The Prison Guard and the Huge Fat Stinky Penis; Netflix’s Gay Teen Comedy; Colton Haynes Files For Divorce

The Prison Guard and the Huge Fat Stinky Penis

This has been trending in a lot of places all week. It’s about how jurors are sick of hearing about a Brooklyn corrections officer’s unusually large penis in a sex assault trial.

The jurors were visibly glum and, in some cases, exasperated Wednesday as prosecutors continued a second day of grilling accusers on the shape and odor of Lt. Eugenio Perez’s phallus — which the feds say is so distinctive, it helped them confirm the women’s stories.

“It was so big. I wanted to throw up,” a 50-year-old former inmate testified through a translator while explaining how Perez forced her to perform oral sex on him while he was working at the Metropolitan Detention Center in 2016.

Here’s the rest. Apparently, it’s also curved as well as stinky. 

Netflix’s Gay Teen Comedy 

This will be streaming on Netflix, June 8. I think it’s titled, Alex Strangelove.

High school senior Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) has it all – the grades, the girlfriend (Madeline Weinstein), and the motley crew of hilarious friends. Everything is smooth sailing until Alex shares that he’s decided to part ways with his virginity – and meets Elliott (Antonio Marziale), a sweet and confident gay boy who isn’t shy about his instant crush on Alex…who may or may not feel the same. 

You can check that out, here. There’s a trailer. 

Colton Haynes Files For Divorce

Prior to any divorce there’s usually a period of waiting, or trying to reconcile. Evidently, that’s not happening in this case. I hope they’re not rushing things. I don’t believe any marriage should be tossed aside until every single possibility to reconcile is explored. 

In any event, things are done differently in Hollywood. 

Colton Haynes has filed for divorce from his husband, Jeff Leatham, following six months of marriage.

Divorce papers obtained by TMZ cite “irreconcilable differences,” but do not list the separation date.

There’s not much more, but here’s a link. There’s a photo of Haynes taking a duck face selfie.   

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Gay Orgy In London Park; Following Jeffrey Tambor’s Sexual Harassment Charge, TV’s Transparent Ends After One Final Season; Woman Ordered Male Rape

Gay Orgy In London Park

I had a friend who used to say that you can’t find a public rest area, rest room, or park in the US without at least some gay cruising going on somewhere. And I believed him because it came from first hand experience. Evidently, it happens in the UK, too.

It’s frequented by all sorts of folks seeking a refreshing dose of nature, but it also has a long reputation among gay and bi men who partake in life’s more carnal sensations.
And it is perhaps because of the park’s cruising history that an image depicting a gay group scene popped up on its listing on a popular city mapping app.

You can read more, here. 

Following Jeffrey Tambor’s Sexual Harassment Charge, TV’s Transparent Ends After One Final Season

I didn’t know a lot of this because I haven’t been following the story much. But here are more details about what happened with Transparent.

However, the Hollywood Reporter piece poured fresh controversy on the scandal – with revelations that both Jill Soloway and her sister Faith Soloway, neither of whom are transgender, had sent private messages to Tambor appearing to voice suspicion that the accusers were a part of a “coup” seeking to oust the actor from the part because he was a male actor playing a trans woman.

Here’s more.  It’s a shame because I liked this show for many reasons. I liked all the characters and all of their individual story lines.

Woman Ordered Male Rape

This is odd. A woman allegedly put out a contract on a man who owed her a debt…to have him raped by another man who is an acquaintance of hers.

Julia Haworth, 30, allegedly gave the associate a “bottle” of alcohol as payment to carry out the attack in the small town of St Michael, on the western tip of the US state, the Anchorage Daily News said. 

Here’s the rest. 

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Hugh Grant In "A Very English Scandal"; Craigslist Inundated With Kinky Household Service Ads; A Message For Gay White Men

Hugh Grant In A Very English Scandal 

A Very English Scandal is a 3 part miniseries starring Hugh Grant playing the character, Jeremy Thorpe. Thorpe is a high profile, married-to-a-woman liberal in UK politics who comes from a very high profile conservative family. It’s set in the 1970s.

