Mark Zuckerberg, Boxers or Briefs, and Technical Problems With E-books

First off, I just heard the new short story e-book, JOLLY ROGER, will be released on March 4th. Like I just said, it’s a short story and it will be priced like a short story…just so that’s clear and no one thinks they are getting a full length novel. Amazon isn’t always clear in their product descriptions, but online stores like and always give all the details. So check them out, with this book or any other book you’re thinking of purchasing.

And, thanks to two facebook friends, Pat and Lisa, I learned there are two Chapter Fives in THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S SECRET BABY. (I don’t think there are actually two copies of Chapter Five; just two different chapters with Chapter Five headings.)I don’t always read the finished book. After writing a book, going back and forth about edits with the publisher, and triple checking the final copy for approval before it becomes an actual e-book, I know the book so well I can recite passages verbatim. However, there are sometimes technical problems when manuscripts are converted into digital books. And these are usually basic problems that often slip through the cracks. It happened once with the spelling of a character’s name in AMERICAN STAR, Terrence and Terrance. In part of the book it’s Terrance, in other parts it’s Terrence. I didn’t even know this until a sweet book reviewer decided to make a funny-ha-ha, twirl-your-finger-in-the-air joke about it.

Unfortunately, it happened again in VBSB with Chapter Five.

I wish I could go into more detail and explain the technical aspects better. However, as I’ve posted before in Why Make E-Readers More Complicated Than They Are, I know how to write e-books, I know how to turn an e-reader on and download and e-book, and I know how to read an e-book. But if you ask me about DRM, formatting, or anything else that’s techinical and worthy of a good long nap, I’m just going to smile and change the subject. In other words, if I were to meet the adorable Mark Zuckerberg in person, instead of asking him questions about how he started facebook I’d be wondering more about whether or not he wears boxers or briefs. Thankfully, I think most of my readers would agree with me. (And I’d bet on boxers.)