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24 Pics of Gay Soldiers; Male Full Frontal Nudity: Sense 8; Tom Daley Unrecognizable Wearing Clothes

24 Pics of Gay Soldiers
I’m still on the road, but at least I solved the WiFi issue. I’ll post more about this road trip to Palm Springs, and some LGBT related experiences we’ve had during the trip when I get to PS.
I think it’s amazing that younger gay men have things like this to see nowadays. The only photos of gay men I ever saw when I was growing up weren’t people I could identify with at all.
I think if I had known that all gay men are not the same it would have made growing up a lot easier. 
Male Full Frontal Nudity: Sense 8 
I’ve been watching another Netflix series, Sense 8. It’s an excellent series, with characters you’ll enjoy, and a storyline that will keep you wondering constantly.
And, there’s male full frontal nudity. It’s not too over the top, but it does move the story forward.
Tom Daley Unrecognizable Wearing Clothes
I guess people are so used to seeing Daley wear practically nothing, it’s hard to recognize him with clothes on? I don’t totally get this one. But I have this feeling Daley will be taking his pants off in public until he’s well into his 40s.

‘Outside of the pool I don’t walk around the house in my trunks!’ the Olympic diver says in the new issue of Attitude magazine.

‘The other day, an old lady came up to me and said: “Gosh, I don’t recognize you with your clothes on!” and I guess people see me on TV and diving with no clothes on. It’s nice to go to a photoshoot and actually wear something.’

There’smore here. I love the way they make these quotes without thinking twice about what they’re saying…”old lady.” You have to wonder sometimes. And I’m not sure you can blame that on youth alone. We were all his age once and we didn’t refer to people as, “old lady.” It would have been rude.

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Male Celebs Who Bared It All This Summer; Assisting Gay Ghosts To Come Out; STIs Outsmarting Antibiotics

Male Celebs Who Bared It All This Summer

I think I posted about most of these guys who dropped their dick pics all over the internet, but in case you missed anything this article talks about male celebrities who took it all off this summer.

A-List Hollywood apparently took note, with Orlando Bloom soon joining the coveted coven of male celebs with their own jaw-dropping penis pic leaks. Not to be outdone, fellow star, occasional romantic rival, and all-around runt Justin Bieber once again took off all his clothes to prove, once and for all, that he can be nude with the best of them. Then he proved it again. And again. Hey, he proved it last summer, too.

The article takes a slightly glib tone and I’m not sure why. There should be nothing wrong with male full frontal nudity. I do think these people are only trying to get free publicity, but still…  You can check the rest out here. It’s SFW.

Assisting Gay Ghosts To Come Out

This article does take a glib tone for obvious reasons. However, I have a true story I want to share right now. I lost my best friend in 2000 suddenly…a heart attack…and I was so stunned by the loss I contacted a psychic a few months after he died. I was very, very young at the time and I needed some kind of closure, because it was so sudden and so shocking. I was inconsolable. This was someone I spoke to daily, and saw every single weekend for over six years, and then he was gone. Just gone forever. 

So I found a good reputable psychic (they do exist) and I had a reading where the psychic channeled my deceased best friend. Keep in mind the psychic knew nothing about me. But I knew my friend was gay, all his other friends knew he was gay, but he never actually came out of the closet to his family and to people who didn’t know him outside of his own small circle. And during the psychic reading, when the psychic channeled him, one of the things my friend said during that session was that he regretted not coming out of the closet and living a fully authentic life. It was a dark, serious moment that gave me chills. It was also the last thing I expected to hear. I didn’t know he felt that way.

In any event, I always wonder about this kind of thing now.

A gaggle of LGBTQ paranormal investigators from Columbus, Ohio have joined together for Queer Ghost Hunters, a new reality web series with a simple mission: To locate gay ghosts and assist them in coming out in the afterlife.

You can check this out here.

STIs Outsmarting Antibiotics

This is scary and I’m sure a lot of people aren’t paying attention to it.

