Gay Couple Die In Miami Bridge Collapse; Gay Theater Gets Hammered by Canon; Priest Comes Out As Gay On Feast of the Annunciation

Gay Couple Die In Miami Bridge Collapse

Here’s some sad news about a gay couple who died when that bridge in Miami collapsed. And they were doing something so wonderful that day.

Osvaldo “Ozzy” González, 57, and Alberto Arias, 54, who were together for 21 years, had spent the morning of March 15 moving Arias’ mother into their home, reports the Miami Herald. They went out together to run some errands before planning on moving more of her belongs into their house, when they passed under the bridge, by Florida International University, as it came crashing down.

Here’s more.   The families of both men are filing lawsuits against the bridge company. 

Gay Theater Gets Hammered By Canon

This is something I mention all the time here on this blog. And frankly, I’m not surprised.

This is what happens time and again…and it happens in publishing and films, too.

But the essay’s framing left many of us wondering if, maybe while we were distracted by one wave of backlash or another, five decades’ worth of feminist, queer, and multicultural critique had been tossed aside like litter from a car speeding down the road to the mainstream. As the pioneering feminist theatre scholar Jill Dolan asked in a Facebook post that quickly garnered nearly 100 approving responses, “Are we really still there, canonizing all the same plays?”

It’s a rather long, detailed piece, but certainly worth reading. Here’s the link.

Priest Comes Out As Gay On Feast of the Annunciation

Here’s the uplifting story about a Catholic priest who came out as gay at a very interesting moment. 

March 25, 2004, the Feast of the Annunciation, felt like the longest day of my life. That evening, I was being honored by the United Way for my parish’s ministries to the poor and marginalized in the community. Shortly before the ceremony, a young reporter from the local newspaper interviewed me. She noted that I had been outspoken on many social issues and particularly supportive of the L.G.B.T. community. I knew this was the moment to come out publicly as a gay, Roman Catholic priest.
There’s more, here. I still think we’re going to continue to hear more and more stories like this.
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Ex-Marine vs Former Marine: Kendle’s Fire; Gus Kenworthy Headed For Olympics; What Counts As Losing Gay Virginity?

Ex-Marine vs Former Marine: Kendle’s Fire

In Kendle’s Fire the main character refers to himself as an “ex-Marine.” There’s a reason for this that I can’t say because I don’t want to give out any spoilers. But it’s a valid reason and I did it on purpose, with all due respect to the Marines. This is a special case, and I support everyone in the military 100%, without question.

The only reason I’m mentioning this is because it’s common knowledge that the term “former Marine” is used with regard to someone who has served in the Marines. Once someone is a Marine they are always a Marine. I respect that, and I honor that.

The only time the term “ex-Marine” is used is when circumstances are unusual. In this case, with the main character, Kendle, it’s an unusual circumstance, and that has to do with the fact that he’s gay and he was in the Marines right before DADT was repealed.

So, the term “ex-Marine” works in this case, with this book. It’s not a real story, it’s fiction. And as I said, there’ s a reason for this. The entire point of the novel is about the main character questioning everything he’s ever been taught to believe about himself, and about how society views him as a man.

The fact that Kendle was once a Marine is also very small part of the story. But I thought I should mention it just in case there’s any confusion.

Kendle’s Fire

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Gus Kenworthy Headed For Olympics

This is one of the most positive stories I’ve seen so far this week.

Kenworthy placed second at the final Olympic qualifier for freeski slopestyle, which was held Sunday at Mammoth Mountain, Calif. That result, combined with a victory at a selection event last weekend, qualified him for the Olympic team.

Here’s more. It’s interesting to note that according to this piece this is the first year there are “openly” gay male winter Olympians

What Counts As Losing Gay Virginity?

I think a lot of people wonder about this one. I know I always did. 

“In the heterosexual community, the v-card is generally defined as being lost through vaginal intercourse, although it still depends on who you ask,” he writes. “In the LGBTI community, however, it is even harder to define.”

Here’s the rest. In this case, I actually love the answer. I highly suggest you check it out. 

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Full List of LGBTQ Christmas Holiday Novels and Stories By Ryan Field

Full List of LGBTQ Christmas Holiday Novels and Stories By Ryan Field

Chase of a Christmas Dream by [Field, Ryan]

Over the years I’ve had a few Christmas/Holiday books and stories published. I don’t do them often because they have such short shelf lives. But here’s a list of what I’ve done so far. I hope I haven’t left anything out.

