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Having A Gay Brother; Lexus Gay Docuseries; First Gay Military Service Leader

Having a Gay Brother

I know I’ve mentioned I have a gay brother in NY and a gay nephew in medical school in Iowa, however, I don’t think I’ve ever commented on that in detail. This series of memes is interesting to me because it has quotes from younger gay guys who have gay siblings, and they are growing up knowing this. And I have to admit that’s a novelty for me.

I didn’t even know my brother was gay until we were both in our late twenties and we accidentally and literally bumped into each other in a gay bar. We didn’t grow up knowing this. It’s not that we were ever estranged either. We just didn’t discuss it and we just didn’t talk about it. You didn’t do that in the 1990s. But I was glad when I found out. It made sense to me.

Growing up gay is often an isolating experience, though thankfully that’s beginning to change in a big way.
For many people, the thought of having a gay sibling to relate to during adolescence sounds like it would have been a dream come true.
 And here’s one of the quotes…
Whenever someone is surprised that both my brother and I are gay I feign surprise that their siblings are all straight. 
You can read the other quotes here. They’re all a little different.

Lexus Gay Docuseries

I love this because we just re-leased another Lexus iS 300, and we knew nothing about it while we were negotiating a price with the Lexus Dealership. At least I know Lexus is gay friendly…not that it would have mattered. I really don’t think that way, but it’s still nice just the same.

Luxury automobile brand Lexus launched a new documentary series for their L/Studio film portfolio. This six episode series, called “It Got Better,” is a collaboration between producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky of the award-winning “Web Therapy” series with the It Gets Better Project. These episodes will feature such GLBT luminaries, including actors Jane Lynch, George Takei and Laverne Cox, professional basketball player Jason Collins, style maker Tim Gunn and recording artists Tegan & Sara.

Here’s the rest. I think it looks wonderful and I’ll post more as I get more info.

First Gay Military Service Leader

One of the things I try to do here on the blog is show people new links for LGBT information on the web. It’s not always easy because you don’t always get links with a simple search. I got lucky with, and I hope you check out all of their content with the two links I’ve provided with this post.

In any event,

Fox News reports the Senate Armed Services Committee has confirmed the first openly gay leader of a U.S. military service, voting to approve the nomination of Eric Fanning to be Army secretary.

You can find that one here.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Rancho Mirage

In Print and E-book

New Ab Fab Trailer; Gus Kenworthy’s Mustache; Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman; Update on Rancho Mirage Book by Ryan Field

New Ab Fab Trailer

I think a lot of people have been looking forward to the new Ab Fab movie. For many reasons, two of which include 90’s nostalgia and the sharp comedy. A lot of people who were very young in the 90’s feel the same way about TV shows like Friends. (I know I do.) I think pop culture like this helps define an era. And there aren’t that many from which to choose.

It’s finally here, sweetie darling. We mean the first teaser for the loooong-awaited film version of Absolutely Fabulous. It looks to be a very glamorous affair with our favorite party girls Edina and Patsy romping around the French Riviera with two dashing young male companions. They walk along the beach, flit around in a motorboat, and clink glasses over an al fresco lunch. It resembles a very high-end fragrance ad. And you just know it’s all going to go horribly awry any minute.

Here’s a link to the video.  

Gus Kenworthy’s Mustache

You know, I could complain about politics and rant about publishing on a Friday, but I’d rather talk about Gus Kenworthy right now. I don’t know about anyone else but I get so tired of these people who have to overthink and over analyze everything on the planet. From books, to fiction genres, to long Facebook statuses updates you’re sorry you clicked, these people get on my freaking nerves. Sometimes you just want to grab them and say have some wine and lighten up, for the love of God.

In any event…

In a recent shoot for Frontiers Media that’s giving us classic ’60s meets Miami penthouse pool party, skier Gus Kenworthy shows off his new whiskers and perfectly fuzzy legs.
And the boy can certainly fill out a suit.

These shots are really good, with an artistic flair you don’t see all the time. You can check them all out here. 

Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman

I saw a this video with Ryan Reynolds interviewing Hugh Jackman earlier this week and I lost the link. Well, I found it again and I’m sharing it now. I found it interesting because I never had a chance to see Reynolds in action…as he is in RL.

We’ve been fans of Ryan Reynolds and his body of work for years, so we’re happy to take him wherever we can get him – which in this case is a press junket for another movie star.

Hugh Jackman is hot on the promo trail for his new flick Eddie The Eagle and sat down for an impromptu interview with the Deadpool star, who played the same role opposite him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

You can see that one here. 

Update on Rancho Mirage Book by Ryan Field

I realize it’s been taking longer than usual getting the next book in the Rainbow Detective Agency out, but it’s been really busy around here and I had a slight cover issue. An author friend, G. A. Hauser, used the same stock model that I chose…unknowingly…for Rancho Mirage and she was kind enough to let me know before the book was launched. It’s happened before, too. There are only so many stock models out there and creating covers…even for publishers…is getting more challenging. I now understand why small publishers and authors invest in their own photo shoots.

In any event, Rancho Mirage will be launched very soon and I’ll post updates as it comes out. This will be the 8th book in the series. And it might be the last book in the series, too. I never end a series permanently, however, there does come a point where it’s time to move on, especially when you’re writing erotic romance. As they say, “I’d rather leave while I’m in love…”

Here’s a link where you can check out the other Rainbow Detective Books on Amazon. 

Straight Guys And BRO-Jobs; Ricky Martin’s Bedroom Shenanigans; Psychic Denies Housing to Queer Couple

Straight Guys And BRO-Jobs

There’s an app called BRO that I think helps “heteroflexible” guys when they are looking for something same sex oriented. They word it a little differently in the article to which I’m linking, but this is what it sounds like to me.

First, here’s the definition of heteroflexible. I’m doing this because it’s all news to me. I always thought of this sort of thing as “in the closet.” 

A primarily straight individual who, in certain situations can find persons of the same sex appealing.

Now here’s more about BRO…

“BRO goes beyond using labels, and is for men that are interested in meeting other men,” the description reads. “It’s as simple as that. Just sign up, and start looking for new bros!”

And this…

Jane Ward, whose bestselling book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men caused a media frenzy last summer, says BRO further supports her theory that straight-identifying men engage in homosexual behaviors a lot more often than people might think.

“This kind of product serves as more evidence that the labels ‘gay’ and ‘bisexual’ do not capture all of the ways that men want to make intimate contact with other men, whether emotionally or sexually,” Ward tells Queerty.

Interesting. I’m sticking with my resolution for 2016 and trying to remain objective this year.

You can read the rest here.  

Check out the comments. They aren’t objective at all.

Ricky Martin’s Bedroom Shenanigans

Even though I despise the word shenanigans, I’m posting this about Ricky Martin because it talks more about “labels.”

“I know that I like both men and women,” Martin confessed. “I’m against sexual labels, we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs.”

Though he identifies as gay, Martin said he’s not totally opposed to the idea of having sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex.

“I am gay,” he said, “Men fascinate me. But I like to enjoy sex in total freedom, so I’m open to having sex with a woman if I feel desire.”

You can read more here. I love Ricky Martin, but as Judge Judy says, “don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”    

Psychic Allegedly Denies Housing To Queer Couple

Here’s a story about a self-proclaimed psychic who allegedly refused housing to a queer couple.

When Tonya Smith and her wife Rachel, a trans woman, applied to rent a home from psychic Deepika Avanti in the town of Gold Hill (pop. 230), they were allegedly told in an email that their “unique relationship” would become a “town focus,” triggering gossip and blowing Avanti’s “low profile.”

“In small towns everyone talks and gossips,” the email read. “All of us would be the most popular subject in town. … There is no way to avoid this.”

The queer couple has filed a lawsuit against the psychic, and the psychic didn’t even know it until the media contacted her.  The psychic claims the queer couple have children and she didn’t want the noisy kids living there.

You can read more here. 

