Release: The Virgin Billionaire’s Little Angel

In this final book in The Virgin Billionaire series, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S LITTLE ANGEL, one of the things I wanted to do most was tie up the storyline in subtle ways with the first book in the series. In fact, I wanted to end the last book with the first line of the first book. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.

But I did bring back an integral character that was mentioned in the first book, is mentioned in all the books, and yet never actually appears in any of the books. The character is a woman named Elena. She has a fictional web site in France where she writes about and posts photos of gay men in very tasteful, elegant, and artist ways. It’s no secret now that I loosely based this unseen character on Elisa Rolle, who runs a m/m romance book review blog at livejournal from Italy. At the time, I had no idea this book would become a series. I met Elisa a few years ago in person. She came to my home, we had lunch, and our friendship grew after we met in person.

I also tend to think about the future sometimes. I do believe, without a doubt, what Elisa has been doing with her web site will become part of LGBT history. She will be looked upon as one of the pioneers of LGBT literature and digital publishing one day years from now when I’m long gone. And I wanted to put something wonderful about her in writing because she’s done so many wonderful things for LGBT authors and books.

Here’s an excerpt, without spoilers, from a section of this book where Luis is reading Elena’s web site:

After he walked for about fifteen minutes, he decided to sit down on a park bench and relax. This was something he rarely did in the park. He crossed his legs, swerved to the right, and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He turned the phone on and checked his messages. There was nothing of importance that couldn’t wait until later. Then he went to the website where he wrote guest blog posts, Elena’s Romantic Treasures and Tidbits, to see what Elena’s latest blog post was about. He preferred to read Elena’s posts instead of his own, after all these years, because they still made him feel warm and safe in a way nothing else could. This one thing in his life remained his own private secret treasure no one could alter.

Cover: The Virgin Billionaire’s Little Angel…"Think Wild"

Here’s the newest cover for the last book in the Virgin Billionaire series, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S LITTLE ANGEL.

The reason why I added “Think Wild” to the title of this post is because that’s a slogan for an ad campaign in the book that has an interesting twist. In fact, this slogan, “Think Wild,” changes Luis’s life in more ways than one. And I know, “Think Wild,” is not grammatically correct. But this time I was going for a catchy ad and I was thinking the way an ad writer would think, not like an author would think. “Think Wildly” doesn’t work, and frankly, it’s not very catchy.

There’s also a bareback sex scene. It’s been done responsibly and the characters all have actual test results and papers to prove they are all, indeed, without sexually transmitted diseases. It wasn’t easy to work this into the book in a natural way that made sense. But I wanted to do it for a few reasons. First, gay men enjoy this. Second, if they can’t enjoy it in real life they can enjoy the fantasy of it in books. Third, I think it’s relevant to the story and the characters involved. For me, the balance in m/m romance comes when a certain amount of reality is mixed with the absolute escapism. Because if it’s just absolute escapism it’s not going to be very interesting.

To balance out the bareback sex scenes, I also added something which I think is integral to the book. There are a few chapters that get heavily involved in HIV/AIDS, and just how serious it is when someone goes into full blown AIDS. I can’t say any more because I’d spoil it for readers. But I didn’t hold back this time, and most of what I wrote was loosely based on things I’ve personally witnessed since I was in my early twenties. In a way, I almost didn’t want to do this with m/m romance. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share these stories in a m/m romance. But I think the readers will “get” it, and I’m glad I decided to do it.

But this book isn’t just about wild adventures and bareback sex. Because it was the final book in the series I wanted to tie things up in a way that I’ve been hinting at throughout the entire series. No spoilers. But here’s a hint. It’s something that Luis has been dreaming about all his life. It’s probably the most emotional thing he’ll ever experience and has nothing to do with sex.

The book will be released tomorrow, and I’ll post more then with links that will lead to where the book can be purchased. I’d like to thank the cover artist at ravenous romance for coming up with something so simple and elegant this time. One thing I’m not fond of are those old time looking book covers. I like book covers to depict the time period in which we live now, not time periods from the past that look as if the artist was trying too hard to be “artistic and creative,” or worse, “deep and literary.”

Last Book In Virgin Billionaire Series…

Earlier this week I submitted the tenth, and last, book in The Virgin Billionaire series. I titled it, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S LITTLE ANGEL, because I wanted to go for something more emotional this time. We’ll see if that title remains. Publishers often decide to change titles and they have the final say. As it turns out, many times they are correct and the author was glad he listened.

