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The Men’s Lockeroom; Trip With Joan Collins The Time of Our Lives

The Men’s Locker Room

I’m posting from the road this weekend. WiFi is awful, the only device I have that works is my iPhone, and blogger and Safari aren’t the most compatible. So there may be mistakes…you’ve been warned.

Here’s a story about locker rooms for men. This is one of those things you either get or you don’t get. I once got slammed in a book review for a simple passage about jock straps. I won’t go into detail, but it was gay fiction, written by a gay man, and I told the truth as I know it. Evidently, the straight woman reviewer didn’t like my cultural reference and found the jock strap not to her heteronormative liking. But that book sold very well, so it’s all relative.  

In any event…

Few locales inspire more public nudity, towel snapping, sideways glances and general homoeroticism (not to mention shameless selfies) than a men’s locker room. A recent study found that straight men frequently size each other up in the communal showers, and will often “slap their cocks around” to look bigger.
You can check this out here. 

And there are some excellent locker room photos.

Trip With Joan Collins: The Time Of Our Lives
Here’s one of those links with several news items you might find interesting. There’s one with Joan Collins, with a trailer from her upcoming 2017 film, The Time Of Out Lives that also stars Pauline Collins.

In The Time of Their Lives, legendarily slap-happy Joan Collins (Dynasty) costars with Priscilla Pauline Collins (Shirley Valentine) as two discontent women on a road trip — but neither beat the shit out of each other.

Like Catfight, it’s billed as a comedy, and judging by the trailer, it’s a new kind of comedy that makes you feel sad. They do find inner strength, though.

You can check the video out here.

The other story about Bel Ami boys is informative, too.