Thorpe gets romantically involved with a 37 year old guy named Norman Scott, and as things progress badly, which they usually do in these cases, Scott threatens to go virile about the romance and Thorpe starts plotting Scott’s death.

In spite of the bad clickbait you’ll see about this, I think it looks like a great series and I hope it goes to Netflix.

Here are more details about it on IMDb. 

Craigslist Inundated With Kinky Household Service Ads

I had a feeling something like this might happen after Craigslist did away with their personal ads. A lot of people depended on those personal ads, at least from what I’ve been hearing. In many cases those ads kept people connected.

In any event, this is just the beginning of more Internet censorship we’ll be seeing.

This just in: the Craigslist page for Leeds, England has become inundated with ads posted by men offering to get naked and clean people’s houses for cash.

“Slim fit straight male doing cleaning and household chores in Leeds and York areas,” one reads, “No children or single males please.”

I remember ads like this running for cleaning services in all the gay newspapers back in the 1990s. So this really isn’t something new. The most interesting thing about censorship of any kind is that people will usually find a way around it. 

You can check it out, here

A Message For Gay White Men

Kyle Krieger is trying to spread his own message about racism, which is becoming an extremely relevant topic all over social media. 

It’s important to remember that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t about discrediting other lives. It is about giving the same level of respect to black people that white people get automatically. It’s important because they need our help. They understand that all lives matter, but all lives aren’t in danger right now. Black lives are disproportionately being targeted and killed and it’s going to take all of us to stop it.”

Here’s more. This one sparked a very interesting discussion in the comment section.

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Boy Scout Name Change and Trans Scouts; Serbia’s Lesbian Prime Minister; The Cher Broadway Show

Boy Scout Name Change and Trans Scouts

I hadn’t thought about this. But frankly, I was never interested in anything related to the Boy Scouts…not even as a boy…because it was so heteronormative and I knew as a gay closeted kid it wasn’t for me. However, it looks as though things are changing for the better.

Christyn is a former Boy Scout from Connecticut. Since her time Scouting, she has come out as trans and is supportive of the name change.
‘I joined Cub Scouts when I was in second grade. Before that I had tired all sorts of other activities – karate, gymnastics, little league, soccer, but none of them were a good fit,’ Christyn recalls. ‘So when the den leader for my age group said she didn’t have any more room in her den, my mom signed up as a leader for me and a bunch of my friends.’

Here’s more. There has been criticism, too.

Serbian’s Lesbian Prime Minister

Here’s something positive on the global front.

Serbia’s lesbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić just clapped back at a homophobic minister in the best possible way.

Last year, Brnabić became Serbia’s first LGBTI – and female – Prime Minister. She was also the first leader to march in a Balkan Pride event.

The Cher Broadway Show

Even though I’ve never been a die hard fan, I do like Cher and I’m looking forward to this. I might even get tickets to see this one, which Tony will love. 
Cher fans rejoice! A bio-musical about the musical icon’s life is coming to Broadway this fall.
The show was first announced last year. It will be playing an out-of-town run at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre from 12 June through 15 July. Then, the show will head to The Great White Way’s Neil Simon Theatre.

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Gay Porn Stars Wed After 12 Years; Same Sex Marriage In Cuba; Being Gay At 40 Years Old vs 50

Gay Porn Stars Wed After 12 Years

If you like happy endings, you’ll love this.

Ruggero Freddi (porn name Carlo Masi) and his new Argentinian husband Gustavo Leguizamon (porn name Adam Champ) met on the set of Leguizamon’s first movie in Sacramento, California.
At the time, Freddi was one of the biggest stars at gay porn company Colt Studios. So he expected Leguizamon to reconize him, but he pretended not to know him.
Here’s the rest. There are photos of the wedding. 

Same Sex Marriage In Cuba
Here’s what’s happening in Cuba with same sex marriage. 
Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuba’s former president Raúl Castro, announced Friday, 4 May that her organization will submit proposals to the country’s National Assembly to extend marriage and other rights to LGBTI Cubans.
There’s more, here. It goes into a lot more detail about Cuba’s LGBT history. Very interesting. 

