AIDS For Four Decades; Alisyn Camerota and Trump’s Bubble; How Pence’s New DC Neighbors React With Rainbow Flags

He Survived AIDS For Four Decades

You hear all kinds of stories about HIV/AIDS, at least I do. But this one is riveting. Of course I know people with HIV, but I never actually met anyone like this, for obvious reasons.

Jim Chud has lived with AIDS for four decades.

When I was 23, I walked into my friend Jerry’s hospital room to find the guy I had been on a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail a month earlier in a steamed-up oxygen tent, struggling for each painful breath. He had pneumocystis pneumonia. He motioned me to come into the tent so that we could talk. Scared, I looked around the room for reassurance that I wasn’t going to hurt him if I did. A nod from his lover, and I was in the steam, touching his skeletal sticky ‘old person’ hand and bawling my eyes out. After what seemed like way too little time holding each other, he gasped: “Don’t let this thing get you Jimbo,” and he dozed off. Can you imagine – this man was on his death bed, and he was worried about me. 

The humanity of that moment has never left me. That was the day that AIDS got real.

You can read it in full here.

Alisyn Camerota and Trump’s Bubble

I really hate posting about things like this, but I thought it newsworthy to at least mention some of the practices of the mainstream news media. Most of the time they just slip by and no one notices. In this particular article the focus is on CNN news anchor, Alisyn Camerota, and something about Donald Trump.

I’m no Trump fanboy, however, I’m no fan of the mainstream media either. From the insulting way they handle LGBT news to the way they exploit “Breaking News” it turns my stomach sour.

In any event, this is just information. I’m not forming opinions. For those who don’t know, Alisyn Camerota didn’t start out working at CNN. Prior to CNN she worked for Fox News. That’s right. Fox.

She said she’s gotten many great opportunities at CNN, like hosting primetime specials and conducting exclusive interviews and moderating big events. Camerota called this “the happiest moment of my career,” though she did say she also loved her time working at Fox.

And, if that’s not enough, here’s more about what she did at Fox.

“For the past 16 years, Alisyn has been a part of the Fox News family,” Bill Shine, EVP of Programming, announced in a statement Monday. “From her days reporting, to hosting Fox & Friends and anchoring afternoon programs, she has done it all with enthusiasm and professionalism. We appreciate her contributions to the network and hope for all the best as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.”

I’ve seen Fox & Friends, and I remember when Alisyn Camerota was hosting it. It’s one of the most conservative shows on TV.

You can read more about Alisyn Camerota and Trump’s bubble here.

The comments with this article surprised me a little. I wasn’t expecting some of them.  

Here’s another piece about Camerota that’s…interesting. 

The good thing is, no one watches these new channels that much anymore. And those of us who do, expect them to be staged.

How Pence’s New DC Neighbor’s React With Rainbow Flags

I find this inspiring. And it truly is what America is all about. We go through changes of power, but that doesn’t mean everyone falls in line and supports that change of power. I’m not knocking Trump with this. I’m not knocking anyone. I’m only stating the fact that people are showing Vice-President Elect Mike Pence that they aren’t thrilled with his past record on LGBT rights. And his past record is a simple search and the facts are all there. Whether or not he’s evolved at all remains to be seen.

Ilse Heintzen lives just down the block from the house where Pence is currently staying as he waits to move into the Vice President’s mansion on the grounds of the Naval Observatory. After learning Pence was moving to the neighborhood, she and some of her neighbors decided to take a stand against his hateful views… by hanging colorful rainbow flags outside their houses.

You can check that out here.

What I love about this the most is that it’s a good example of people who aren’t crying the blues about Trump becoming President, or Pence becoming Vice President. They aren’t looking for “safe spaces.” It’s people showing Trump and Pence that they aren’t going to put up with any discrimination whatsoever.


New Adult Gay Romance



Straight Guy And Filthy Gay Sex Club In Berlin; Being Gay Is Still A "Smear" For Evan McMullin and Others; Are Gay Sex HIV Roulette Parties Real?

Straight Guy And Filthy Gay Sex Club In Berlin

This one is a little hard to believe…but I guess it could happen. Some straight guy allegedly wound up in a gay sex club in Berlin, but he didn’t know it until it was too late, and then he went on to write a Yelp review about his experience…a review of the sex he saw in great detail.

‘I’m not talking about a little kiss or a peck, I’m talking open-mouth, tongue kissing.’

Learning his new friends were gay was only step one, though, I look around and there are 3 or 4 naked guys dancing all crazy with erections.

