Michele Montgomery: A Post Worth Reading

I was hopping around different blogs last night and came across this. I’m a fan of Michele’s fiction, and I’ve lurked at her blog before and I’ve enjoyed what I read. But this truly is worth reading.

Here’s part of the post, and I’ve linked to the rest of it.

Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad

Looking at my activity here on the blog shows that I’m probably the worst blogger there ever was. Generally I’m so busy I can’t even think by the end of the day, never mind write a blog, and if I do, it’s because something has managed to grab me and inspire me so much, that I have to make time to get it out and on paper, so to speak. It’s almost 11PM and something managed to grab me and inspire me enough to get it down and I hope when you read it, you’ll take it to heart, because I did.

“…How we all have to be together in this life, that we all are each other’s caretakers in this life and you never know if you’re gonna be the most important person in someone’s life.”