MRS. MUIR, REDUX, March 9, 2010
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This review is from: The Ghost and Mr. Moore (Kindle Edition) A re-telling of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” with a gay lead. This was a fun read with an almost identical story to the original Mrs. Muir movie. A lonely parent of one child, a housekeeper, a dog, a New England sea cottage and a damn fine looking, however dead, sea captain haunting the home. Updated to modern times and told with a lively cast of extra characters, it still stuck true to the formula. Mr. Moore ‘ghost-writes’ a book narrated by the Captain in order to save his home and never gives up on the love between them. The ending, although known to anyone who saw the movie, was sweet and tender nonetheless. An old story, to be sure, but re-told with wit and a deft hand with the narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE, Release Day, and Just in Time for Halloween…

I just saw that THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE was released on today. I did a preview post for the book, and today I’m linking and adding the back cover copy. As I said in the preview post, there are a couple of interesting Halloween scenes in this one that take place in Provincetown, MA. And Halloween in P’town is a lot of fun, trust me.

When a famous child actor, Dexter Moore, leaves Hollywood and moves to Provincetown, MA, with his daughter and his longtime housekeeper, he doesn’t expect to find that his new house is haunted. And especially not with the ghost of a strong, virile young sea captain who looks like Hugh Jackman and makes love like no other living man Dexter has known.

But Dexter must deal with more important things than ghosts. He soon discovers that his ex-partner lost all his money in a bad investment and Dexter is forced to go back to work. So he reluctantly agrees to do an intrusive TV show, where he is followed with cameras for three months. If he doesn’t, he’ll have to sell his magnificent new home and move back to Hollywood.
In order to make the TV show more interesting, Dexter’s new best friend gets him involved in a heated town dispute. The new president of the chamber of commerce wants to cancel a town tradition and start something new, and half the town is against him. But Dexter doesn’t get involved with this for the TV show or ratings. He’s only interested in helping people and saving an important fundraiser from being canceled.

While all this is happening, Dexter slowly gets to know the ghost of handsome Captain Lang. He’s the only one who can see and hear Lang. They make passionate love together, they spend long hours talking about Dexter’s strong feelings, and they start working on a series of books about Captain Lang’s notorious adventures at sea that will ensure Dexter’s financial future. But when the books are finished and the two men finally admit they are in love, how will they reconcile their feelings with reality?

A Halloween Theme…The Ghost and Mr. Moore

As I said in an earlier post, THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE hasn’t been released yet. But there is a chapter in this book that’s devoted just to Halloween in Provincetown. I’ve been there personally, so I know what Halloween in P’town is like. The streets are filled with people dressed in almost every costume you can imagine and the only people who stand out in the crowd are the ones not wearing costumes.

So here’s a brief excerpt from one of the Halloween scenes in the book:

Dexter got up from the bed and crossed to the front door. The high heels clicked against the hardwood floors. They weren’t chunky heels, but they weren’t stilettos either. They were in between, and slanted forward. “You’re not going out to frighten people on Halloween?” he said. “I thought that’s what ghosts were supposed to do.”

Lang smiled and waved his arm. “Please. Do I look like an amateur?”
Dexter looked into his eyes. It was a serious look; his lips were pressed together. He said, “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, amateur about you, Captain Lang.”
After that, he went downstairs so he could take Brighton trick-or-treating. She was already out on the front porch with a few of her friends. Since Dexter and Elliot were wearing costumes that night, they had volunteered to escort a few of Brighton’s friends around town. The other parents were thrilled. A lot of the parents in town worked at night in restaurants and the kids would have had to stay home if they hadn’t volunteered.
Kellan and Paige were on the front lawn because they were following everyone into town to film the entire evening. They weren’t wearing costumes. But Elliot was sitting on a wicker chair with his legs crossed at the knee. He was wearing a campy version of a Marilyn Monroe costume he’d rented in town from a drag shop. When Dexter saw him, he couldn’t stop laughing. The red lipstick was smudged; his fake breasts were crooked. Elliot hadn’t even bothered to shave his legs, and he was wearing those awful low-heeled pumps old ladies wore. They were a size too small. His huge, wide feet were bursting from the sides.


In the next week or so, a new book titled, THE GHOST AND MR. MOORE, will be released by ravenous romance in the m/m section. I wrote this one, like a few of the others, as another gay interpretation of a classic romance. I’ll keep readers posted with updates about when the book will be released.

Here’s an image of the book cover. It was nothing like I expected it to be, and I’m extremely happy with it. The artist captured the images of both main characters in perfect detail.
And, today I’m supposed to be getting a google wave invite. When I do and I start using it, I’ll do a blog post about google wave and what it’s all about. And if I get any invites for other people, contact me if you seriously want one.