Can Trump End Same Sex Marriage? Katie Couric On Gender Identity; Frank Ocean’s Dad Sues Him

Can Trump End Same Sex Marriage?

I’ve seen this question going around social media for a while and everyone seems to have an opinion…most of which aren’t very accurate. But it’s a valid question many people are worried about. I’ve been curious myself. So I did a simple search and I found this article from the LA Times.

So, can Trump end same sex marriage?

No. Just as with abortion, the president can’t overturn a Supreme Court decision by himself, although he could appoint more conservative justices. Even then, the chance that the high court would reverse itself is very small. Unlike abortion, same-sex marriage has steadily gained in public approval.

It’s also important to keep in mind that same sex marriage and abortion are two different issues. Same sex marriage is more focused on commitment and celebration.

You can read the entire article here. It’s a good, quick rundown about executive power and other important things people are wondering about. There are still a lot of issues no one’s certain about right now because it’s too soon to tell what to expect.

I think it’s also important to remember that same sex marriage was won in many cases state by state as the result of a ruling. It was a long, difficult journey. And when Judge Jones struck down the ban on same sex marriage here in PA the Republican governor at the time did not fight him. However, there are still many things to worry about with regard to equality.

Katie Couric On Gender Identity

This is one of those announcement type links that lists several things happening right now, but if you scroll down you’ll find this one about Katie Couric and gender identity. I have no doubt this will continue to be an ongoing topic for the next several years.

Katie Couric heads up this two-hour National Geographic documentary, which delves into the very timely topic of gender identity in society. In the process, she speaks and finds enlightenment with a range of transgender individuals – including model/actress Harif Nef, and a child already beginning a gender transition – plus activists, medical experts, authors, and more. A truly probing, intelligent work that taps into part of the culture war being waged (HB2 anyone?), and coincides with the current, excellent gender-themed issue of the magazine on stands.

You can check it  out here.

Frank Ocean’s Dad Sues Him

I think most people know that Frank Ocean is an openly gay rapper who came out a few years ago. I love him (and everything he does) and I wait along with everyone else for his next release. I think he’s one of the true artists we have now. He never disappoints.

In any event…

Frank Ocean was just slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from his own father over a Tumblr post he wrote last summer.

Frank’s dad, self-proclaimed “singer, writer, and inventor” Calvin Cooksey, filed a defamation lawsuit against his son, citing a Tumblr post Frank wrote last summer short after the Orlando massacre, TMZ reports. In the post, Frank accused his father of using an anti-LGBTQ slur over 20 years ago.

It goes into a lot more detail here.

New Release


Porn Star Dimitri Kane Dead At 20; Bad Messages for the HIV Poz; Trans Women Giving Birth

Porn Star Dimitri Kane Dead At 20

I hate to say this but it looks as if there’s a pattern with young gay male porn stars. I don’t know what that’s about and I don’t know how to comment on something like that. I just keep seeing these awful things in the news about them and I wonder. That’s all. 

The NSFW blog Str8UpGayPorn broke the news, citing an unnamed source close to Kane who said the young man took his own life. Another source close to the family says it was a drug overdose. An autopsy is pending.

Kane performed for various studios over the years including ManRoyale, Pride Studios, and NextDoorStudios.

The rest is here. There are more than 100 comments.

Bad Messages for the HIV Poz

Remember last week when I said I was shocked at the way people responded to the news that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive? Well, that kind of vitriol doesn’t stop with Sheen. Evidently, HIV+ gay men get slammed all the time on apps like Grindr and Scruff. I’ve never been to either app so I wouldn’t know.

In this video produced by FS magazine, HIV-positive men read real — and really demeaning — messages they’re received on dating apps over the years. And it’s not pretty.

While we imagine most of these artlessly vindictive messages were attached to grainy snapshots of eerily disembodied chests, the men in the video even venture to show their faces. Fancy that.

You can check out the video here. Thankfully, most of the comments with this article are a lot more encouraging. But there are only ten. Compare that to the 100 or more with the clickbait articles…or those about her royal highness, Hillary Clinton. 

What I find amazing is how many people out there are so damn limited when it comes to knowing about HIV.  Read something, people. That’s what the Internet was intended to be: a source for information.

Trans Women Giving Birth

It looks as if medical science came up with something new again. I wish it were a cure for cancer or at least some kind of cancer vaccine, however, it’s interesting.

In short, this article is predicting that within ten years trans women may be giving birth.