‘I decide to go get a beer and I tell myself—maybe I’m in the wrong part of the club. Maybe this is the gay section.

‘Nope. The whole club is the gay section!’

You can check this out, in full, here. There are screen shots of the actual Yelp review. And the comments at the end are some of the most entertaining you’ll ever see.

Being Gay Is Still A “Smear” For Evan McMullin and Others

For those who don’t know, Evan McMullin is running for President as an independent in Utah and it’s being reported by the mainstream media that a Trump supporter is “smearing” McMullin by spreading a rumor that he’s gay. The NYT even uses the word “homosexual.” And I personally watched Jake Tapper on CNN make sad faces.

A prominent white nationalist who supports Donald J. Trump has started a smear campaign against Evan McMullin, the independent candidate who is running close with Mr. Trump in Utah, with a robocall accusing him of secretly being a homosexual who supports open borders and amnesty.

And this is what McMullin said…

On Twitter, Mr. McMullin said he was not gay and denounced the attack as “baseless lies.”


When was the last time you ever heard a gay person get insulted because he or she was called “straight?”

I could go off on a rant with this one, but I won’t. I’m just sick and tired of always hearing stories that being gay is associated with any kind of shame. This could have been reported differently.

You can check this out here.  

Are Gay Sex HIV Roulette Parties Real? 

I’ve posted about this before, but I saw it pop up again on social media in several places this week and I thought I’d post about it again.

A slew of online reports in sensationalist news outlets allege that the latest gay sex phenomenon is the ‘sex roulette’ party, an organized orgy of sorts where one person is HIV positive—and no one knows who.

There’s a lot to unpack with these reports. First of all, the assertion that such parties could even be orchestrated is kind of ridiculous. Logistically, in order to guarantee that at least one person at such a party is ‘secretly’ HIV positive, one of the event’s planners would have to make sure to invite someone who is HIV positive. In other words, the identity of the HIV positive guest would be known to at least one person–making it not a secret.

As far as I know, no one has ever been able to verify that these parties exist. On the other hand, they haven’t been able to disprove them either.

You can read the rest here. It’s worth the read.




The Will and Grace Revival; Farewell To Vine Stars; 18 Gay Magazine Covers Over the Years

The Will and Grace Revival

I have seen this Will and Grace revival thing in so many places lately I figured I’d post about it…once. This article questions whether or not we need a Will and Grace Revival.

But, yeesh, let’s take a minute and think here. When you watch an episode of the show, it really does not feel contemporary, and not just because it’s shot at 1.33:1. You forget how far this country has come until you see the issues queers were dealing with in 1999. Coming out was a huge deal, discrimination was just expected, gay marriage was hahaha yeah right. The show created a happy gay fantasy bubble where the real world seldom intruded, but it had to do so because the real world was so unpleasant at the time.

I think whoever wrote the article is living in a huge bubble of gay privilege. Seriously. What is wrong with these people writing gay related articles like this? Do they think we don’t know? Yes, we have come a long way since the 90s, however, millions of gay men all over the world are still dealing with the same issues they were dealing with back then. In some cases, it’s even worse.

And yes, I do think there’s room for a Will and Grace revival. I would love to see a Will and Grace revival. I never watched it that much, but I know tons of people who did and they loved it.

The rest is here, with comments.

Now, I always make a point of NOT reading the comments before I comment. And this comment below is way too coincidental even for me. This guy makes me feel a lot more validated now.

This article seems to be living in its own bubble. For many of our gay brethren young and old, coming out is difficult and can mean ending up estranged from family or homeless. Discrimination, both individual and systemic, is still the norm in huge swaths of our country or are we choosing to ignore “religious freedom” laws because they’re not in NYC or San Francisco? And so many of the episodes were about the judgements we make within our own community like putting down femmes and artsy gays and pretending to be straight acting at work. Yes, we have seen significant headway in the first two decades of this new century, but not nearly enough to try and mothball Will & Grace as some sort of comedic antique.

To be honest, the author of this article lost me at “yeesh.”

Farewell To Vine Stars

As most of you know already, Twitter is shuttering Vine. I never followed it too much, but I was always amazed whenever I saw something about a “Vine Star.” That there are actual “Vine Stars.”

 As our way of saying goodbye, here’s a quick summation of what made Vine so entertaining, confounding, frustrating, frightening…

You can check that out here, with visuals

For those of us who’ve been heavily invested in the Internet since the late 90s,  I can’t help thinking that we’re entering a new era of online content.

18 Gay Magazine Covers Over the Years

From a cultural POV, this is worth checking out.