Look out, world — chlamydia’s getting clever, along with a whole host of other STIs. About a million people sexually transmit an infection every day around the world, according to the World Health Organization, and a lot of them are becoming harder to treat.

You can check this one out here. The article does mention there is one way to combat all this. In case you haven’t heard of them, they’re called condoms. And that’s something I’m never glib about. 

Valley of the Dudes Contest At Erie Gay News

Enter to win Valley of the Dudes e-book from Riverdale Ave Books! To enter the contest, fill out the form below between August 19 and September 9

Here’s the Link To Enter 





Daniel Radcliffe’s Animatronic Penis; Game of Thrones Penises; 7 Important Penis Issues

Daniel Radcliffe’s Animatronic Penis

This is about a new movie, Swiss Army Man, with Daniel Radcliffe that sounds interesting.

Daniel Radcliffe has shown that he’s not afraid to get nude for the sake of art, with his performance in a stage production of Equus back in the late 2000s. However, when it comes to the big screen, he’s not one to flaunt his body around. But in Swiss Army Man, his bare ass proves to be a valuable asset (pun not intended) as the flatulence of his character’s corpse helps Paul Dano survive in the woods. And in addition to his gas serving a purpose, Daniel Radcliffe’s penis turns out to be immensely helpful as well.

There’s more here.

You can see the trailer there, too. It’s a good one, at a glance.

Game of Thrones Penises

From what I gather, there’s nudity in Game of Thrones, and it seems to be a huge promotional gimmick/tool for them. But this time the penis focus is about NOT having a penis.

It’s not so much about what they’ve got as what they haven’t. Aside from newly appointed Hand of the Queen Tyrion Lannister (who himself has the moniker of “half man”), none of them has a penis.

Her council comprises two eunuchs and a woman. The noble houses that have joined her are represented by women and by Theon Greyjoy, who is also a eunuch. What’s more, the bulk of Daenerys’s army is made up of the castrated super-soldiers known as The Unsullied.

So much for male full frontal nudity in TV and films. You can check that out here.

7 Important Penis Issues

Here’s an article that talks about about what happens to a guy’s penis when it’s not being used regularly.

Guys will tell you that it’s really dangerous for them to not have sex. They’ve been saying it since high school. But is it really dangerous? Can their penis suffer from lack of getting laid?
Well, yes and no. Just like with the female sexual organs, lack of sex will have an impact on a man’s penis. Some crazy things DO happen, and it may not be what you expect.

Here’s the rest. 

I wouldn’t take this one too seriously, though. It’s basically telling us that water is wet.


The Arrangement

Hot Erotic Gay Fiction: Unabated by Ryan Field; Male Full frontal Nudity On TV; Is Sexting Cheating?

Hot Erotic Gay Fiction: Unabated by Ryan Field

I actually don’t think that Unabated is one of my steamiest books…for lack of a better term. But I guess that’s debatable. It is sexy and it is a full length novel…and it does have a strong love story about new adults.

I do know that the theme of this new adult gay romance explores the concept of gay open marriages, and all the rules that go along with them. And the subplot has to do with two gay men who have been together for many years and are keeping a deep dark secret from everyone.

It’s not a mystery, but it does have a happy ending. I think that’s important, because it’s so hard to find a happy ending with any gay content that is produced these days.

In any event, here are a few of the links, and the blurb is below. It will be in a few other places, too, and I’ll post them soon. It’s usually in iTunes.

It will also be available as a print book soon.

Amazon Kindle




Danny and Vince have an almost perfect gay marriage in New York, and then they move to a small gay enclave in the suburbs of Pennsylvania where they discover something interesting: most of the older gay couples have open marriages. Danny and Vince are still in their twenties, and everything about their lives is new and exciting. So when they leave New York to be closer to Vince’s job as a TV weather person in Pennsylvania, they discover they’re interested in exploring the possibilities of an open gay marriage, too.