It’s hard to speculate on this one. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency

Saying Goodbye


Free Gay Excerpt: The Scottish Duke; Five More Things About Gay Sex; Gay Rights, Global Scale

Free Gay Excerpt: The Scottish Duke

I’m posting a quick excerpt today from the most recently pubbed book in The Rainbow Detective series, The Scottish Duke. 

Here’s the blurb, and here’s a link to Amazon. I’ve already posted more links to places like Smashwords, here. 

In this installment of The Rainbow Detective Agency, Blair and Proctor’s passionate relationship has moved forward to the point where they begin a small family and don’t even realize it. And that’s because they’re busy trying to solve the case of a well-known gay romance author, E. Q. Montana, who was so obsessed with Proctor he lined the walls of his unkempt West Hollywood apartment with Proctor’s photos. 

But E. Q. Montana wasn’t just any best-selling gay romance author. E. Q. had a few deep dark secrets and enemies of his own that Proctor and Blair have to figure out, one of which has to do with The Scottish Duke of Huntley. It’s a peculiar case of dangerous literary subterfuge, with sudden twists and vicious, ambitious authors, that has them both stumped emotionally and intellectually, and in the end Proctor’s worst nightmare comes true.

I promise, no spoilers.You can scroll down to the bottom of this post for the excerpt.

Five More Things About Gay Sex

Supposedly, here are five more things about gay sex “you didn’t know.” No need to get your smelling salts with this one. It’s another Queerty advertorial, but it’s funny…I think.

Here’s one “fun filled fact you didn’t know.” 

Gentlemen prefer kissing (and BJs) to anal sex

Researchers at George Mason University and Indiana University conducted a sex study with nearly 25,000 gay and bisexual men. Participants were asked about their most recent same-sex encounters. 75 percent reported giving oral sex compared to 74 percent who reported receiving oral sex. 74.8 percent reported kissing on the mouth. But only about 35 percent reported having full-blown anal intercourse. The takeaway from the study? Apparently the question, “Are you a top or a bottom?” only matters one-third of the time.

Someone should tell this to all the guys I dated when I was single. That wasn’t my personal experience. The moment they pin you down, you know exactly what they want, and they are eager to get it.

Here’s the link. As usual, with anything printed by Queerty, you’ll want to read the comments with this one. And I’m not knocking Queerty. It’s free content.

Gay Rights, Global Scale

I always think it’s important to know…and care…about LGBTI people in other parts of the world. Mainly because so many don’t have the rights we have here in the US. It’s the only thing I ever get political about.

Here’s an article that talks about the best and worst places for gay rights, on a global scale.

Where are LGBT rights improving?

Parts of Latin America remain the standard for equality for LGBT rights. Argentina‘s Gender Identity Law 2012 allowed the change of gender on birth certificates for transgender people. It also legalised same-sex marriage in 2010, giving same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples, including the right to adopt children. Uruguay and Mexico City also allow equal marriage and adoption, and last week Colombia recognised its first legal same-sex civil union (not “marriage”).

And it’s still a concern here in the US, too. I had a conversation with someone recently about the Republican debates. Granted, this is someone older and not as informed because he doesn’t have access to Internet news, so I did make an allowance for that. When I stated that I wasn’t fond of a few Republican candidates because of their stand on gay marriage, he said, “You can’t base your vote on one issue.” Clearly, he didn’t get it and I didn’t bother to explain. That one issue, however, is what I base my votes on these days because that one issue is one of the most fundamental aspects of my life.

You can read more here.

The Scottish Duke…

Here’s the excerpt. It’s hard to post anything longer because I would be giving out spoilers. With a book like this a lot matters in that department. This comes from the middle of the book and I don’t think it gives away too much. But if you’re worried, you might want to skip it. And, Constance, of course, is a large Bengal cat, and Snowden is a new puppy that I introduced in this book.

