Is Elisa Rolle a Classy Lady or What?

This morning I went across the street to my mailbox. We’ve had weather this month. Not great weather either. And so far my mailbox has been run over by the snow plows four times. I’m starting to think it’s sport, and they are aiming for it on purpose.

And it was slammed again last night. But after I lifted it up and straightened it out this morning, I reached inside for yesterday’s mail and found a bright shiny gold envelope with a Padua address mixed between bills and advertisements.

I knew it was from Elisa Rolle. , internationally known m/m book reviewer. I have relatives in Italy, but no one in Padua. Maybe a Christmas card that was delayed thanks to my wonderful post office?

But it was a thank you note, on a Paul Richmond card, with a handwritten note inside thanking me for helping out with the Rainbow Awards this year. It was the last thing I expected, and a very nice surprise on a cold, icy day in Pennsylvania.