In the midst of all this “adulting,” from being first time homeowners to buying a new car, the changes Danny and Vince experience in the small town of Penn’s Grant lead them to new sexual and emotional experiences they never had in New York. They not only meet gay couples who have been together for decades, but a few who have been leading double lives and hiding deep dark secrets that have ruled their lives. Thanks to his new open gay marriage, Danny discovers a few secrets about his own strong desires for men he never knew existed.

Will their open gay marriage ruin them both forever, or will it wind up bringing them closer together? And will the move to Penn’s Grant turn them into the small town gay couple they never wanted to become in the first place?

Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV 

Here’s another article that explores male full frontal nudity, and the double standard, but on TV this time. Of course Game of Thrones is there.

Before Meloni became a huge network star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, he joined the cast of HBO’s jail drama Oz. The series frequently had fights in the shower, graphic nude scenes, and a uniquely naked approach to solitary confinement. Meloni was not shy about being all kinds of naked including a scene where he’s fully nude talking with EGOT-winner Rita Moreno.

You can check this out here. 

Is Sexting Cheating?

I’ve never thought too much about this one. I haven’t even put it in a book…yet. But I think it brings up an interesting question: is sexting actually cheating? And when I say sexting I’m talking about DMs, too.

They did a survey and this is what they found…those “they” survey people.

35 percent of respondents said that yes, sexting is tantamount to cheating. Meanwhile, one in 10 say they thought it was “just a bit of fun.” And 62 percent said sending dirty pictures is worse than sending dirty texts.

Eight percent of respondents said they had sexted with someone other than their partner in the last year, and one third of them said the sexting had resulted in them ultimately meeting up and having sex behind their partner’s back.

You can read the rest here, where there’s a survey that you can take. One of the answers is “Only when you get caught.”

Evidently, it’s complicated. 


Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV; Guide To Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV; FREE Gay Excerpt

Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV

Gay news is really lacking these days and I wish there were less subjective political articles and more human interest like the one I posted yesterday about Ricky Martin raising money for charity. But it is what it is, and I don’t think the gay presses realize they turn off half their readership sometimes, with some of their slanted articles.

In any event, here’s an interesting post about male full frontal nudity on TV.

Viewers of at least two premium cable dramas recently experienced a nude awakening: Male characters on both HBO’s The Leftovers and Showtime’s The Affair have exposed their genitalia on camera this fall.

Why so shocking? Although nudity has long been a part of pay TV (remember when Cinemax was jokingly referred to as “Skinemax”?), most of the disrobing continues to be done by women. Male nudity, in comparison, remains a rarity on screen (including in film).

You can check that out here.

 Rancho Mirage

Guide To Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV

Here’s a guide to male full frontal nudity on TV. I didn’t know most of them.

Not to be completely weird, but do you ever feel like you’re constantly watching art house films and premium cable shows that show a lot of naked women, but nary a naked man? It’s probably because there still is a lingering stigma against presenting the male form in all its glory on film. 

Notice how they mention the naked women vs naked men on TV. I’ve been harping about that for ages on this blog.

You can check this out here.

The Arrangement

FREE Gay Excerpt: Unbated

Here’s a free excerpt from my latest work in progress, titled, Unabated. This is gay romance, but new adult erotic romance, too. If it wasn’t for the fact that it has mostly gay characters I would classify it as “new adult romance.” However, I like people to know what they’re getting.

This is from the first chapter, and this is the story of a young married gay couple who decide to experiment with an open marriage. And it’s SFW.