When they pulled up to the house, Blair climbed out of the car without waiting for Proctor to invite him inside. Proctor didn’t say anything that night. It was almost ten o’clock, they hadn’t eaten anything all day, and Proctor was planning to make salad. Although he loved pizza, and he joked about eating pizza on Twitter with his fans, he didn’t have it often. He was model who always focused on his body and his weight. And although eating pizza and doughnuts tempted him every day of his life, he knew that it was salad that would keep him in skinny jeans and skimpy tight swim trunks.

He also knew Blair wouldn’t complain. He’d eat anything as long as he didn’t have to cook it himself. Blair seemed to have this attitude toward food in general that always amazed Proctor. Blair ate to live. He didn’t live to eat. It wasn’t even something he focused on consciously. If there was a lot of food around Blair would eat it. If there wasn’t, he didn’t seem to mind. 

Proctor unlocked the front door and he entered first, with Blair in tow. Before Proctor even switched on the hallway lights he looked down and saw Snowden at his feet, wagging his little tail. Then he heard a growl and saw Constance sitting on the bottom step.

Proctor turned to Blair and said, “Why isn’t Snowden in his crate in the kitchen?” Constance had free run of the entire house, but he knew Jane would never have allowed a small puppy to roam freely that way.

Blair seemed to sense something unusual, so he headed toward the living room and flipped on the main light switch.

Proctor picked Snowden up and glanced into his living room. He gasped and said, “What happened?” The tables were turned sideways, chairs and cushions rested upside down all over the place, and one of his best crystal lamps had been shattered into a million little pieces.

Blair put his arm around Proctor and said, “Either you’ve been burglarized or we missed the earthquake.”

Proctor held Snowden tighter. His first thought was relief, knowing that Constance and Snowden were safe. Then he looked at his crystal lamp again and sighed. “Why would anyone do this to me?” He had an alarm system, but Jane rarely activated it at the end of the day because she naturally assumed that Proctor would be home by seven o’clock. He preferred not dealing with alarms and code numbers. Now he was sorry he’d been so lazy about it.

Before Blair could answer him, a nasal voice spoke from a dark section on the other side of the living room. “Where’s The Scottish Duke of Huntley?”

Blair blinked. “The Duke of what the fuck, man?”

The Scottish Duke of Huntley,” said the nasal voice, again. “I want to know where he is this minute. I know you’ve got him here and I’m not leaving without him. Release him to me this instant.”

As a short, thin man stepped out of the shadows on the far side of the room, Proctor saw he was pointing a handgun at them. The guy had short red hair, with tight kinky curls, and a long thin neck. Proctor held Snowden tightly to his chest and said, “I don’t know anything about this Scottish Duke. Who are you and what do you want?”

Blair stared at the gun and said, “Just stay calm, man. We don’t know anything about a Scottish Duke. You’ve mistaken us for someone else. I think the people across the street are Scottish, you should check that out.”

Proctor’s first thought was the man pointing the gun at them was unhinged and possibly dangerous. He obviously had an unrealistic delusion that Blair and Proctor had kidnapped The Scottish Duke of Huntley and they were hiding him somewhere in the house. Proctor had a great uncle once who thought he was Napoleon. He decided the only way to keep this man calm was to placate him and ask more questions. “I’m sorry, but we don’t have the Scottish Duke. We’ve never even seen him. What does he look like? Why would you think we kidnapped him?”

M/M Romance in Fiction: The Scottish Duke; Straight Guys and Bro-Jobs; Caitlyn Jenner’s Conservative Politics

M/M Romance in Fiction: The Scottish Duke

Update: Since a few have asked, I figured I’d better explain it here. The Scottish Duke is really Book 5 in the series, however, it’s listed as Book 6. The reason for this is because the “Box Set,” which is books 1-4 in the Rainbow Detective series, is considered Book 5. It’s never come up before because I never did a box set before. There’s no way around it. I tried. So The Scottish Duke is listed as Book 6, but it’s actually Book 5. However, each book is considered a stand alone and they don’t have to be read in order. It helps, but it’s not mandatory. I didn’t do any cliff hangers in this series. 