I’m not quoting because it’s one of those odd web sites not compatible with blogger that screws up my posts. But you can get there from here. 

I’m assuming this is only for transgender women who have undergone surgery to physically become women. I know that sounds like a water is wet comment, but a lot of people find this confusing. I’m often one of them.

Fangsters: Book 2

Gang Bang Fangsters

UK Student Union Bans Gay Men In Drag; Fox News Greg Gutfeld on Gay Marriage; Caitlyn Jenner on Vanity Fair

UK Student Union Bans Gay Men In Drag

I’ve posted on this topic before but I had no idea it would ever go this far. There has been some controversy about gay men “acting” like black women when they are in drag. For many it seems this is another form of cultural appropriation. 

On Twitter, they announced: ‘Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!’

A later motion passed was 503: ‘Dear White Gay Men: Stop Approprirating [sic] Black Women’.
Put forward by the NUS LGBT Committee, they believe the appropriation of black women by white gay men is prevalent within the LGBTI scene and community.

‘This may be manifested in the emulation of the mannerisms, language (particularly AAVE- African American Vernacular English) and phrases that can be attributed to black women. White gay men may often assert that they are “strong black women” or have an “inner black woman”,’ they said.

‘White gay men are the dominant demographic within the LGBT community, and they benefit from both white privilege and male privilege.’

The comments are interesting. I really don’t know how to comment on this one. I’ve seen deaf people insulted because people coming from places of privilege appropriate them for monetary gain, twisting deaf culture into something that doesn’t exist. I’ve seen the cultural appropriation of gay men in both aggressive and passive aggressive ways, and in some cases I’m still a little confused about that. What I do think is that this is a topic that’s going to be up for debate for a very long time. So be careful before you comment too quickly on this one.

You can read the rest here. 

Just one of them was ensuring everyone at the conference understood that some behaviors were damaging.
On Twitter, they announced: ‘Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!’
A later motion passed was 503: ‘Dear White Gay Men: Stop Approprirating [sic] Black Women’.
– See more at:
Just one of them was ensuring everyone at the conference understood that some behaviors were damaging.
On Twitter, they announced: ‘Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping as it’s triggering anxiety. Please be mindful!’
A later motion passed was 503: ‘Dear White Gay Men: Stop Approprirating [sic] Black Women’.
– See more at:

Fox News Greg Gutfeld on Gay Marriage

One thing I find particularly interesting is the way so many think that Fox news is against them and other news outlets like CNN are in their corner. The first and most important thing to remember is that all of these “news” outlets are putting a spin on everything and what they do is designed to create controversy just for the sake of ratings and clickbait…at your emotional expense. For me, Rachel Maddow is no different than Megyn Kelly, except for the fact that Megyn probably has a cuter purse. Both are laughing all the way to the proverbial bank. They are entertainers. You either get that or you don’t. Sometimes I wish I didn’t get it. My life would be so much easier.

In any event, Greg Gutfeld at Fox News…yes the news you hate so much it makes you lose sleep…came out with some interesting comments on gay marriage. And I have no doubt he did this to get attention and brand himself as unique.

Arguing that conservatives need to use homosexual marriage “against the left,” Gutfeld said: “Gay marriage, in my opinion, is a conservative idea. The left generally hates traditions. It’s all about breaking with traditions, and in this case it’s embracing a tradition, one that stabilizes a community, one that is valuable for families. Why would you exclude that from a group of people who are born that way?”
You can read the rest here. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of this in the future, just as we’ll be seeing and hearing from people in the LGBT community who are fiscally conservative and liberal on other social issues.

 Caitlyn Jenner on Vanity Fair

I think this is the first photo shoot of Caitlyn Jenner, since she transitioned from male to female, formerly known as Bruce Jenner. For some reason or other she seems to be getting far more attention than any other trans person I’ve ever seen. In other words, she’s not the first to do this in the public eye. She’s the first to get this much media coverage for doing it.

The magazine hits news stands on June 9th, but it would appear that Caitlyn Jenner is already well on her way to feeling free.

As part of an in-depth profile on her transition from Bruce to Caitlyn, she tells Pulitzer Prize–winning writer Buzz Bissinger, “If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life.’”

You can see photos and read more here. I’m amazed at how great she looks. The cover, of course, is well photo shopped…to the point of parody. In all honesty, if I were on a magazine cover mine would be too. However, there’s a video that’s far more interesting.