When Danny Martinson heard his husband say he wanted to move to the suburbs, Danny nearly choked on his red devil cupcake with cream cheese frosting. They were strolling down Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village on a warm Friday evening in May, surrounded by tourists from New Jersey and a few neighborhood regulars who were all wearing black.
Danny stopped short so fast someone slammed right into him and the cupcake went sailing out of Danny’s hand and into the gutter. It landed face down alongside the curb, tipped to the left.
Danny turned and found a tall, skinny wisp of a man with a scrappy lumberjack beard glaring in his direction as if he’d just killed a kitten.
The skinny guy opened his eyes wider and said, “Like Dude, like pay attention. I was texting. I almost dropped my phone. What the fuck?”
Danny sent him a look and frowned. “Well I lost my cupcake, dude. I’d say we’re like even.” He’d just waited in line for a half hour for that cupcake. He’d been thinking about it all day long. He’d been eating it from the bottom up and he hadn’t even started on the cream cheese frosting.
The guy shook his head in a clueless way, looked down at his phone again, and continued walking west without giving Danny a backward glance.
Danny’s husband, Vince Roberts, took his arm and guided him toward a lamp post. “Are you okay?” His expression suggested panic, but his voice sounded calm and even, and each word he spoke remained as articulate as always. “I thought you were going to grab his phone and step on it. I’ve never seen you react that way.”
“That’s because you never dropped a bombshell quite like that on me before,” Danny said. They’d been together for almost seven years, but only legally married for two. They’d met in college, at a southern university where Danny had been majoring in English and Vince had been focused on meteorology. Up until two years ago, they’d been living in places where same sex marriage hadn’t been legal.
Vince shrugged and said, “I’m sorry if I shocked you. I wasn’t sure how to bring the subject up. I know how much you love living in New York. I love it here, too. But I’m getting tired of the commute. It’s actually killing me. And it’s so expensive to live here. I only want to improve the quality of our lives and I think moving to the suburbs would do that.”
“It’s not like it’s going to be cheap living in the suburbs either,” Danny said. “I would have to get a car. I don’t need a car now in New York.” His biggest fear was once you leave New York you never get back again.
Vince laughed. He commuted to Pennsylvania by car because he worked so many odd hours. “Are you joking? What we pay right now just to keep one car in a garage in Manhattan could get you a hot little sports car in the suburbs.”
They’d moved to New York two years earlier when Vince had landed a job as weatherperson for a small TV station in North Eastern Pennsylvania. It was the first time since college Danny felt like a real adult. Up until that point, they’d lived in small towns in the south where Vince had worked for small radio stations. Moving to New York had always been Danny’s dream. He’d always wanted to know what it was like to live and work in a place where there were so many other gay people just like him. The TV station in Pennsylvania where Vince worked was about an hour and a half commute from Manhattan, which seemed logical at the time. Vince hadn’t planned on remaining at the TV station in Pennsylvania for long. He’d thought of it more as a stepping stone that would lead him to a larger TV station in New York. However, he found out soon enough it wasn’t as simple as he thought it would be to land a job in New York. He was lucky to be on TV anywhere, and they were both thankful for the job he had in Pennsylvania.
“You want me to live in the Pocono Mountains?” Danny said. “We may as well pack up and move back the South Carolina. At least the climate was pleasant all year.” Danny had been to the area of North Eastern Pennsylvania where Vince worked. It wasn’t far from New Jersey; just across the Delaware River where the river formed a gap. There were ski resorts, tourist attractions, and it was a well-known regional get-away. It wasn’t a bad place, not by any means, if you liked that woodsy, log cabin, mountaineer type of thing. It’s just that it was so rural, so family oriented, and so isolated he wasn’t sure he could do that year round. Danny worked at home as a freelance writer for several online publications. He usually worked seven days a week, rushing to meet deadlines, and sometimes he didn’t even get out of the apartment. When he did take a break, it was nice to be surrounded by people and culture and all the interesting attractions Manhattan had to offer.
Vince placed his palm on the small of Danny’s back and guided him toward the sidewalk. As they continued walking back to their apartment on Perry Street, Vince said, “I’m not talking about moving to the Pocono Mountains, not exactly. We don’t have to live next door to the TV station. In fact, I think that would be a mistake. I’d prefer a little distance. I’m talking about moving to this great little town in New Jersey that’s about halfway between where I work and New York. We could still go into the city as often as we want, and I could cut my commuting time by more than half. And, this town is very gay. In fact, it’s been dubbed as one of the most popular gay ghettos in the US by a few LGBT web sites.”
Danny listened without saying a word. Vince’s salary was much higher than Danny’s, which he knew, logically, made a difference in their relationship. At that moment, Vince’s career had to come first. They needed the money; they had to be practical. Vince had never mentioned this aloud because he wasn’t the kind of man who would hold that against Danny. In the same respect, it was a fact that Danny couldn’t ignore. The TV station where Vince worked had also embraced him as openly gay. His bosses encouraged it and they promoted him as their openly gay weatherperson who was happily married to a man.
“What’s the name of this town in New Jersey?” Danny asked. They were approaching the building where they lived and he wanted to look this town up online later that night so he could find out what it was all about. He figured if it was as popular with gays as Vince said it was there would be plenty of information on the Internet.
“It’s called Penn’s Grant,” Vince said. He opened the door to their building so Danny could enter first. “I think it’s the perfect compromise, especially in this situation. As it stands, I might be working in the same place for a long, long time. And I like it there. I’m not complaining. It’s been good to us. I’m just getting tired of the long commute.”
Danny walked into the old fashioned black and white tiled vestibule and smiled. “I know that. I can’t argue that point. I also like seeing you so happy working there.” He’d seen Vince working at radio stations he’d despised and he knew the difference between having a happy husband and one who hated his job so much he couldn’t sleep at night.
“I love my job,” Vince said. “I used to have grand ambitions about working for a network, and I’m not saying I would pass up an offer to do that now. But I’m saying that if an offer from a network never comes along, I love where I am right now.”
Danny knew he couldn’t refuse to consider leaving New York. A part of him had seen this coming. He wasn’t thrilled with Vince doing that long commute either. Vince wouldn’t have done that to him if the situation had been reversed. So he shrugged and said, “I guess we can take a look at this Penn’s Grant place tomorrow. It can’t hurt driving out there just to see what it’s like. I’m curious. But we both have to like it and we still have to think this through a little more.”
“I know,” Vince said, reaching around to grab Danny’s ass. “I don’t want to rush into anything, but you know that our lease is up in two months. We can’t waste time either.”
Vince was as attractive now as he’d been the first day Danny had met him six years earlier. Sometimes Danny thought he might even be better looking because he was on TV every day of the week doing the weather in front of thousands of people. He worked out regularly to keep his body firm, he got his hair styled more often, and he always wore the most flattering clothing when he went out in public in case someone recognized him.

