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So Target Won’t Sell Amazon Products Anymore

When I read this I had to smile. Late last night I ordered a stool for my kitchen on Amazon, without knowing anything about this thing between Amazon and Target. I have a huge island in the middle of the kitchen with verde butterfly granite, but it’s not the kind of island with an overhang where you can place bar stools. I didn’t want that. I’d rather have the storage space on both sides of the island with easy access because I collect china and have five sets of formal china, services for twelve. Tony and I like to entertain, and we don’t do it casually by serving from pots and pans.

But I always wanted some kind of a bar stool where I can sit and do something fast. It had to be slightly formal, yet almost invisible because I don’t like clutter in my home. After I searched everywhere, I finally found something I think will work. And I found it on Amazon. And for what I think was a fantastic price. I had two choices: I could have driven twenty minutes to Target, wasting gasoline, and spent an entire afternoon looking for a bar stool, or I could sit in the privacy of my own home and click a few times and order it on Amazon. This, for me, becomes a quality of life issue.

I have nothing against Target. But I don’t go there often because I don’t like to stand in lines and I don’t have time to waste. I buy my books, digital or print, on Amazon. I buy clothes on Amazon. I buy pasta machines on Amazon. I even bought a great feather duster on Amazon. So I’m not sure I really care about whether or not Target has stopped selling Amazon products. It won’t affect the quality of my life one way or the other, and I really do wonder if it will affect the quality of other lives in a big way. I’m sure the people who love to browse through Target will continue to do so and they won’t miss the Amazon products. And those who shop a great deal on Amazon won’t really care one way or the other.

I’ll post a review and a photo when I get the bar stool. If I like it I might order another. If I don’t, I know I can return it on Amazon for full price. I’ve done that before, too. And I’ve never had a problem, nor did I have to waste expensive gasoline or wait in any long lines.