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Zachary Quinto Talks about the Fear of Gay Men in the Entertainment Industry, Ryan Field Books

 Zachary Quinto Talks about the Fear of Gay Men in the Entertainment Industry

I’m always posting about the way the entertainment industry hires straight white writers to write gay content, and then they hire straight actors to play gayface. It’s a form of cultural appropriation straights don’t even want to acknowledge. The most recent example is Harry the Styles playing gayface in The Policeman. Harry can’t even figure out why “labels” are important to many of us…because we are proud to be gay. They did the same thing with that awful Call Me by Your Name film. 

And it continues to happen. I read that there’s a new film about Leonard Bernstein with straight Bradley Cooper who wrote the gay content and is playing gayface. The only one in Hollywood, so far, to admit that’s it’s wrong to culturally appropriate gay men has been Tom Hanks. He said he would never play gayface again, because that’s wrong. 

With that said, I’m linking to a piece now where Zachary Quinto talks about the fear of gay men in the entertainment industry and a few things about politics and democracy. He also talks about why he came out in 2011. He wrote this quote on his blog:

“living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it” was “simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead”. 

He mentions no names, but he does express concern about closeted gay actors in Hollywood who refuse to live authentic lives. They get into why Quinto took in more significant roles like The Boys in the Band, a gay classic. And finally they discuss openly gay Ryan Murphy and how be became so successful. 

You can read more here. It’s long but there’s a lot more to learn. And Quinto sounds like a fascinating man. 

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