Idol’s Alum Rayvon Owen Comes Out; Candy Ken Full Frontal Nudity; Abe Lincoln’s Alleged Gay Lovers

Idol’s Alum Rayvon Owen Comes Out

I think it’s interesting how things can change so much in 15 years. When American Idol first started I don’t remember these dramatic announcements. At least not quite like this…mainly because it’s not such a big thing anymore. It’s more like, “congratulations, dude.”

“I’ve never been good pretending,” croons recording artist and former American Idol contestant Rayvon Owen in the opening line of his new song, “Can’t Fight It.”

By the end of the accompanying video, released over the weekend on Valentine’s Day (d’aww), those words come into clearer focus as the object of Crone’s impassioned affection finally makes an appearance for a brief kiss before the scene cuts to black.

If you haven’t quite caught up, it’s a man. Mic drop.

Here’s the rest, with kidding photos.

Looks like Steve Grand is getting a little competition now, and I predict more will follow.  

Candy Ken Full Frontal Nudity

There’s an attractive German rapper called Candy Ken who recently did a photo series with full frontal nudity.

While our familiarity with Berlin-based rapper Candy Ken’s music scores at a zero point zero, the same cannot be said of our recently acquired knowledge of the edgy Hello Kitty-obsessesed performer’s anatomy.

Here’s a link to some SFW photos, and here’s the link to the NSFW copies.

I wonder if the male full frontal nudity trend will continue here in the US. Maybe Steve Grand might be next?