I think I’m going to make a point of posting more about some of the more prominent transgender people that didn’t get as much attention as Jenner. I’m actually kind of curious about it myself. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency: On Fleek

The State of Marriage Documentary; Bruce Jenner Will Cover Vanity Fair; Barcode In London Shutters; Adam Lambert on American Idol Image

The State of Marriage Documentary

Here’s a reminder about documentary I was in titled, The State of Marriage. The screening will be this June, during the Provincetown International Film Festival. 

The entire week is devoted to LGBT films, and The State of Marriage will be screened on June 18, 2015, at 2:30 pm, in the WellFleet Preservation Hall. For those who aren’t familiar with the location, Wellfleet is only a few miles from Provincetown and I think it’s going to be a lot easier to just pull up and park for this one. But more important, it’s a really great place…old Cape Cod at its best.

Here are some of the guests:

Notable guests of this year’s festival include: Alison Bagnall (director, FUNNY BUNNY); Bao Nguyen (director, LIVE FROM NEW YORK!); Barry Crimmins (subject, CALL ME LUCKY); Brendan Toller (director, DANNY SAYS); Christine Vachon (producer, NASTY BABY); David Thorpe (director, DO I SOUND GAY?); Gabrielle Demeestere (director, YOSEMITE); Hernando Bansuelo (director, THE DADDY); James Ponsoldt (director, THE END OF THE TOUR); Jeff Kaufman (director, THE STATE OF MARRIAGE); Jeffrey Schwarz (director, TAB HUNTER CONFIDENTIAL); Joe Murphy (editor, YOSEMITE); Joey Kuhn (director, THOSE PEOPLE); Josh Watson (producer, THE DADDY); Larry Kramer (LGBT activist and subject, LARRY KRAMER IN LOVE AND ANGER); Laura Heberton (producer, FUNNY BUNNY); Laurie Kahn-Leavitt (director, LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS); Malcolm Ingram (director, OUT TO WIN); Marcia Ross (producer, THE STATE OF MARRIAGE); Michelle Boyaner (director, PACKED IN A TRUNK: THE LOST ART OF EDITH LAKE WILKINSON); Ron Davis (director HARRY & SNOWMAN); Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (directors, TEN THOUSAND SAINTS). 

You can read more here.

Bruce Jenner Will Cover Vanity Fair

I’m assuming this will be after Jenner’s full transition, and it will be the first photo shoot of him as a woman.

Longtime VF contributor and lenslady behind the controversial Kimye Vogue cover Annie Leibovitz will shoot Jenner for his first post-transition interview.

The 65-year-old Olympian and father of six previously sat down with Diane Sawyer, finally ending months of speculation by declaring, “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

Jenner followed this with an E! special, Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce, during which he told stepdaughter Khloe Kardashian that he would be transitioning “probably in the spring.”

You can read the rest here. It’s hard to comment on something like this because I think it’s wonderful that there’s going to be a focus on a transgender person. I just wish they’d given Chaz Bono this kind of attention, too.

Barcode In London Shutters

Another gay club just shuttered its doors, and this one is in London, and no one saw it coming.

The club has not revealed any details about why it’s closing, but posted an event called ‘The Closing Party‘ on Facebook, and said: “Barcode closes its doors for the last time on Sunday morning May 31st. 

“Join us […] in celebrating almost 10 years of great parties at ‘The Closing Party’ of Vauxhall’s favourite destination – Club Barcode!”

You can read the rest here. I find it interesting because as more and more gay men in general come out and start mixing into the mainstream more gay establishments seem to be closing down. It’s kind of sad in a way, but you can’t stop this kind of change.

Adam Lambert on American Idol Image

Like most of those who have been associated with American Idol, Adam Lambert is trying to shake off his American Idol Image.

As he prepares to release his third solo album, Lambert is hoping he can finally leave his Idol image behind.

‘I’m very happy about American Idol, but now I get to go beyond that,’ Lambert tells Frontiers Magazine. ‘I can come out as my own artist, and take my career where I want to.’

The rest is here. It’s not easy to do this, and I’m not totally sure it can be done. Once you’re pigeonholed in any artistic career they don’t like to let you out of the proverbial box, no matter how hard you try.

The Rainbow Detective Agency: On Fleek


Rick Santorum On Bruce Jenner; David Beckham Is 40; Cyndi Lauper and Pizza Business Raise Money

Rick Santorum On Bruce Jenner

When I link to things like this I wish I could say they were 100% accurate and without bias. However, so far I have not found one gay press in the universe that is without bias…completely objective news.

