I’m winding up a new novel, for a new series, and the first book is tentatively titled, THE BUCKHAMPTON COUNTRY CLUB AND THE ROGUE PRINCE. Right now I’m working on back cover copy and I’m posting the unedited version here so I can see how it looks in a more professional, published form. This is all subject to change.

The Buckhampton Country Club and the Rogue Prince

Parrish Bundy has just lost his father and he’s been left in charge of the largest traveling circus and most profitable chocolate factory in the entire world. And now that he’s in charge of one of the most prestigious country clubs in the east, The Buckhampton Club on eastern Long Island, he’s finally able to let his hair down, both literally and figuratively.

Unfortunately, he’s also inherited a long line of secrets shared by the most important Bundy men since his great-grandfather started the powerful empire over a hundred years ago. And Parrish isn’t sure how to deal with being a closeted gay man, or if he even wants to remain a closeted gay man like his predecessors. It wouldn’t be difficult on the surface. He could marry for appearance just like his father. He has a strapping young semi-pro hockey player at his disposal to take care of his needs. And he has enough money and power to keep anyone in the town of Buckhampton from questioning these needs.

But in a small European country there’s handsome young prince named Richard who is even more dissatisfied with his controlled life than Parrish. Though Richard has always been aware of his royal obligations and he’s always put his people and his country before his own needs, he longs to find out what it’s like to be a normal gay man who has the ability to choose his own destiny. And he’d do anything to see Shania Twain in concert.

And then one night after the pressure of being a royal prince finally pushes him over the line, he sneaks out of his hotel in New York and accidentally winds up at The Buckhampton Country Club through no fault of his own. When he applies for a job as a waiter, using the pseudonym Silas King, the manager of the restaurant hires him on the spot. And when he accidentally spills something on Parrish Bundy during a funeral luncheon for Parrish’s father, the two young men are immediately attracted to each other.

After a few awkward moments, they wind up spending the next few days together, from attending a country western concert in Nashville to doing a make-shift male strip show at a circus in upstate New York for a large group of very excited women. Though Parrish finds out that Silas King the waiter is really a rogue prince named Richard early on, he doesn’t say a word because he doesn’t want to spoil Richard’s most excellent adventure. And Prince Richard meets Parrish’s older brother with Down syndrome, he eats cotton candy and prune pie for the first time in his life, and he finds out what it’s like to be totally and completely in love with the man of his dreams.

But will social responsibilities, long-standing family rules, and deeply ingrained royal obligations ruin their chances to spend the rest of their lives together? And will they be able to overcome the harsh realities of being openly gay in the public eye in order to live their lives they way they want to live them?