Guess Who Just Edited An Erotic Romance?

The other day someone told me the most unlikely book reviewer on the Interwebs was contracted to edit an anthology of erotic romance stories. Though it probably shouldn’t, this announcement surprised me because this same person has been attacking erotic romance authors for a long time. And, she has a crew of beige drones following her around cyberspace.

I’m not talking about giving out fair, honest reviews about not liking various erotic romances. I’m talking about roasting books in public, making fun of erotic romance authors in public, and abusing social media…to the point of driving a few authors I know to the brink of psychological despair.

My parents are therapists and I once asked them what motivates an anonymous book reviewer to behave this way. They both responded the same way, without even knowing all the facts: sometimes people are just plain rotten to the core and there are no explanations. That was good enough for me.

There are a lot of new authors out there who are learning, and creating what they believe is good erotic romance. They are learning how to deal with criticism in all its forms. And they don’t know how to handle honest rejection yet, let alone a vicious attack by a devious reviewer who does it for sport.

And now, ironically, this same reviewer has an erotic romance coming out, the very sub-genre this reviewer has been blasting for years. But I’m going to wait until this anthology is released to make any comments at all. Who knows? It might be great. And I’d hate to jump to conclusions, for the sake of the authors in the anthology. In all likelihood, I’ll take the high road and I won’t even review it or comment on it…unless there are fundamental flaws in writing styles or something I know can be backed up with fact.

Then again, I might not even bother. Some things just aren’t worth the energy wasted and total dismissal is usually the best approach.

Eight Things Gays Still Can’t Do…

Rather than post something long here, I’m linking to the article and listing the 8 things gay men still can’t do below.

This is what I’m talking about when I get annoyed, slightly, when I hear people in the m/m fiction world tell me how wonderful things are and how many choices gay men still have. Yes, we do have more choices than ever before. But we’re far from equal.

I’ve added my own comments beside the titles. But I think it’s worth reading the entire article. And I could probably come up with 8 other things if I really wanted to.

No Legal Equal Employment…This has been around as long as I can remember. And, women are still fighting for the same rights. So we’re not alone.

Can’t donate blood…This one amazes me, as if gay men are the only people who can transmit the HIV virus. As far as I know, anyone can.

Still can’t adopt in some states…If you met my hideous ex-sister-in-law (my poor straight brother made a huge mistake back when), and you saw the way she screws up her kids, you’d be happy to have to stable gay men adopting kids.

Educational discrimination based on sexual orientation…This one made me wonder at first. But if you read the article, you’ll see it’s valid.

Housing Discrimination: LGBTs Can’t Live In Certain Communities…Well, trust me, there are certain communities I don’t want to live in either. I think the right address is important. But no one should be cast aside for any reason. This is America.

Same sex marriage not allowed in most states…It would be great if all states passed same sex marriage. But we need it more in a federal level, not just on a state level. Those inheritance taxes are brutal.

Gay men can’t be scout leaders…I’ve never even wanted to be a scout. But I’m sure there are gay men who’d get into this, and how unfair to see they can’t.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repealed!… In A Year?…This doesn’t surprise me in the least. It shows how our politicians are always more interested in campaigning than fighting for equality. Mark my words, one of these days a smart politicain is going to come along and promise change…real change…and he or she is going to go down in history.

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