And, my most recent release, Altered Parts, does have a Christmas scene that’s significant to the story line. It’s just not a book I would consider an outright Christmas Romance.

Here’s the link. 

And here’s a list of the books that are dedicated Christmas Holiday stories and novels. The only one I don’t have a link for right now is the last one, Cowboy Christmas Miracle, which is part of the Glendora Hill series. I’m in the process of republishing that one and I’ll have a link soon. Update: 12/8/17 The link is there now. 

Second Chance: The Littlest Christmas Tree by [Field, Ryan]

The Computer Tutor by [Field, Ryan]

Down the Basement II: Santa Saturday by [Field, Ryan]

A Christmas Carl: A Gay Retelling of A Christmas Carol by [Field, Ryan ]

Jeffrey Tambor Leaves Transparent; The Private Lives of Mostly Straight Men; Mother Flawless Sabrina Passes Away

Jeffrey Tambor Leaves Transparent

I’m really starting to hate posting about these things…but it’s news. And I do think that Transparent will continue without Tambor. The cast is fantastic, the story lines are strong, and the characters are likable.

EXCLUSIVE: Facing two accusations of sexual harassment by members of theTransparent team that he has strongly denied, Jeffrey Tambor today has decided not to return to the Amazon series.

Here’s the rest.

The Private Lives of Mostly Straight Men

This one is about sexual fluidity. Don’t worry. I don’t totally understand it either. But it’s interesting.

“To the uninitiated, mostly straight may seem paradoxical. How can a man be mostly heterosexual?” Savin-Williams writes in an article published by TIME. “Yet the evidence suggests that more young men identify or describe themselves as ‘mostly straight’ than identify as either bisexual or gay combined.”

Here’s more. The comments go into a lot more detail.

Mother Flawless Sabrina Passes Away

This was sad to read…

Mother Flawless Sabrina, a drag icon and LGBTI rights trailblazer, passed away on Friday 17 November at age 78.

You can check it out, here. There are photos, and it goes into more detail about the hey days of drag and drag pageants. New Hope, PA, where I live, was huge on the drag circuit from what I hear. I missed all that, but I love when my older friends tell stories about the old days. Especially now since we’re losing so much of our gay culture as each day passes.

In fact, I think the saddest part of all about losing our gay culture is that straight people don’t even know we have our own culture, with roots that go as far back as Mother Flawless Sabrina. They don’t have the slightest clue. That’s sad.

RIP, Mother Flawless Sabrina

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A Gaggle Of Shirtless Brazilians; A Good Looking Runner’s Wardrobe Malfunction; Don’t Judge A Frat Bro

A Gaggle Of Shirtless Brazilians

A few weeks ago I was told by someone who is transgender that I can’t use the word “transgenders” and that I should say “transgender people.” So when I saw this headline I had to say something. Is it wrong to refer to “Brazilian people” as “Brazilians?”

I mean no offense by it. I’m not trying to insult anyone. I refer to American people as “Americans.” So I’m not totally sure why I can’t say “transgenders” instead of transgender people. I really just don’t get that, especially since I’ve never once posted anything that was not supportive with regard to the transgender community.

In any event, this is a fun story. I think you’ll like it.

Heard of Brazilian pop group Rouge?
Well, they’re about to make an indelible impression on you.
To ring in the band’s 15th anniversary, they’re leaning heavily on the services of some shirtless, muscly male dancers.

Here’s the link.

A Good Looking Runner’s Wardrobe Malfunction

I’m a runner and I think this is every runner’s worst nightmare.

As he reached the finish line, his manly business made its presence known, pouring out of the leg of his shorts, flopping around, bouncing a bit, and giving onlookers much to shout about.
Jozef either didn’t notice, or didn’t care.
Here’s the rest. When you’re running distance you’re in a completely different zone and you really don’t know when something like this happens. 
Don’t Judge A Frat Bro
Here’s a quote by openly gay fraternity leader, Daniel Greene, about breaking the frat boy stereotypes. 
A lot of the openly gay people who feel they aren’t accepted in Greek life — not saying that they’re not facing adversity or obstacles, because they are — but some of that has more to do with their perception, and their unwillingness to give people a chance.
I’m not so sure I agree with this one. At least not totally. I don’t totally disagree either. The world is run by straight white men, and you either play their game by their rules, or you don’t. 
You can check that out here.  There are comments you don’t want to miss. 

