Penny Dreadful Gay Kiss; T J. Klune’s Post; John Barrowman Flirts W/Straight Guy; No More Gay Ghettos?

Penny Dreadful Gay Kiss

An actor on the TV show, Penny Dreadful, talked about yet another gay kiss. The actor is Reeve Carney and from what I gather he’s straight in real life.

I don’t watch Penny Dreadful. But this sounds like the queerbaiting post I wrote yesterday. In fact, Carney basically admits it’s queerbaiting and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing this. That’s always the best part about these things. They don’t know they’re doing it. I recently read a blog post by an author who actually said she started writing m/m romance because she thought there was money to be made. She also claims that gay relationships are like all other relationships. She didn’t start writing in this genre because she was passionate about m/m romance. And she didn’t even realize what she was saying, so in that respect you can’t even fault her. 

‘I knew that something like that would likely happen at some point and I figure, you know, you could certainly do a lot worse than Josh Hartnett,” Carney told at Comic-Con over the weekend.

Carney says his character will have a new love interest in the upcoming second season but he isn’t sure if it will be a man or a woman.

‘It’s probably all downhill for me in terms of any man-on-man action I might have on the show,’ he says. ‘They’ll have to keep their game high!’

Interesting. Man on man action. No further comment from me on this one, because I don’t watch the show. Although, I do wonder what he means by do a lot worse. Am I reading too much into this? Once again, try doing that with any other minority and see how it sounds.

You can read more here.

T. J. Klune’s Post

It’s hard to elaborate on this next link because it’s so serious and so emotional I’m not even sure what to say. I’ve posted about author, T. J. Klune, and the health struggles with his fiancé, Eric Arvin, on the blog before. Klune’s most recent post left me speechless.

I am not okay.  I am not okay.  I am not okay.  I don’t think I have been for a while. I don’t sleep much anymore. I don’t eat. I look like shit. I’ve had purple lines under my eyes since that first night Eric went into the hospital and I didn’t sleep.  I don’t have energy for much of anything anymore. I’m listless and apathetic.  I snap at people at the drop of a hat. I go to work. I come home from work. I pretend to unpack. I go to bed at eight. I fall asleep around one or two. I get up. I go to work. I come home from work and on and on it goes. That pressure building. The pieces cracking.

You can read the rest of the post here, at Klune’s blog. I left a comment that I hope helps. But I also know deep down there’s nothing anyone can really say or do to make it better. Only time can do that.

John Barrowman Flirts W/Straight Guy

Last week John Barrowman made headlines when he kissed a guy in public at the games in Glasgow. I saw it popping up everywhere on social media but I didn’t post about it because it seemed a bit planned…as if he’d executed this move to gain publicity. I also wasn’t sure about that, so I just passed completely on the story. But this time I had to post something because it’s so unusual. You don’t hear about gay guys flirting with straight guys all the time.

In place to chat with the site TV Fanatic, Barrowman was initially more interested in flirting with a straight cameraman filming the interview than answering questions about the upcoming season.

‘He’s really cute,’ Barrowman says into the camera. ‘If you haven’t seen him, he’s really, really cute. He’s got nice, curly hair. … He’s dressed in nice shorts and he’s got a … T-shirt on – he looks like he’s got good guns.’

Barrowman then asks the cameraman, whose name is Eric, to show him the size of his open hand and then seemed pleased with what he saw.

You can read more here. The comments seem to be varied about this one.

It sounds as if Barrowman was joking around. But even if he wasn’t I still think it’s interesting because so-called straight guys have been flirting with gay guys forever and no one ever seems to find anything wrong with that…mainly because most people don’t even know the straight guys are doing it.

No More Gay Ghettos?

This article talks about gay neighborhoods turning straight…or at least not being completely gay anymore. I don’t know why they think this is something new. It’s happened in New York City neighborhoods more times than I can count. At one time the West Village in NY was completely about gay culture. Then it transitioned into what has now become a billion dollar neighborhood filled with everyone. It’s even been happening here, in New Hope, PA, where I live. At one time New Hope was so filled with gay culture there were dark cruising spots under the bridges in town along the towpath. Now you wouldn’t think to cruise there because the town has become so heteronormative it just wouldn’t work anymore. Plus, you’d probably get arrested now, too.

In any event, they seem to think this is a good thing.

