Chris Rice’s The Dinner Party Show; Queen Elizabeth on Gay Marriage; Davey Wavey with Gay Seniors

Chris Rice’s The Dinner Party Show

What drew me to this webcast by Christopher Rice was the dinner party theme. I’m not sure what it’s like in other areas where there’s a heavy concentration of LGBT people, but here in New Hope dinner parties are huge. Everybody has them, even single people. And we take them seriously, too. I know one gay couple who literally takes notes in the kitchen during a dinner party to see what guests are saying, and he keeps a long running dinner party journal (that I’d love to get my hands on) so he knows what was served, when it was served, and who was there. You never serve the same thing twice. And you always try to keep an even number of guests at the dinner table, which means having a few spare single friends around at all times.

Although these dinner parties aren’t considered formal events here, there is a certain protocol to follow. Very rarely will you see anything served family style. It’s always plated well and there are never less than three courses. We even use the best china (most of us have several sets) and it’s worth your while to invest in crystal knife rests…because everyone has them. I love these dinner parties because everyone does things a little differently and you get to see how people entertain. I even love giving them, and I’m not one of those people who go tit for tat with my guest list.  I don’t care who invited me last. I just like doing it because I get to catch up with people in a more intimate way.

Basically, it’s fun and it’s not as stuffy as you would imagine. The conversation at any given dinner party here in New Hope can range from the time Barbra Streisand came to town to the old movie legend, Odette Myrtle, who once lived and owned a business in New Hope. For a long time Sally Jesse Raphael owned a bed and breakfast near New Hope and I was friendly with her personal assistant. The stories he could tell.

And this is why I love Chris Rice’s Dinner Party Show. It’s comfortable and yet civilized, and you never know what to expect.

The Internet’s first LIVE comedy variety show. Join hosts New York Times bestselling novelists Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn for a weekly buffet of their deranged special correspondents and celebrity guests.

Here’s the link where you can read more and set up a schedule to follow it. There are podcasts, too. I also think this will be the next wave in entertainment as television slowly begins to die out. Web TV is like e-books: it’s a little too soon to dominate but it will be the future eventually.

Side note: I’ve always known Chris Rice as an LGBT writer and I’ve liked his books. He recently released a hetero erotic romance titled, The Surrender Gate. The info and links are here. 

Queen Elizabeth on Gay Marriage

I’ve posted more than once about Queen Elizabeth II and how she’s supported gay marriage. I’ve also admitted to being a huge royalist even though I’m an American. And these latest comments from the Queen only reinforce my admiration.

This comes from recently married, Stephen Fry.

The Queen must remain politically neutral and has never spoken publicly about gay marriage, but according to sources who Fry describes as “well-founded,” her royal majesty is all for marriage equality.

“When the Queen signed the Royal Assent for the equal marriages act, allowing gay people to marry for the first time, she put it down and said ‘Well, who’d have thought 62 years ago when I came to the throne, I’d be signing something like this? Isn’t it wonderful?’”

Here’s the rest of the piece.

Davey Wavey with Gay Seniors

No. Davey Wavey is not doing gay seniors now. It’s not about his sex life with gay seniors. This is a nice video done by Davey Wavey about gay seniors. They talk candidly about their lives, the challenges they’ve faced, and they even have some advice for younger gay men. Tony and I have always been fortunate enough to have more than a few gay seniors in our lives. When we first started out we learned a great deal about gay relationships and how things work just by observing…advice we couldn’t get from family at the time.

And, gay seniors always give the BEST dinner parties.

Vlogger Davey Wavey and the LGBT Community Center of the Desert have teamed up to make this heartwarming video jam-packed with pearls of wisdom from half a dozen or so older gay folks. Our only criticism of the video is that it lacks much ethnic diversity, but other than that, there’s nothing we don’t love about it.

You can watch the video here. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency


Win a Phone Call with Anne Rice

When I saw this contest on facebook earlier today, I couldn’t resist clicking the link to win a phone call with Anne Rice, going against my instincts of never clicking on any ads on facebook. And with all the talk about Anne Rice going around the Interwebs this past week, and how fandom often reacts to negative book reviews of favorite authors like Anne Rice, I figured I would post this because it is unrelated to any of those issues and it shows Rice in a different way. The Internet can be a very cruel place sometimes, and I rarely see anyone willing to balance this out. I’m not part of any fandom, but I do like Anne Rice books. I respect what Anne Rice has done. And the one distinctive thing I can recall about her books was that she introduced emotional homoerotic scenes into mainstream fiction long before anyone else ever dared to do that. At the time, being starved for fiction with gay themes of any kind, I couldn’t get enough of her books simply for that reason alone. I know many other gay men who read Anne Rice for this reason, too.  

This contest, Win a Phone Call with Anne Rice, is being offered through a web show called The Dinner Party Show. Although I’ve done web interviews with blogtalk, I’m not too familiar with web shows like this one, and it reminds me of something Joan and Melissa Rivers did this past season on their reality show when they gave Joan a web show and called it In Bed with Joan.

If you follow this page to facebook you can enter the WaPCwAR contest and not only get the chance to speak with Anne Rice, but also get a signed copy of The Vampire Chronicles…plus a signed copy of a Christopher Rice book and an Eric Shaw Quinn book as well.

From the way is appears, The Dinner Party Show is a venture with Christopher Rice, Anne Rice’s son. He’s also an author who writes LGBT books. I’ve never read his work, but I’ve seen it around and I remember him always being featured in the InsightOut book of the month club I used to get in the mail each month before I switched to e-books completely. It was a book club for LGBT related material, and a lot of the books I was in back then with gay presses like Alyson Books were featured, too.

The Internet’s first LIVE comedy variety show. Join hosts New York Times bestselling novelists Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn for a weekly buffet of their deranged special correspondents and celebrity guests.

You can get there from here, if you are inclined to watch web TV. The guest list actually looks interesting, and I’m curious about things like this for pop culture reasons, not because I’m part of any fandom at all. TV seems to be a slowly dying medium these days, streaming TV seems to be on the rise, and shows like this one and the Joan Rivers web show I mentioned above might eventually take the place of TV as we’ve known it in the past. I know a lot of people would say that’s an exaggeration, however, the same people would have said that e-books growing in popularity as they have in the past few years would have been an exaggeration ten years ago.

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