Abe Lincoln’s Alleged Gay Lovers

I’ve been reading speculations about Lincoln’s sexuality like this for years and so far I’ve never actually seen proof that Abraham Lincoln had any “gay” relationships, or even an attraction for the same sex. Or, that he was even bisexual. And that makes sense because anything related to same sex attraction during the 19th Century would have been more than just discreet. It would have been covered up completely.

With that said, here’s another piece about the possibility that Lincoln could have had same sex relationships.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) may likely be the most studied and researched of the United States presidents. The first reference to him possibly being “homosexual” came from notable Lincoln expert Carl Sandburg in his 1926 biography, Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. In describing the early relationship between Lincoln and his close friend, Joshua Fry Speed, Sandburg wrote “a streak of lavender, and spots soft as May violets.” This line got historians talking about an issue from which many had previously shied away.

The sad truth is we may never know for certain. As someone in the comments stated, “history was not kind to us.”

For those who say they don’t care, I think that’s disingenuous. If Lincoln did have same sex relationships I want to know about it, and I want it with no shame attached. I’m really getting sick of these people…and often they are gay men…who think there’s something wrong with someone like Lincoln allegedly being attracted to men. I want to know.  

You can check this out here.

A Gay Erotic Parody

The Way We Almost Were

FREE Gay Excerpt; Joaquín Ferreira Full Frontal Nudity; Ian Riesner, Yet Again

FREE Gay Excerpt

Here’s another free excerpt from the most recent book in The Rainbow Detective Agency Series, The Scottish Duke. The main objective I’d like to get through with this post is that if the sex scenes were taken out of this book…or any other book in the series…the storyline would still hold up on its own. And if you notice, there isn’t a shirtless man on the cover. I do that on purpose sometimes because I get really tired of those “other” authors who think they’re so grand because they don’t write about sex. If you ask me they’re probably the biggest pervs out there. At least I’m always honest about what I do. But I digress, with a big smile.

Here’s a Link. It’s also at most other online web sites where e-books are sold.

Amazon Link for Kindle Readers 

And here’s the blurb:

In this installment of The Rainbow Detective Agency, Blair and Proctor’s passionate relationship has moved forward to the point where they begin a small family and don’t even realize it. And that’s because they’re busy trying to solve the case of a well-known gay romance author, E. Q. Montana, who was so obsessed with Proctor he lined the walls of his unkempt West Hollywood apartment with Proctor’s photos. 

But E. Q. Montana wasn’t just any best-selling gay romance author. E. Q. had a few deep dark secrets and enemies of his own that Proctor and Blair have to figure out, one of which has to do with The Scottish Duke of Huntley. It’s a peculiar case of dangerous literary subterfuge, with sudden twists and vicious, ambitious authors, that has them both stumped emotionally and intellectually, and in the end Proctor’s worst nightmare comes true.

Joaquín Ferreira Full Frontal Nudity

In my ongoing quest to find more films with full frontal male nudity, this sounds more interesting than most of the things I’ve seen.

Even if you are not a fan of telenovelas and don’t understand Spanish, you are missing out on a riDICKulously good reason to watch Club de Cuervos. The 13-episode Netflix series, which centers on a family feud among heirs of a soccer club after the patriarch’s death, features Joaquín Ferreira in all of his jaw-dropping “desnudo” glory.

The Argentinean actor portrays “El Porto” and appears completely naked in a few of his scenes. “It was very clear that his character had to be the sex symbol that would have all the girls and gay boys attached to the TV screen,” Luis Gerardo Méndez, the series’ star and producer, explained about Ferreira’s audition, “and when he walked into the room, he got it.”

We actually just started Netflix binges, so I’ll have to check this one out. Anything subtitled is up in the air with me. I love foreign films, but I read, write, and edit all day and the last thing I want to do is read TV during the two hours a day I actually watch TV.  So I’m not going to run there too fast.

You can read more here.