In any event, Rick Santorum made a few statements about Bruce Jenner and now he’s clarifying…I guess that’s what he’s doing. It seems like a condescending effort to make us aware that he’s compassionate about Jenner, forgives Jenner, and almost feels sorry for him. He’s not actually celebrating Jenner’s transition. But I could be wrong about that.

The main point is that Santorum isn’t backing down on his stand about equal rights and gay marriage. He’s still a conservative; that’s his brand. However, on a more positive note, this does seem to be one of the more accurate stories out there.

‘Many of you may have read a story published by the website BuzzFeed where I was asked for my thoughts regarding Bruce Jenner,’ Santorum began.

‘My comment affirmed Jenner as a person, made by God in His likeness as we all are. It was meant to express empathy not a change in public policy,’ the former US senator continued.

He ended the post with the hashtag ‘compassion.’

Yesterday, 2 May, Santorum was asked what he thought about Jenner’s announcement he will transition to female.

‘If he says he’s a woman, then he’s a woman,’ Santorum said to BuzzFeed News.

‘My responsibility as a human being is to love and accept everybody,’ he continued. ‘Not to criticize people for who they are. I can criticize, and I do, for what people do, for their behavior.’

I’m not even sure why anyone asked him these questions, but there you are. 

David Beckham Is 40

Here’s a lighter article about David Beckham. He just turned 40, and they refer to him as “goldenballs.” And they give 14 reasons why we should love him. But that all depends on you.

1) His penchant for stripping down to his underwear at every available opportunity
The long-time H&M collaborator has a habit of promoting his wares with scantily-clad ads [see the above promotional image and below YouTube video] – with plenty of emphasis on his sizable package. ‘He does have a huge one, though,’ Vicky B once enthused. ‘It’s like a tractor exhaust pipe!’

There’s more here, where there are photos and video of how Beckham has evolved over the last 20 years…or rather how is ass has evolved. I actually think it’s a good example of how you can still look good at 40…the main reason I’m up extra early every morning running in all kinds of weather like a fool. It does pay off as the years go by.

Cyndi Lauper and Pizza Business Raise Money

Remember the story about the good Christians who own Memories Pizza in Indiana? They were the ones who said they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding without even being asked to cater one, they got backlash from the LGBT community, and other good Christians started a crowdfunding page for them because they felt sorry for them. Last I heard, unless I missed something, the good Christians from Memories Pizza raised almost one million dollars…all for themselves, not for charity. So I find this story about Cyndi Lauper and a gay owned Pizza place especially inspiring.

A charitable initiative, inspired as a response to a pizza restaurant that said it would not make pizzas for a gay wedding, has raised over $160,000 in just 26 days.

The #Pizza4Equality campaign was launched by Brooklyn activist, Scott Wooledge.

It was created after news spread about Memories Pizza in Indiana, whose owners said last month that they would not cater for same-sex marriage ceremonies.

It’s nice to see someone follow up on this, in this way. Bravo to Cyndi Lauper, too. No pun intended, but let’s see if the good Christians from Memories Pizza are now willing to part with some of their dough for charity.

The rest is here. 

 Amazon review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Fun Story! April 30, 2015

Verified Purchase

The Rainbow Detective Agency is owned by two gay men – Proctor Gamble and Blair Huntingdon. Proctor is 36 years old and was once a male swimsuit model. The case they are working on now involves a C List celebrity/model named Isaac Luke. He’s a closet gay and also has a very rare physical affliction. He has worked in the past for a designer named Lion Hewitt and has also been personally involved with him.

Isaac is kidnapped and Lion Hewitt hires The Rainbow Detective Agency to find Isaac and to keep the physical affliction from becoming public knowledge. It all turns out to be fun and games until poor Isaac finds his luck has ran completely dry!

The playful banter between Proctor and Blair was a lot of fun and they remind me of Oscar and Felix on the Odd Couple. They are passionate men so you can expect to read quite a bit of steamy scenes with these two. Both, Proctor and Blair were very excited to get acquainted with Isaac and see his special package ( so to speak).

A very fun story! It reads like a smooth dream and the characters have a lot of energy, heart, and charm.