In the spirit of LGBT history month, your dedicated editors did a hunt through the Google archives in pursuit of breakthrough magazine covers.

Pioneer print pubs like ONE, The Ladder, and HIM led us down a rabbit hole of early issues of LGBT periodicals.

You can check them out here. 

The only retro one that I remember is the one with Billy Bean. That was big news in the 90s, and I’ve always had a lot of respect for him…nothing but respect. He’s always been one of the true inspirations.

The Rainbow Detective Series

Saying Goodbye


That Woman’s Dick Pic Conundrum; More On Noah Galvin’s Colton Haynes Rant; Orlando Survivor Patience Carter’s Moving Poem

That Woman’s Dick Pic Conundrum

In case you haven’t seen it, there’s been a post circulating all over the Interwebz this week about a woman who posted a restaurant review and then received an unsolicited dick pic from a strange guy via private message. I guess she’s not familiar with social media, and doesn’t know how private messaging works, and she was surprised to get any private message reply at all.

When she opened the PM and saw a dick pic with, “you’ve got pretty eyes,” she responded in an interesting way…

Posting on Facebook, she screen-shotted her chat with the dick-picker, censoring the photos herself so they wouldn’t get removed by Facebook.
Below is her conversation with a dick-pick sender. Above the conversation, Samantha, from the UK, wrote on Facebook:
“Last night I received a comment on a review I left for a lovely little restaurant. When I checked my messages, *BOOM* Unsolicited dick pic!
I’ve read about these mystical happenings but since I’ve been in a loving, pre-Tinder, three-year relationship, I never thought I’d witness the horror first hand.

Of course there’s more here. And you can see how she bombarded the guy with more censored dick pics to teach him a lesson. But more than that, almost every woman (and some men) thought what she did in response was the most brilliant thing they’d ever seen to date.

I know that I’ve never been too thrilled when I’ve received unsolicited vagina pics from strange women via Facebook PM. And women do send unsolicited vagina pics, you can trust me on that.

More On Noah Galvin’s Colton Haynes Rant

I posted about Noah Galvin who is part of the TV show, The Real O’Neals, ranting about closeted gay men in Hollywood, and naming people, including Colton Haynes. Then I posted about Galvin backpedaling and apologizing for the things he said. And now there’s a new article that talks about how Galvin’s comments ruffled a few proverbial feathers at ABC.

They’re saying this was the last thing ABC expected…

But the damage to the show’s fate may be more severe than a simple slap on the wrist. The outburst may wind up being the beginning of the end for the show, which is based in part on Dan Savage’s childhood.

You can read the rest here. It’s pretty basic…what you would expect from Hollywood.

It’s not a show I would ever watch anyway, I’m not a huge fan of Dan Savage, and I don’t care how he grew up. So I have no comment.

But one comment seems to sum it up in an interesting way:

 Of course Hollywood, go after the person keeping it “REAL” but praise the fake ass….

Orlando Survivor Patience Carter’s Moving Poem

Here’s a story about a poem that was written by one of the survivors of the Orlando shooting massacre. Her name is Patience Carter and she’s from this area…Philadelphia…and she’s an intern at TV Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

They’re coping with the aftermath in a variety of ways, including a moving poem written by Patience Carter, who was able to escape the nightclub with her life. She read the poem about her survivor’s guilt at an event this week. “It shows everything that I’m feeling right now,” she said, “and it’s a part of my healing process.”

Patience was on vacation in Orlando from her home in Philadelphia, and was in a wheelchair when she spoke to reporters. On the night of the shooting, she had actually made it outside of the nightclub when she realized that a friend was still inside. They rushed back to save her, then took shelter until police could rescue them. While they were hiding in a bathroom, the gunman shot both her legs.

You can read the entire poem here, and watch her read it in a video.

It’s about the guilt of being alive, and this young woman’s brilliant, honest words will break your heart all over again.



The Arrangement 

Idol’s Alum Rayvon Owen Comes Out; Candy Ken Full Frontal Nudity; Abe Lincoln’s Alleged Gay Lovers

Idol’s Alum Rayvon Owen Comes Out

I think it’s interesting how things can change so much in 15 years. When American Idol first started I don’t remember these dramatic announcements. At least not quite like this…mainly because it’s not such a big thing anymore. It’s more like, “congratulations, dude.”

“I’ve never been good pretending,” croons recording artist and former American Idol contestant Rayvon Owen in the opening line of his new song, “Can’t Fight It.”