“For gay people, they no longer feel like they need a safe space because they feel safe anywhere,” Ghaziani says. “At the same time, as the stigma against homosexuality eases, more straight people feel comfortable moving into these areas, more so than they have in the past when they have perceived these populations as more stigmatized than they do now.”

You can read more here.

I think it’s inevitable. In fact, I have two very close friends…a gay couple who’ve been together for forty years…who flatly refuse to live in a gay ghetto.

Four Gay Weddings and a Funeral
by Ryan Field

Beyonce’s Top; M/M Support for Authors; Dell Blocks Gay Web Sites

Beyoncé’s Top

After handing out more than thirty five thousand dollars in gift cards a few days ago to Wal-Mart customers, Beyoncé has done it again with a new video that surfaced and proven she cares about her fans deeply and that she’s at the top of her game. This time Beyonce made a dying teen’s wish come true at a concert.

Taylon, whose last name and age have not been released, is suffering from inoperable brain cancer and her dying wish was to dance with the mega-star.

After learning of her wish, The Philanthropy Program Partnerships made it happen and organised for the youngster to meet and dance with her idol.

You can read more here. You can watch the video there, too. In this case, you can tell when someone really cares. It’s just all over both of their expressions.

M/M Support for Authors

Here’s an update on M/M author, Eric Arvin, who is going through a serious health crisis right now, and at this moment (I think) undergoing brain surgery. I only have an overview of the medical issues and I don’t want to post anything inaccurate, so I won’t go into detail about them now. But his health issues are serious and I’ve been amazed to see how readers and other authors continue to support Arvin, and his partner, T.J. Klune.

I think most of us have gone through fairly serious health issues with family members, so we know. I’ve been through my share with Tony. And reading and seeing all the emotion and support for both Arvin and Klune has left me speechless more than once. It’s just mind blowing how people in this genre have reacted with so much love. And it really hits home for me because I know what Klune is going through right now. I’ve been there and it’s a strange place to be. To watch someone else go through it isn’t easy. You act and react on instinct and raw nerves. It’s like being in a long term state of shock and you focus on the most important things at hand and everything else seems to diminish. All of this is happening on social media. There’s also a fund set up to help offset medical costs, and all kinds of other things that happen during times like this.

It’s also a little strange for me to watch all this unfold because I don’t know Klune or Arvin very well. I’ve only noticed things on social media and how T.J. Klune seems to have an interesting way with people most authors don’t have. But in my recent release for a book I wrote months ago, Cowboy Christmas Miracle, one of the main characters in the story goes through a serious health crisis in fiction that’s a lot like what Arvin is going through right now in real life. I’d never done anything like that before in a book because I don’t like to go that deep with emotions too often. It’s not only draining to write about, but also tends to darken a romance if it’s not done with care. I gave my characters a happy ending, and I’m hoping the very same for Arvin and Klune.

And, another author I know, Jill Elaine Hughes, spent the holidays in the hospital with her infant. Jill is a seasoned writer who has been around for a long time and she’s written M/M romance and recently a few new adult novels. She’s also a great mom who balances a full time writing career and a family, and I think all moms will agree there’s probably nothing worse than seeing your child hospitalized. And I just wanted to mention her and offer some support, too.

Dell Blocks Gay Web Sites

This is interesting because I’ve seen this discussion over and over again…all my life. Even when something isn’t deemed adult content and is rated G, there are people who think ALL gay content is unsafe and harmful just because it is gay content. In other words, a web site could write and post about LGBT people who are deeply religious, and that content would still be considered not suitable for children.

And now Dell and other companies are feeding into that mindset:

Leading computer companies are helping anti-LGBTI people to block public access to ‘gay and lesbian’ websites – including vital services. The policy, including at Dell, has been condemned as ‘incredibly poor business sense’ and dangerous for vulnerable people.

But more interesting than that, two companies are known to support LGBT people in public and yet they are also supporting a product designed to filter out gay content altogether.

You can read the details here.

I have to think about this one for a while. If I could block and filter the Bristol Palin types of the world I wouldn’t mind them blocking and filtering me.

But that’s not how things work. The bigger picture here is that ALL LGBT content is considered porn in some places, by some people and no one’s blocking the Bristol Palin types. I’ve seen it with books and the way books are sold and categorized. A perfectly harmless little love story with no sex at all could be classified as porn just because of gay content.