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Just Found a Great New Blog: Suzy Gershman

When I’m not promoting my books here, I’m usually scanning for new blogs that pique my interest. And this morning I found one I love. It’s written by Suzy Gershman, author of guides and magazine articles, and even a few TV spots. What caught my eye was one post in particular, where Suzy has a photo of orange pansies. Here in Bucks County, PA, you don’t find orange pansies often. I only found them one year, about six years ago, at a local flea market. But I haven’t seen them since then. I like to mix them with purple and blue. There’s something about the orange, from a distance, that really makes them pop.

But Suzy writes about many things on her blog. And she’s writing her blog the way a blog should be written (not like me…grin). It’s a nice mix of personal, info about shopping, and the way she lives her life. I can’t recommend it enough. And I’m going to be a regular follower.