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No More Tim Urban?

Was I shocked last night. Seriously. With about three or four average contestants left on AI, Tim Urban is the one who went home last night? I didn’t think he’d go to the final two (I think Bowersox will win), but I was hoping he’d at least survive the next two or three weeks.

Unfortunately, Tim Urban was one of the few reasons I watched the show this season. The quirky, cheesy Ford commercials they force the contestants to do had reached the level of intolerance for me. And when they sing those awful group songs, I just switch to another channel until they are over. But more than that, the songs these contestants are choosing this year are the worst in the history of the show.

I have a feeling that American Idol has seen better days, and now it’s time for Glee to take over.

Just One Reason to Watch American Idol this Season

I’ve been a fan of AI since the beginning. Justin Guarini is from Doylestown, PA, which is only fifteen minutes away, right here in artistic Bucks County, from where I live in New Hope. The local newspaper, at the time, wrote a piece about him every single day when he was on the show and I got hooked.

Then I wrote 2 satirical m/m romance novels called AMERICAN STAR and AMERICAN STAR II. The key word here is satirical, about what might happen behind the scenes of a show like AI if two of the contestants were gay men. They weren’t meant to be Pulitzer Prize winners (big grin to one reviewer in particular). They are campy and fun and quirky, which is what I intended.

So I’m a fan of the TV show, needless to say. But this season, with all the talk about how everyone misses Paula (I miss her too) and how a lot of the contestants aren’t very good, I found one simple reason why I can’t resist watching. And sorry, Ellen, it’s not because you’re so funny and clever and jump up to hug contestants in that funny way you have (bigger grin).

It’s Tim Urban. The. Guy. Has. Talent. And there really isn’t a need to elaborate. I even swiped this photo from my blogging buddy Ryan’s most recent post (here) to show rather than tell.

It’s not just about looks either. Even if he looked like the book reviewer who reviewed AMERICAN STAR last April (wicked smile), I’d still think he was the most talented singer ever to hit the AI stage.