Mama June Is Bisexual; Bruce Jenner’s Roller Coaster; Frank Ocean Changed His Name

Mama June Is Bisexual

Even though I follow all this on social media, I haven’t seen many reality TV shows…and I don’t plan to in the future. However, I do know who Honey Boo Boo is. How could you not know? She’s kind of like the modern day Shirley Temple, loosely speaking, who can’t sing, dance, or yodel. 

In any event, Honey Boo Boo’s mom, Mama June, and her sister, Pumpkin, recently came out as bisexual.

June ‘Mama June’ Shannon chimed in to correct her daughter: ‘Bisexual.’

‘I’m not going to lie, I played in the minors but never went pro,’ she added.

By not going pro, she means that while she has been with women physically, she has never had a relationship with one.

Of potential backlash from the revelations, June says: ‘I look at it this way, haters are going to hate.’

You can read the rest here. I see a lot of people complaining about reality TV. Frankly, I’m not a huge fan myself. But someone is. And it has become a huge part of pop culture. These shows are evidently attracting a huge following and a lot of people are making a lot of money.

Bruce Jenner’s Roller Coaster

I see a lot about Bruce Jenner, too, on social media and some of the things I see surprise me a little. I think by now everyone knows I’ve always supported trans people. All my life, in my real life, because I’ve known many trans people who lived and worked right here in New Hope. There was “Sheva” who was a male to female transgender who worked in Princeton for an attorney. There was “Mother Cavalucci” who not only lived as a transgender but also did regular drag shows at local gay bars. Then there was “Mary Margaret” who took her little dog with her everywhere. And those are just a few transgender people I’ve known. But some of this press about Jenner is often a little strange…and not because he’s transgender. I blame it more on the press and the way it’s handled.

‘It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster but somehow I’m going to get through it,’ Jenner says in the latest in a series of promos. ‘I want to know how this story ends…you know… how does my story end?’

The most redeeming feature about this whole thing is that maybe Jenner will help other people who are trans come to terms with themselves. I just hope he gets a few highlights in his hair. That dark brown needs to go. The older you get the lighter you go.

The rest is here. 

Frank Ocean Changed His Name

Of course I’ve posted about the good looking openly gay rapper, Frank Ocean, a few times. I would be sleeping at the proverbial wheel if I hadn’t. I love rap music; I love good looking men like Frank Ocean. There’s not much more to say.

For most of his life Frank Ocean has been known in private circles as Edwin Breaux. Not a bad name, but he recently made the Frank Ocean name legal.

According to TMZ, the Pyramids singer filed for the name change back in March.

But due to some outstanding legal issues, mainly to do with his drivers license, the court put the brakes on the process.

It’s now gone through, so he can be addressed both on and off stage by Frank Ocean.

Here’s the rest, with a photo.  

Free Excerpt: Fangsters

I like to post these free excerpts from books like Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys on holiday weekends because I know a lot of people like me who don’t always go away. Tony and I usually go away during the off season, plus we live in New Hope, which is a tourist town with a lot of things happening and it seems pointless to miss everything that’s going on in our own proverbial backyard.

So here’s an excerpt that hasn’t been published before. You can read more about the book here, with a full product description.

This is actually from the raw, unedited manuscript I submitted before edits. But it’s almost identical to the actual book, and it shows how crude and mean Digger can be. In this particular scene Anton and Leo are trying to explain to Digger he can’t use one word in particular to refer to transgender people. Digger means no harm, but they try to explain he could be into trouble for it.

Chapter Seven


            On the way to the nightclub in Livingston, Digger seemed to have come out of the slump he’d been in when Anton had picked him up earlier. He shoved a Lady Gaga CD into the Escalade’s sound system and repeated the song Bad Romance all the way to the nightclub while he talked about his plans for the future. “This is fucking unreal, dude. We’re finally going to get a chance to do something fucking worthwhile.” He made a fist and punched his other hand. “We’ll teach that fucking von Sutton who’s the boss.”

            Unlike Digger and the rest of his clan, Anton had never acquired the crude northern New Jersey accent with which they all spoke. Once in a while people who didn’t know him well could still detect a hint of the New England accent he’d once had. But for the most part he didn’t have any accent at all. He’d concentrated on the way he spoke so he would lose all traces of his past life as a mortal. And in the same respect, he had no ambitions of aspiring to the crude colloquial accents of those he knew in New Jersey. He did this by listening to everything and waiting a few seconds before he actually spoke. Reading classic novels like The Great Gatsby and Moby Dick had also played a huge part in this constant need to improve himself. In fact, he’d read the first page of The Great Gatsbyso many times he could repeat it verbatim. And he’d learned to do this all alone, because there weren’t any people in his clan that could appreciate things of this nature. Dino read sports magazines; his mom read The National Enquirer. He would have been surprised if Angelo had read street signs. He knew for a fact that Digger had never even read a book from cover to cover.