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Dynasty’s Gordon Thomson Comes Out; Gay Landlord Who Had Sex In Tenant’s Bed; Hot Guys Sending Books To Hurricane Kids;

Dynasty’s Gordon Thomson Comes Out

Whenever I read things like this I can’t help but think about how bittersweet it is. It’s wonderful that Gordon Thomson came out as gay recently, and so sad that he remained in the closet for so long. And you can’t blame him for remaining in the closet. He had his reasons. His generation of gay men didn’t just come out without carefully considering the consequences…legal and professional.

Even today, there are still consequences, especially with good looking male actors, and that caution is still there. And yet, with that said, I would guess that Thomson has lived a happy, fulfilled life for the most part. Those of you who aren’t gay will never fully understand that long before legalized gay marriage and assimilation, long before heteronormative Hollywood (and book publishing) started white-washing gay content, gay culture was always that one thing we had to depend on. In our own private closeted circles, it kept us well. For many it still does.

But I don’t want to digress, because this is uplifting. Thomson goes into more detail about why he didn’t come out sooner. If this one story alone doesn’t make you think twice, nothing else will. Especially for those of you who aren’t gay but think you know everything about gay men.

Thomson had wondered before we spoke whether his sexuality would come up in our conversation, and what he would say if it did. Would he shout “How dare you?” and “get on my high horse” and terminate the call, or—the unspoken alternative—would he finally say what he has not felt able to say all these years: that yes, he is gay.

Here’s the rest. It’s a very candid piece and Thomson even talks about some of the things that happened on Dynasty with the gay story line. You don’t want to miss this one.

Gay Landlord Who Had Sex In Tenant’s Bed

Here’s another update on the gay landlord who had sex in his tenant’s bed…while the tenant was out. But the clever tenant (who clearly took nothing for granted) caught it on a video security camera.

40-year-old Carlos Quijada-Lara of Colorado Springs, CO pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity after a security camera captured him in the act.
He’ll be spending two years in jail.

There’s more here. 

Hot Guys Sending Books To Hurricane Kids

This is one of the best things I’ve seen all week online.

Though Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have passed, the clean up has only just begun. Now, one of our favorite Instagram pages, @HotDudesReading, is teaming up with the nonprofit First Book to send books to all the kids who have been impacted by the storms.

Check that out here…with a hot dude pic.

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Male Celebrity Bulges; Deaf and Gay Dickie Hearts; What Defines A "Jock" On Gay Hook Up Apps?

Male Celebrity Bulges

Here’s one that dates back, but I missed it back then and I think it’s kind of timeless. And, it’s a lot more fun than politics.

In May, Queerty readers voted overwhelmingly for Jon Hamm’s headline-grabbing schlong as the best celebrity bulge, with actor David Henrie’s poolside package coming in second, followed closely behind by Michael Fassbender’s sweatpants surprise.

You can check it out here, with photos. It doesn’t look as if anyone posed for these pics either.

Deaf and Gay Dickie Hearts

Here’s an interview with actor and filmmaker, Dickie Hearts, who has faced his share of challenges in life so far, and he’s done so with pride and tenacity.

Describe your first Pride.

For some reason, most of my Prides are vaguely hard to remember. All (half) kidding aside, I do remember my first L.A. Pride. It was 2011. I had just driven across the country from Virginia to Los Angeles. I was wearing a pink tutu and looking so fabulous that they let me cut the super-long line at the Abbey. I danced with a really hot firefighter guy. It was a great way to settle into the new gayborhood.

The rest is here. I always find it interesting that no one bothers to leave comments on the best articles, like this one. The only time you see comments is when there’s some kind of clickbait, or it’s something argumentative. I guess that’s the nature of the Internet, though.

What Defines A “Jock” On Gay Hookup Apps?

For people who are into hook up apps, here’s something about how the term “jock” is defined. It’s a collection of opinions from people who use hook up apps regularly. Some of them might surprise you.

Here’s one that I never would have imagined:

When you see that word [jock] it means the guy is guy isn’t out. Only my close friends know I am gay but nobody else does. I’ve always used it to let people know I’m not open to everyone. I just like getting BJ’s anyway. Am I doing it the wrong way?

You can check out the rest here.  Some are more literal.

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field