Ian Reisner,  Yet Again

This article talks about Ian Reisner allegedly holding another event for someone who is allegedly anti-gay. In case you forgot, Reisner is the gay guy who had an event for Ted Cruz, he was practically kicked off Fire Island one weekend from the backlash, and he hasn’t handled any of this with the best strategy. (I’m really not judging him. I just think it could have been handled better.) With a simple search you can find out all the details. But you get the main point and why this is newsworthy.

It was just discovered that the ex-lovers-turned-business-partners also hosted a private fundraiser at their Central Park South penthouse for Tea Partier Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, raising more than $10,500, back in April.

Johnson, who describes himself as “a pretty traditional guy,” holds a zero ranking out of a possible 100 with the HRC for his stances on gay rights. He’s gone on record to say he believes marriage is between “one man and one woman,” and in 2013 he voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which protects people from workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

But that didn’t stop Reisner and Weiderpass from posing for selfies with the gay-hating politician, or giving him $2,700, the maximum allowed under federal election law.

In case anyone wasn’t paying attention, Hillary Clinton allegedly went to Donald Trump’s last wedding because Trump allegedly gave her a huge donation. That’s politics.

I personally wouldn’t support any anti-gay politicians, but I don’t have all the facts here so I really can’t comment in detail on this one.

You can read the rest here. 

 The Scottish Duke…

Here’s the excerpt, from Chapter 8. I don’t think there are any big spoilers here, but you’ve been warned ahead of time. 

