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The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby Now on Amazon and The Kobo E-reader

For those who shop on amazon, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S SECRET BABY just went up with the rest of my books in the kindle store. It’s also available in paperback as well.

And I just ordered another e-reader. The price was very good and I decided to get it because from what I’ve heard you can take out e-books from the library with this one. It’s the Kobo e-reader, and it’s on sale right now at for 99.00 with free shipping. I’ve been watching the same Kobo e-reader in my local CVS store for about a month now. CVS has it retailing for 149.00, which is about the average price. But I didn’t feel like spending that much, especially since e-readers keep going down in price. But when I saw the same e-reader at Borders for 99.00 I decided to spring for it. And if I can take e-books out of the library with this, I’ll save money in the long run. Though I’ve never actually tried to take an e- book out this way, everyone else seems to be talking about it.
I also noticed I have my own list of books being sold at Borders and didn’t know it.