By the end of the accompanying video, released over the weekend on Valentine’s Day (d’aww), those words come into clearer focus as the object of Crone’s impassioned affection finally makes an appearance for a brief kiss before the scene cuts to black.

If you haven’t quite caught up, it’s a man. Mic drop.

Here’s the rest, with kidding photos.

Looks like Steve Grand is getting a little competition now, and I predict more will follow.  

Candy Ken Full Frontal Nudity

There’s an attractive German rapper called Candy Ken who recently did a photo series with full frontal nudity.

While our familiarity with Berlin-based rapper Candy Ken’s music scores at a zero point zero, the same cannot be said of our recently acquired knowledge of the edgy Hello Kitty-obsessesed performer’s anatomy.

Here’s a link to some SFW photos, and here’s the link to the NSFW copies.

I wonder if the male full frontal nudity trend will continue here in the US. Maybe Steve Grand might be next?

Abe Lincoln’s Alleged Gay Lovers

I’ve been reading speculations about Lincoln’s sexuality like this for years and so far I’ve never actually seen proof that Abraham Lincoln had any “gay” relationships, or even an attraction for the same sex. Or, that he was even bisexual. And that makes sense because anything related to same sex attraction during the 19th Century would have been more than just discreet. It would have been covered up completely.

With that said, here’s another piece about the possibility that Lincoln could have had same sex relationships.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) may likely be the most studied and researched of the United States presidents. The first reference to him possibly being “homosexual” came from notable Lincoln expert Carl Sandburg in his 1926 biography, Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. In describing the early relationship between Lincoln and his close friend, Joshua Fry Speed, Sandburg wrote “a streak of lavender, and spots soft as May violets.” This line got historians talking about an issue from which many had previously shied away.

The sad truth is we may never know for certain. As someone in the comments stated, “history was not kind to us.”

For those who say they don’t care, I think that’s disingenuous. If Lincoln did have same sex relationships I want to know about it, and I want it with no shame attached. I’m really getting sick of these people…and often they are gay men…who think there’s something wrong with someone like Lincoln allegedly being attracted to men. I want to know.  

You can check this out here.

A Gay Erotic Parody

The Way We Almost Were

Is Gay Gym Bunny Cliche; Chris Christie Pounding the Meat; Ping Pong Player Hits With His Penis

Is Gay Gym Bunny Cliche

Here’s a post with more memes that talk about gays who frequent the gym, and whether or not that’s a cliche. I run every morning, and I’ve been doing it since college. If I can’t get out because of weather, I use a treadmill in my house. I love the way it makes me feel and how I look comes second. I also work out with weights at home…again, for the way it makes me feel. So I’m clearly not the one to comment on this because I really do believe that working out and being active creates many benefits, both physical and mental. But, I don’t go to a gym.

Here’s what one guy said…

I got up the courage to try working out at the gym for the first time in my life. I’m gay and I think I just discovered heaven. Except, most everyone is untouchable.

And that’s why I don’t go to a gym. For me it was always a matter of time. Most people who work out, and take it seriously, are not interested in socializing. They don’t have time for it…meaning actual minutes in the day.

The quotes in these memes vary slightly, however, they seem to be accurate.

You can read the rest here. 

Chris Christie Pounding the Meat

Here’s a story about Governor Christie of New Jersey and his run for President. I’m not sure why this is in a gay press in the first place, but I guess they have their reasons.

This morning, Christie used a very unfortunate Rocky metaphor while discussing the upcoming Iowa caucuses on Morning Joe this morning.

“I feel like I’m going to start pounding the meat, Joe,” Christie said. “Pounding the meat!”

Clearly the girthy governor is not familiar with Urban Dictionary‘s definition of that phrase. Or maybe he is?

Oh, that was so funny…said no one ever.

And did you notice the fat shaming remark?

I’m not a Christie supporter, nor will I ever be a Chris Christie supporter, but I’m not fond of fat shaming and I do think if you’re going to try for humor in print you should at least go for a chuckle or guffaw. This was barely a smile and nod.

Here’s the rest, if you think you have that many moments in your life to waste.

Ping Pong Player Hits With His Penis

I don’t think this one is SFW, but it’s interesting. How often do you see a guy slam a ping pong ball with his penis? And he’s a good looking guy, too. The penis isn’t bad either.

The best sports highlight of today, by a large margin, is this man using his dick to hit a ping-pong ball.

As a warning, if you watch this, the sound of contact will not leave your head:

 You can check out the video, here. I’ve seen it and it does, indeed, make an interesting sound.

And yes, there are comments.