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What I’m Reading Right Now…

You’d think I’d be reading m/m fiction. But the fact is I don’t always read m/m fiction. I’ve always had eclectic taste and I enjoy almost all genres. My least favorite are science fiction and historical. But when they’ve been different, I’ve enjoyed a few of them, too.

I just finished The Help and left my rating on goodreads. If you need links to know more about this book, you haven’t been following the trends of great fiction lately and I suggest you do a quick search on amazon. I also believe this is the kind of book new authors should read from a purely subjective POV. It’s about as well written in style and form as a novel can get.

And I’m about to start a new novel titled Trapped, by Michael Northrope. It’s YA, and the cover copy caught my attention. I’ll link to this one once I get started. I’m looking forward to it because I love these new YA crossovers.