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Amazing mix of Romance, Passion and Social/Political issues, March 17, 2010
Ines Ross (London, UK) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Way We Almost Were (Kindle Edition) Sometimes I read a book I like, I love or I’m passionate about. And sometimes a book just lets me speechless, so happy and satisfied, and fulfilled, that I loose my words. This book by Ryan Field is one of them. I don’t know what to say about the book if not that it is AMAZING. I read “A christmas Carl” by the same author and I loved it. But this book, “The way we almost were” is by far the best of Ryan Field’s books. Thi is a book about two men who met in college, and the love they have shared for each other over the years. It is also a book about the importance of living one’s life honestly and to the full. Or, it could be about the importance to be real, and honest and fight for what makes your heart bit, wether it is your love or a good cause. In this book, Ryan Field manages to mix romance, sensuality and serious social/political issues very tastefully. The story is at the same time light, entertaining, romantic, sensual, and deep and thought provoking. If Ryan Field was a cook, I would say he is a chef; not the fancy type, but the type you find in an excellent family owned restaurant, where food tastes like very, very, very delicious homemade meals. This book made me think of “Harvey Milk” (gay political activist). Dear Ryan Field, you just made a reader very happy today. Keep writing, please?


Here’s an excerpt from THE WAY WE ALMOST WERE. This is from the beginning of the book, where the main character is going through a typical day at work. Only his work isn’t typical at all. He’s one of the stars of a bawdy TV reality show, where he does idiotic stunts and pranks, like skateboarding over a hot dog vendor in Times Square.


When Mikey stood on his mark and shouted, “Action,” Allan became Acer. He bobbed up and down for a few minutes, joking around with the other actor, acting as if he’d just returned from a drunken frat house party. His goal was too look as stupid as possible, and to show that he was willing to do any prank they dared him to do.

Mikey began to explain the scene with his deep announcer’s voice. Acer and the actor mounted the skateboards, went to the top of one ramp, and then started racing downward toward the other wooden ramp in front of the pretzel vendor and the monkey. They remained at a controlled equal distance until the last minute, and then Acer slowed down on purpose. When they reached the pretzel cart, the vendor jumped back and the poor monkey wrapped his arms around the vendor’s neck and screamed. Acer ducked and spread his arms out to maintain his balance. The stocky guy gained a five foot lead on Acer, made the leap first, and fell into the middle of the vat of mustard.

A second later, with a large group of people watching everything from the street, Acer was soaring over the pretzel cart and into the vat of mustard. The stocky actor, by then, was covered with yellow goop from head to toe. When Acer landed next to him, he wrapped his arms around the guy’s shoulders and his legs around the guy’s waist. The camera followed them; they got a good shot of the stocky guy placing his hand on Acer’s ass. It looked accidental and innocent.

The actor shouted, “Dude, I just grabbed your butt. Get the fuck off me.” Then he pushed Acer back into the mustard and laughed. The people on the street watching the scene laughed even harder. Then Acer and the actor pretended they couldn’t get their balance in the vat of mustard and continued groping each other by accident. Allan fell and pressed his check against the actor’s penis; the actor bucked his hips on purpose and laughed about it. Allan knew this would be one of the bawdier scenes they’d done.

When the scene was almost over, a couple of assistants ran to the mustard vat and helped Acer and the actor climb out. When they were on the sidewalk, covered in yellow mustard from head to toe, Mikey ran over and shouted, “Okay guys, hose them down now.”

Acer’s eyes opened wide. He looked at the other actor and shrugged his shoulders. As far as he’d been told, the scene should have been over after they’d fallen into the vat of mustard. Acer looked back at Mikey and tipped his head to the side.

Acer shouted, “What’s up?”

Mikey smiled and said, “Surprise,” and then shouted, “Hose them down now, dude.”

The machine next to the pretzel vendor’s cart was a power washer. The pretzel vendor grabbed the hose and switched it on. Then he pointed it at Acer and the actor and started spraying them. The monkey on his shoulder pointed and screamed. The people on the street held their stomachs and roared. The hose was far enough away from Acer and the actor to cause any damage to them, but it was still strong enough to push Acer into the arms of the other actor. Acer didn’t have time to think. He reached down and covered his crotch with his hands while the other actor held him in place. If he hadn’t held his crotch, the power washer would have knocked his dick out of the thong. It looked like he was bending over and the other actor was trying to mount him. The hose went up and down, washing all the mustard off their bodies. And the black ski mask became so water-logged Acer had trouble breathing.

Valentine’s Day Release: THE WAY WE ALMOST WERE

Allan Nottingham has a huge secret and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s gay. Though he wants to become a respected political journalist, he actually makes an excellent living by performing idiotic stunts on a trashy but popular TV show called The Naughty Boiz. He’ll do anything from skateboarding into a huge vat of mustard to being a human sling shot, wearing nothing but a skimpy leopard thong and a black ski mask to conceal his true identity.

Allan’s handsome, hunky boss, Mikey Phoenix, the outrageous producer of The Naughty Boiz and Allan’s best friend, is always there to watch out for him. It’s an unusual friendship between a gay man and a straight man, because Mikey is always full of surprises.

But Mikey’s wonderful friendship isn’t enough for Allan, and when Allan accidentally runs into his first lover from college, Jacob Steinman, all of the old feelings of love he thought he’d laid to rest come rushing back. And Allan embarks on a full fledged campaign to win Jacob’s love, going to lengths he’d never do for another man, in spite of all the differences that kept them apart in the first place.

It doesn’t take long for Allan to see that Jacob hasn’t changed. Though Jacob is the most talented man Allan has ever known, Jacob is still only interested in having fun and ignoring all the political and social issues that are important to Allan. And even though Allan works hard to ignore Jacob’s political apathy, not the mention the fact that Jacob is unwilling to announce to the world that he’s openly gay because it might hurt his high profile career, all this eventually takes its toll on their relationship.

Is the love and romance between Allan and Jacob will be enough to sustain them? As these exciting characters grow and begin to embrace their true passions, discovering the things in life that matter to them the most, what ultimately happens clearly defines the way they almost were.

New Book Cover: The Way We Almost Were

THE WAY WE ALMOST WERE hasn’t been released yet, but I just saw a copy of the new cover and wanted to post something. In this book, I deal with several subjects. And “Allan,” one of the main characters, is only a little like the Streisand character was in the original story. In my story he’s much more polar and complicated. During the day he works as an anonymous (but famous) stunt man on a well known cable TV show doing weird frat house stunts, and in his spare time he’s a serious, respected journalist who is interested in lgbt equal rights and other important issues.