            Anton lowered the volume and spoke over Lady Gaga. “Hold on, buddy. We’re not going to show anyone who the boss is. We’re just going to have a nice chat with von Sutton and make this right. The last thing we need is another war between the clans.”

            “Fuck that,” Digger said. “I think that little queen you’ve been tagging is making you a pussy. She’s got you whipped, man.”

            Anton didn’t take offense. He knew Digger had referred to Leo in that derogatory way because Digger couldn’t figure out their deal. In the same respect, he couldn’t resist torturing Digger a little either. “Don’t talk about my boyfriend that way. He’snot a queen and don’t change the pronouns.”

            Digger sat up and jerked his neck in a defensive way. He squared his shoulders and pointed his thumb to his chest. “And don’t fucking tell me what to do, because you’re not the boss of me.”

            “If you’d just give Leo I chance I’m sure you’d like him,” Anton said. He knew this would irritate Digger even more. “He’s the sweetest, smartest, kindest little soul I’ve ever known. And I’ve never met anyone better in bed. You should try to be more like him.”

            Digger slammed his fist into the door. “Spare me the fucking details. And fuck you.”

            “You should really try harder to get to know him better,” Anton said. “If you did, I think you’d really like him.”

            Digger flung him a stare. “Why don’t you just hit me over the head with a fucking hammer and be done with it.”

            Anton laughed. He slowed down so he could turn into the parking lot that would lead him to the nightclub. “Calm down, buddy. I’m only joking around on purpose to piss you off.”

            “You’re an epic dick.”

            Anton pulled into the parking space next to the front door of the club and said, “Just promise me you’ll try to get to know him. I’ve never felt this way before about anyone and I would like it if my best buddy approved of it. I’m only asking you to try, for my sake.”

            “What about me?” Digger asked. “I’m supposed to step aside and let this fucking human have you without a fight.”

            Anton knew this is where is could get complicated; he had to be delicate. He wanted to make it right partly because he did have feelings for Digger, and partly because he didn’t trust Digger completely. He didn’t want Digger causing any harm to Leo and he figured it would be better to have Digger on his side than against him. So he reached for Digger’s hand, knowing deep down Digger would never refuse him anything, and said, “We’ve always known how things are. We’ve always known there’s no way we could ever be together in a literal sense because they consider us cousins in the clan. I still feel the same way about you I always did, but I met Leo and I can’t help the way I feel about him. And besides, you’ve screwed everything thing that walks and I’ve never once gotten mad at you for it.”

            “That’s different,” Digger said. “It’s just sex. I didn’t care about any of them.”

            Anton didn’t want to get into a long discussion in the car. Digger had always been able to separate sex from love and it had never been that simple for Anton. They were already late and he wanted to get inside. “All I’m asking is that you try to get to know him better. You might even find you have a few things in common besides me.” He squeezed his hand harder. “Promise me you’ll at least try.”

            Digger made a face and said, “Okay. I will try. But I can’t promise I’ll actually like him.”

            Anton shrugged and said, “That’s all I’m asking. I think things will work out better than you think they will.”

            “I don’t see how,” said Digger.

            Digger had no idea Anton had already spoken to Leo about this a few days earlier. Anton hadn’t mentioned anything about them being vampires, but he did tell Leo that he and Digger had been on and off again lovers for a long time. When Leo heard this, he seemed more intrigued than annoyed, especially the part about them being cousins. When Anton said they were adopted and not really related by blood, it didn’t seem to calm Leo’s excitement. Leo even told Anton that he was attracted to Digger, too, but didn’t want to mention it aloud because he didn’t know how Anton would react.

            When Digger and Anton entered the club that night, Leo greeted them from the other side of the bar and he spoke to Digger first this time. He exchanged a quick glance with Anton, and then he looked Digger up and down and said, “Those jeans and shoes are so cool. Where did you get them? I’d love to find shoes like that.”

            Anton folded his arms across his chest and smiled. The best way for anyone to get to Digger was through compliments about his clothes or how he looked.

