Gay Orgy In London Park; Following Jeffrey Tambor’s Sexual Harassment Charge, TV’s Transparent Ends After One Final Season; Woman Ordered Male Rape

Gay Orgy In London Park

I had a friend who used to say that you can’t find a public rest area, rest room, or park in the US without at least some gay cruising going on somewhere. And I believed him because it came from first hand experience. Evidently, it happens in the UK, too.

It’s frequented by all sorts of folks seeking a refreshing dose of nature, but it also has a long reputation among gay and bi men who partake in life’s more carnal sensations.
And it is perhaps because of the park’s cruising history that an image depicting a gay group scene popped up on its listing on a popular city mapping app.

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Following Jeffrey Tambor’s Sexual Harassment Charge, TV’s Transparent Ends After One Final Season

I didn’t know a lot of this because I haven’t been following the story much. But here are more details about what happened with Transparent.

However, the Hollywood Reporter piece poured fresh controversy on the scandal – with revelations that both Jill Soloway and her sister Faith Soloway, neither of whom are transgender, had sent private messages to Tambor appearing to voice suspicion that the accusers were a part of a “coup” seeking to oust the actor from the part because he was a male actor playing a trans woman.

Here’s more.  It’s a shame because I liked this show for many reasons. I liked all the characters and all of their individual story lines.

Woman Ordered Male Rape

This is odd. A woman allegedly put out a contract on a man who owed her a debt…to have him raped by another man who is an acquaintance of hers.

Julia Haworth, 30, allegedly gave the associate a “bottle” of alcohol as payment to carry out the attack in the small town of St Michael, on the western tip of the US state, the Anchorage Daily News said. 

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