Though I’d never planned to write a series, it was an interesting experience to write one. It gave me a chance to show the main characters, Luis and Jase, grow with each book I wrote. In the first book, Jase is a closeted gay virgin who moves to New York to find himself…in his late thirties. He’s already been married and divorced, built a billion dollar empire, and has been around the block a few times. Luis, on the other hand, is a flighty young gay man in his early twenties living in New York as a silly escort who dates much older men. Though Luis never has sex with any of them, his only concern in life is what new shirt he’ll buy for Saturday night and how his hair turns out.

With each book I tried to show how they grow, sometimes in large ways and sometimes in small ways. And by the time I reached the last book, Jase and Luis are starting to think about things like growing older and building a family. They don’t change as people. I don’t believe people can change. We are who we are from birth. But Jase and Luis grow and mature in ways I hope readers will think are viable.

In this series, I had a chance to do a few things I normally wouldn’t do. For example, Jase isn’t the cliched gay man who is a left wing political zealot. He’s more on the conservative side and he’s not ashamed to talk about it. Luis, on the other hand, tends to be more of a cliche in the sense that he follows trends, and he’s not afraid to talk about his liberal values either. It’s this balance that keeps their lives interesting. I’ve always believed opposites do attract…at least from what I’ve seen from my own personal experience it seems to work.

I also wanted to tackle a more serious topic in the final book. As with everyone’s life, Luis and Jase find themselves dealing with something so serious Luis isn’t sure he can get through it. For most people what Luis goes through would leave scars for the rest of their lives. I’m not going to say exactly what I did because I never give spoilers, but it is something that changes almost everyone in the book in one way or another.

I’ll post more about the final installment as I get closer to a publishing date. Right now we haven’t even started edits on it and I’m not certain when we will. It’s also a little longer than most of the other Virgin Billionaire books, with 65,000 words. Most of the romance novels I’m contracted to do are for 50,000 words, which seems to be a standard in e-publishing. I prefer to write novels that are not less than 60,000 words and this time I think I would have done a disservice to the reader if I’d skimped. Thankfully, publishers don’t mind this. If writers go over a word count, they are usually fine with it.

Here’s an unedited raw excerpt from the manuscript I just submitted. It’s a dream/nightmare scene, where Luis dreams that he’s been impregnated and he’s acting as a surrogate. The stress Luis has been under, because Jase insists on building their family through surrogacy, has stressed Luis out so much he actually has nightmares about it.

When Luis opened his eyes again, he was standing in the kitchen at Cider Mill Farm in his bare feet in front of the sink. He was wearing something he would normally never wear, not even to work outside in the garden: a loose baggy T-shirt with a character from Sesame Street on the front and over-sized cut off jeans that had long strings hanging down to his knees. The T-shirt had stains and the jeans hung low on his waist. He glanced through the window and saw Isabelle and Mary sitting on the patio in white dresses, fanning themselves. Hunter was running around on the back lawn with a puppy Luis had never seen before. But it wasn’t a cute puppy. This one had green-gray patchy fur, bugged, lopsided eyes, ears that came down to his paws, and saliva dripping from his mouth. He pressed his palm to his torso and felt something peculiar. When he glanced down at his waist, he saw a huge mound that had to be at least forty-four inches round.

Jase came up from behind, looking sexier and better than he’d ever looked before. He reminded Luis of the young version of Jase he’d once met after he’d dreamed he went back in time to when Jase was eighteen years old.

Jase gave Luis a playful pat on the behind and said, “How’s my chubby little husband doing today? Did I tell you today how much I love all the cellulite on the backs of your legs?”

Luis’s jaw dropped. He pressed his palm to the huge mound that used to be his perfectly thin, flat waist, and said, “I’m not sure how I’m doing.” He remembered being in the clinic and having The Procedure, but nothing in between then and now.

“You’re looking hot this morning,” Jase said, as he grabbed Luis’s ass and squeezed it. “I love the way your ass got so big with this baby. It’s the biggest, fattest, hottest ass I’ve ever seen.”

Luis glanced down at his thighs and gulped. They seemed to have quadrupled in size, to the point where they would rub together if he started to walk. “Hot. You think this is hot. I look like a goddamn whale. My entire body is swollen, my feet are killing me, and there’s a strange, hideous animal creature running around outside with my son. Where did that dog come from? And where is Camp?”

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