            Digger seemed apprehensive at first. He looked down at his shoes and shrugged. “I got them at this shop in the East Village a few weeks ago. They’re vintage, from the 1970’s. From what I’m told they were never worn.”

            Leo smiled at Anton. “Maybe all three of us could go there together sometime. I’d love to get a pair like that myself. What size are they?”

            “Size ten,” Digger said. He lifted his head and looked into Leo’s eyes for the first time since he’d entered. “But they had a few in other sizes, too. Some even had higher heels but I didn’t want to get too carried away. As it is, some old bitch looked at me like I was from fucking Mars earlier tonight.”

            “That’s my size,” Leo said. “And you shouldn’t worry about what anyone else thinks. You’re a hot guy and you look good in that outfit.”

            This time Digger smiled. “You really think so? People think I dress weird sometimes.”

            Leo nodded. “You’re adorable. You and Anton are the best looking guys I’ve ever met in my entire life, so don’t be silly.”

            Anton wanted to jump over the bar and kiss Leo for being so smart. Average compliments never worked with Digger. If he’d said, “You and Anton are good looking guys,” that wouldn’t have been enough to satisfy him. But the fact that he’d said they were the best looking guys he’d ever met in his life seemed to cover all the bases, without question or doubt, and Digger stood there beaming at him, wallowing in vanity of the worst kind. And it had nothing to do with Digger’s vanity and all to do with his neediness and his genuine insecurity.

            When it was time to leave so they could check out the nightclub and make their rounds so they would look as if they were actually doing something important, Leo and Digger fist-bumped and Digger promised he would take Leo to the shop in the East Village as soon as possible. Anton had no idea their shopping spree in the East Village would happen so soon, because when they returned to Leo’s bar two hours later and started talking about it again, Digger said, “Let’s go now.”

            Anton sent him a glance. “Go where?”

            “To the East Village,” he said. “I can take Leo to that shop, and then we can drop him off in Brooklyn when we’re done.”

            “I’m working,” Leo said. “I’d love to go, but I can’t just leave. I need the money, too.”

            “Fuck that,” said Digger. “You’re not just leaving. You’re leaving with the bosses. We’re in charge here, not the fucking manager. You can’t get into trouble for that and I’ll make sure you don’t lose any money.”

            Anton had always admired the way Digger embraced being important. “I doubt the shop is open. It’s after midnight.” Anton had always been humble in that respect and he’d never pulled rank with anyone because his dad owned the nightclub. He wanted to be treated like every other employee there. But in trying to do this he only wound up making everyone else feel awkward and they didn’t know how to treat him. In many ways, Digger’s more honest approach made put people at ease.

            “All I have to do is make one phone call and she’ll open for me,” Digger said. “I’m her best customer and she knows it.” He turned to Leo. “It’s owned by this really hot tranny and she’s in love with my body.”

            Leo laughed. “You’re silly.”

            Anton said, “You can’t say that.”

            Digger looked confused. “Say what? She is in love with my body. She told me so.”

            Leo reached across the bar and patted Digger on the shoulder. “He’s not talking about your Body. You can’t say tranny anymore. It’s considered a slur. It’s gaycism.”

            Digger blinked. “Huh?”

            Anton smiled; he knew Digger had never heard the word gaycism. He also knew Digger knew nothing about being politically correct. “You have to say transgender person. Or, cross dresser. But not tranny.”

            “But everyone says tranny,” Digger said. “Even the trannies say tranny and they don’t take offense to it.”

            “You could get into big trouble if you say it to the wrong person,” Leo said.

            Digger still seemed confused. “But she calls herself a tranny and she’s not upset about it. What the fuck is up with that? Who’s making these fucking rules anyway?”

            “She’s allowed to do that because she is transgender,” Leo said. “It’s like me calling myself a fag in jest. It’s self-deprecating and I’m not really serious about it.”

            Digger looked up and rolled his eyes. “Whatever,” he said. “Are we going or not? I have to call the transgender person first.”

            Anton and Leo exchanged a glance, and Anton could see that Leo was dying to go but he was waiting for Anton’s approval. So Anton looked around and said, “I guess it’s not too busy here, so it won’t matter if you’re gone. But I don’t want to make a habit of this. And we tell them we’re leaving early to check out a nightclub in the city to see how they do things, like we’re spies and this is work. I don’t want them thinking we going shopping.” That’s all Angelo needed to hear. They’d wind up back in Sicily sleeping in coffins next to donkey carts for sure.