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The Child Dying In Stanta’s Arms Is Fake News; Stephen Fry In America On Netflix; 2016 Best Gay Cities Award

The Child Dying In Santa’s Arms Is Fake News

I’ve seen the video of the child dying in Santa’s arms all over social media this week and even I didn’t think this one was fake. However, it has raised a few questions and it’s being investigated.

Later, CNN called every hospital in the area and couldn’t find anyone to corroborate the story. The website Mediaite has even been scouring the obituaries in the area looking for “anything close to a 5-year-old boy dying” and have found nothing. Even Schmitt-Matzen’s wife seems to have been conveniently not home around the time that the sad story happened—which, again occurred on a date that Schmitt-Matzen can’t seem to remember precisely.

Unfortunately, every piece of evidence points to this heart-wrenching story simply being fake. As my wife said when I told her that the story is probably a hoax: “2016 was the year that the whole world learned that Santa wasn’t real.”

You can check this one out here. And there’s an update with this article that doesn’t prove or disprove anything…yet. I’m sure we’ll hear more.

It really is getting to the point where you can’t trust anything anymore, and I’m questioning every single thing to which I link now.

Stephen Fry In America On Netflix

I’ve posted about the openly gay Stephen Fry a few times, here. He’s a comic from the UK who did a six part travel series in the US that’s on Netflix right now.

The episodes are regularly repeated in the UK on Dave, lasting an hour and twenty minutes due to advertising breaks. It was aired in the United States on HDNet. In Australia, the program screened on ABC1 each Sunday at 7:30pm from 9 August 2009. The ratings were so successful that the broadcaster decided to finally air Fry’s other BBC programme, QI the next month.

 You can check that out here, or look for it on Netflix. I love it. He travels throughout the US and comments with a British POV. (And I totally agree with him about South Florida.) Trust me, it’s really a good documentary to binge on for a while.

Note: I like to link and support Wiki as much as I can. I’m not an elitist and I don’t do these things by accident.

2016 Best Gay Cities Award

Here’s another travel related piece geared toward the LGBT community.

The winners of the 2016 ‘Best of GayCities’ travel awards were announced on Monday night at a special reception hosted in the hip living room at the newly opened W Las Vegas.

It looks interesting, especially if you’re only interested in traveling to gay destinations. Youtuber gay guy, Wavey Davey, was there, and they have a photo.

Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field