This is book five in The Rainbow Detective Agency series, subtitled, The Scottish Duke. The subtitle is part of the story line but the book itself is NOT set in Scotland. It’s set in LA just like the rest of the Rainbow Detective books. The next book, Book 6, however, will be set in Provincetown. 

Here’s the blurb:

In this installment of The Rainbow Detective Agency, Blair and Proctor’s passionate relationship has moved forward to the point where they begin a small family and don’t even realize it. And that’s because they’re busy trying to solve the case of a well-known gay romance author, E. Q. Montana, who was so obsessed with Proctor he lined the walls of his unkempt West Hollywood apartment with Proctor’s photos. 

But E. Q. Montana wasn’t just any best-selling gay romance author. E. Q. had a few deep dark secrets and enemies of his own that Proctor and Blair have to figure out, one of which has to do with The Scottish Duke of Huntley. It’s a peculiar case of dangerous literary subterfuge, with sudden twists and vicious, ambitious authors, that has them both stumped emotionally and intellectually, and in the end Proctor’s worst nightmare comes true. 

And here’s a link to ARe.  It’s priced at 2.99 everywhere.

Here’s the Smashwords link. 

Amazon Link for Kindle Readers

It’s also in other places like Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble. I don’t always post link to those web sites because they aren’t the most popular. But if anyone ever has questions please e-mail me. My e-mail is on the side bar with my bio here on the blog.

It runs around 47,000 words which is about 3 thousand words less than what I normally do with a full length e-book, however, I did edit about six thousand words out during the final edits. I didn’t think all that needed to be there and I wanted the book to be tighter.

I also discussed a topic I normally don’t discuss in fiction: the m/m romance genre, people writing with pen names, and fictionalized authors who will stop at nothing to succeed. Of course it’s all exaggerated, but I think I touched on a few topics that might interest readers of the m/m romance genre. I see a lot of unfairness with good writers and it bothers me sometimes. That’s all. No spoilers. There’s also an important transgender character in the book and if I say anything else I’ll be giving away too much.

Straight Guys and Bro-Jobs

This is an advertorial, not a real article. It’s from They do that a lot…advertorials…but they lead you to believe they are articles. I like to be clear about that up front. But it’s some of Queerty’s best cheesy, trashy clickbait and I think it’s an interesting topic…that no one thinks about often. It’s not something you’ll ever want to take seriously. But you might wonder a little when you’re finished reading it.  You might even smile and feel like tweeting something.

Here’s the cheese:

What is a “bro-job”?
In a nutshell, it’s when a straight guy gives another straight guy a blowie not in a meaningful sexual way but in a friendly, NSA, I’m-just-doing-you-a-little-favor, totally not gay sort of way. Or something.

You’re welcome. Don’t you love the way they phrase it…”blowie”

Here’s the link to the ever so dignified Queerty.  

Caitlyn Jenner’s Conservative Politics

Of course now that Caitlyn has gone through all the motions of coming out, in public, she’s starting to get some backlash from other trans people who don’t like her politics. It was bound to happen.

It surprised many when Caitlyn Jenner – in her final interview as Bruce – told Diane Saywer of ABC News that she is a Republican.

Since then, Jenner has emerged as probably the most famous transgender woman in the world and made clear her intention to do some good with her renewed fame.

On Sunday’s episode of the docu-series I Am Cait, Jenner found herself sounding very stereotypically Republican and at odds with a group of other transgender women while discussing the needs of their community during a road trip.

You can check out the rest here.

I think this falls into an even bigger category. The category of true tolerance. It seems these days that if anyone LGBTI goes against the norm and isn’t following the PC left wing liberal band wagon he or she is criticized for what they believe. I’ve seen it happen time and again. I’m a registered Democrat and even I get disgusted sometimes when I see the intolerance some people have for anyone who is different. I just don’t see how it’s possible to preach equality and tolerance and still remain so hooded and intolerant of an opposing view. In other words, I might not agree with anything Marco Rubio has to say but I’m willing to listen to him and I’m not willing to dismiss him. I have respect for him. And when I tell you I don’t agree with anything about that man, I’m not joking.