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Michael Nava Running for Judge in San Fran…

I’m not very political…not often that is (big grin). But when I see someone running for office that I think is in tune with my beliefs, I think it’s important to support them. Michael Nava is an openly gay writer who is running for judge in San Francisco. I’m posting information below from his web site, and links to other sources of information about him. Even though many of us don’t live in the San Francisco area, I think it’s important to support LGBT candidates everywhere, especially now that we’re all linked through social networking and the Internet.

For 28 years, I have dedicated my legal career to achieving a fairer and more representative legal system. My deep experience in the law and deep respect for our legal system brought me to work for Supreme Court Justice Carlos R. Moreno as a Supreme Court attorney, where I deal with complex legal issues in cases of statewide significance on the country’s most active and well-respected courts.

My commitment to public service, desire to help create a system that works for all people, and my work as an advocate for diversity in the legal profession and the courts inspired my decision to run for San Francisco Superior Court Judge in June of 2010.

I hope you will join my campaign and continue to visit our website for updates on how you can get involved.

From Facebook: Crime novelist Michael Nava, an openly gay staff attorney for California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno, has spent the last four years patiently waiting for an appointment to an appellate court seat. But so far Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has passed him over each time a vacancy has arisen on San Francisco’s 1st District Court of Appeal.