When the news about E. Q. Montana’s connection to Proctor went public, Proctor was setting up Chinese take-out on the kitchen table and Blair was sitting at the table tweeting on his new phone. Constance was next to the table waiting to see if someone would accidentally drop something good to eat. The new puppy had been fed and walked out back and he was resting in the corner on Constance’s cushion.
As Proctor set a container of pork fried rice next to Blair’s dinner plate, he smiled at Snowden and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a calm, easy puppy. I’ve known dogs and cats all my life, but this is unusual even for me. He’s so simple to train, too.” According to Jane, Snowden had only made one mess in the house all day.
Blair sat up and his eyes bugged out. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”
Proctor sat down at the table and opened the container of rice. “What?”
“You’re trending.”
“I’m what?”
Blair continued to gape at his phone. “You’re trending on twitter. Someone leaked the news that the famous male model, Proctor Gamble, was the muse for most of E. Q. Montana’s gay fiction and that E. Q. was so obsessed with Proctor Gamble his entire apartment was covered with Gamble’s photos. There’s even a fuzzy photo of the apartment.”
Proctor felt a pull in his stomach. He grabbed the phone from Blair and looked at the photo on Twitter. It was the photo of the one long wall in E. Q.’s apartment that had been covered with Proctor’s famous swimsuit poster. “How? Why? This wasn’t supposed to get this kind of attention.”
Blair shrugged and said, “I was hoping it wouldn’t happen.”
Proctor started reading the tweets about how much E. Q. had adored him. There were even links to gossip blogs that went into detail about E. Q. being a female to male transgender person. “I don’t believe this is happening. Who could have leaked this information?”
“I’m not sure,” Blair said. “It was probably someone connected to the police department, because of the photos. But I’m also sure that E. Q’s publisher had something to do with all this going viral. We’re talking about big money now. On his own, E. Q. was a bestselling genre author. With your name attached to his work now that’s going to make his books even more important.”
Proctor didn’t understand. He tilted his head and looked at Blair with a nonplussed expression.
“This is like hitting the jackpot in publishing,” Blair said. “If I’m right about this, and you know I usually am, E. Q’s romance book sales will triple from all the free publicity. It’s not going to hurt you either, especially since E. Q. left you in charge of his estate and all the rights to his books. There’s really nothing negative about it.”
Proctor wasn’t freaked out about being mentioned this way because he’d known what it was like to deal with this kind of media attention in the past. It wasn’t negative publicity either. In this case, he just wasn’t sure how to deal with being so closely connected to an author who had worshipped him from afar. It still made him feel creepy whenever he thought about E. Q. sitting alone in that dark, depressing apartment, staring at his images and writing love stories.
Proctor stood up and went to the other side of the kitchen to get his own phone.
“What are you doing?” Blair asked.
“I’m going to call my mom and dad,” Proctor said. “If this is trending on twitter there’s no doubt it will be in the mainstream news, too, at some point. I want them to know what’s going on beforehand so they don’t freak out just in case.” His mother was going through enough issues dealing with terminal cancer and palliative cancer treatments that would extend her life a little longer. He wanted to reassure them everything was fine and there was nothing about which to worry.
A few minutes later, he hung up with his dad and went back to the table where he found Blair eating fried won-tons with chop sticks. “I can’t believe you can eat.” He sat down and pushed his plate to the middle of the table. “I can’t even look at food now.”
Blair swallowed and said, “I’ll admit all this is unusual to say the least, however, it could be good for business. We were talking about getting publicity for the agency and this might be just what we were looking for. I know how you feel about self-exploitation, but life does go on and we didn’t bring this on ourselves.”
Although he knew Blair was right, he still didn’t feel comfortable yet with all this unplanned publicity. He thought he had left this kind of attention behind and that he would remain in the public eye on a much smaller scale for the rest of his life. “I hope it doesn’t hurt the agency,” he said. “I want The Rainbow Detective Agency to be a professional place of business. I don’t want it to be a media circus connected to a peculiar author who hung my old photos all over his apartment.”
“I thought you were flattered by the way E. Q. adored you so much,” Blair said.
“Don’t be cheeky,” Proctor said. “To be truthful, I am flattered. I’m more than flattered. I’m honored that an author who was as talented as E. Q. would choose me as his focus. And I know that this kind of thing won’t last long. The next new trend will come along and some idiotic reality TV show star will try to break the Internet with her ass again. However, I also know how the world can be. I’m an openly gay man and I still get a slap in the face every single day in one way or another. You can’t tell me you don’t get that yourself, Blair. And when the vicious and the sarcastic start making comments about this I don’t want the agency to suffer as a result.”
Blair didn’t make a silly comment this time. He seemed to understand Proctor’s feelings and he reached across the table and took his hand. “Hey, we’ll get through this. We’ll be okay.”
Before Proctor had a chance to reply, the doorbell rang and he looked at the clock on the wall above the table. “It’s almost nine o’clock. Who could that be?”
“I’ll get it,” Blair said. “You stay in here.”
A moment later, while Proctor was clearing the table, Blair walked into the kitchen with Howard Stumpf.  Proctor exchanged a quick glance with Blair and said, “Howard, I didn’t expect to see you again this soon.”
“I had to come by,” Howard said. Instead of the conservative business suit he’d worn the first time Proctor had met him, he was wearing jeans, a white polo shirt, and a pair of navy blue leather oxfords without socks. The white shirt accentuated the reddish brown tones in his thick hair and beard. He looked even more like a quasi hipster with good taste than a school teacher.
Proctor wanted to finish cleaning up the kitchen so he turned to Blair and said, “Why don’t you guys go into the living room and I’ll be there in a minute.” He also wanted to take Snowden outside one more time. Snowden had jumped off the cushion to check Howard out and Proctor wanted to continue the puppy training that Jane had started that day. Constance seemed oblivious to Howard. She took one look at him, yawned, and went back to the cushion.
By the time Proctor joined Blair and Howard in the living room, Blair had started a fire and he and Howard were sitting on the sofa drinking martinis. The moment Proctor walked into the room Howard stood up and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but I had to stop by and talk about everything that’s happened.”
“There’s nothing to talk about,” Proctor said. When he said this, he smiled. He didn’t want Howard to think he was being abrupt or glib.
“I think you should listen to him,” Blair said. Evidently, Howard had already talked over a few things with Blair. “The guy might make you feel a lot better.”
Proctor saw a third martini on the coffee table he assumed was for him. He picked it up and sat in a club chair next to the fireplace and smiled again. “I’m sure you heard about the big news,” he said. 
“The entire world now knows that E. Q. Montana based most of his main characters on me.”