THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING is the sequel to THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE, and the first sequel I’ve ever done. I usually like ending a book and then moving on to something else. But I loved these characters so much I couldn’t stop thinking about them. So I asked the publisher if I could do a sequel and they agreed. But I don’t think it will be a series. This one is the final book with Luis and Jase.

It’s set in Alaska, a state I love for many reasons. I posted a synopsis below. And I’ll be posting an unpublished excerpt soon.

In this romantic sequel to The Virgin Billionaire, Luis and Jase are living happily-ever-after in Jase’s luxurious apartment in Trump Tower. It’s been almost one year since Luis’s unfortunate incident involving a drug dealer and the law, and they’ve been building a solid relationship based on love and mutual respect. They have engagement rings and are planning a small wedding ceremony in Vermont.
For all intents and purposes, life is perfect. Then Jase decides it’s time for Luis to meet his family in Alaska and announce their wedding plans. Though Luis is worried about how Jase’s family will accept him, not to mention the fact that he’s terrified of flying, he agrees to get on a plane and meet his new in-laws.
Only when they arrive in Alaska, nothing goes as Luis had hoped it would…
As Luis learns things about Jase he never knew existed, Jase’s handsome best friend is moving back home to set up a medical practice. He’s come out of the closet, he’s left his lover in Los Angeles, and he’s starting a new life. And Luis can’t help noticing this guy is still in love with Jase…
While the frustration mounts, Luis begins to doubt the strength of his relationship with Jase. And when Jase’s father finally drops a bomb about his past the day before their wedding, Luis isn’t sure he can go through with it.
When a quick trip home turns into a nightmare, will Jase and Luis be able to salvage the love they thought they had? Or will a controlling father and a few past mistakes destroy the best thing that’s ever happened to them?

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