Being Gay At 40 Years Old vs 50
Here’s a piece about aging, and how we feel at various times in our lives as we evolve.
The biggest–and frankly, the best–changes age has brought aren’t skin deep. They’re underneath the surface where, ultimately, everything matters more. If the 40-year-old me caught a glimpse of the current me there, he might squint and wonder, Is that you, Jeremy?
More than any previous decade, my forties have been an era of inner reinvention. Instead of clinging to the #TBT version of me, I’m embracing the changes of my forties, especially the ones relating to my evolution as a gay man. Here are six of them.
You can read all six of them here. It’s his journey so I can’t comment. Although, I don’t find much here with which I can personally identify. No one shares the same exact experiences in life. 
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Colton Haynes Splits With Husband of 6 Months; Gus Kenworthy Strips, Again; Gay Nurse Films Excellent Sound of Music Parody

Colton Haynes Splits With Husband of 6 Months

It seems like just yesterday I was posting about their wedding in Palm Springs. Unfortunately…

Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham have reportedly decided to go separate ways after six months of marriage. Haynes has apparently marked the major life event with the release of a new song, “Man it Sucks (Acoustic)”.

Here’s more. Haynes wrote a song about it that he’s been sharing all over the Internet. 

Gus Kenworthy Strips, Again

Here’s another shocking story about Gus Kenworthy taking off his clothes in public. Don’t get too excited. 

In a new promo spot for H&M, the athlete changes into his swim trunks, giving us just a tasteful tease of what lies beneath.

There’s a video here. There’s an amusing flamewar in the comments with this one you won’t want to miss that takes me back to the earlier days of the Internet. 

Gay Nurse Films Excellent Sound of Music Parody

Here’s something that you don’t see very often in the news anymore. 

A gay nurse has come up with a genius way to help raise money for HIV research: parodying The Sound of Music.
Otis Morgan, a 42-year-old nurse living in San Francisco, brought together some close friends and health advocates for a hilarious video.
You can check this out, here. It’s actually very good…and it’s pure high camp. So for those of you who don’t know what “camp” is, here you go. 

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Troye Sivan and Gay Bottoming; Another Fraternity Suspended for Anti-Gay Slurs; Detectives Texted Him A Photo Of His Grindr Rapist’s Dead Body

Troye Sivan and Gay Bottoming

I almost hate to post about this, but it’s been trending in a lot of places this week. And, it’s a good example of a great marketing gimmick. Who would pay attention otherwise? I love it. 

Troye Sivan just confirmed his new song Bloom is about bottoming in gay sex.
When the song and accompanying video dropped online last night (2 May), the Aussie pop prince tweeted: ‘Bloom is out everywhere now.’
Here’s the rest. I love the song, too. You can check that out as well. 
Those of you who tend to be critical of things like this, get over yourselves. Straight entertainers do this kind of thing all the time and no one ever says a word. 

Another Fraternity Suspended For Anti-Gay Slurs

This seems to be a pattern lately. What I’d like to know is if this is something new or has it always been this way and it’s just coming to the surface now? Things like this were not always frowned upon in the past, and homophobic behavior like this was usually laughed off as a harmless joke.

A 32-page document containing a list of the names of UO Phi Kappa Psi members followed by questions for each member has surfaced online. The questions contain all sorts of antigay slurs, rape jokes, anti-semitic remarks, and other hateful and derogatory language.

You can read the rest, here. 

Detectives Texted Him A Photo Of His Grindr Rapist’s Dead Body

Here’s another story from the world of hook up apps. This one is related to Grindr.

A man who claims he was sexually assaulted by a guy he met on Grindr says he received a photo of his attacker’s dead body a week later.

The sender: the NYPD Special Victims Division detective in charge of his case.

Here’s the rest. This one gets a lot more complicated than it sounds. You’ll want to read this, especially of you’re on Grindr. Be safe. 

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