New Bad Boy Billionaire Release July 26th; Silicon Valley Sex Scandal

New Bad Boy Billionaire Release July 26th; Silicon Valley Sex Scandal

Right now I’m actually working on the last book in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, “Small Town Romance Writer,” which is running way over word count and will probably wind up being close to 100,000 words this time. I hate giving a word count to any book because most of the time the characters usually drive me as much as I drive them through the storyline. And in this book, which covers a span of about twenty years, I didn’t even realize I’d reached the halfway point at 52,000 words. The basic theme revolves around two best friends who meet at the storied Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where one takes the path of writing steamy gay fiction for money and the other writes literary gay fiction for academic praise. It’s how their lives evolve and connect that makes the plot so involved, and makes this book much longer than others in the series.

In any event, I don’t have a release date for that one yet, but all the other books have been finished and submitted to the publisher, and on July 26th the next book will be released, which I’m told will be Bad Boy Billionaires: The Silicon Valley Sex Scandal.

As a side note, more than a few have e-mailed me about whether or not the books in the Bad Boy Billionaire series have to be read in order. They don’t. Each book is a stand alone, and each book focuses on a different theme and set of circumstances.

And, I will be posting more very soon about the release date of The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance. Contracts are in, edits have been approved, and it’s off to copy editing for a final read.

Here’s the blurb for The Silicon Valley Sex Scandal.

Shannon Winn is known as the world’s most capricious gay billionaire and the owner of the world’s safest, coolest social media web site, When Shannon meets a guy named Terry on his own web site, he considers it fun and games, not looking for a relationship.

And that’s because Shannon already has an open relationship with his personal assistant, Justin. Although they aren’t committed to each other, Shannon’s not looking to meet anyone else for love. This bad boy just wants to fool around with Terry and forget all about him the next day.

It’s unfortunate for Shannon that Terry doesn’t realize this, because after their first and only time together Terry not only falls in love with Shannon, he begins to stalk him and imagine them as a couple. In the course of one week, Terry follows Shannon’s every move, showing up unexpectedly and seducing Shannon with great success.

When bad boy Shannon finally realizes the fatal mistakes he’s made with Terry, and he knows for certain he’s really in love with Justin, it just might be too late for them. Will Terry’s crazed infatuation with Shannon ruin Shannon’s chances of true love with Justin? And will delusional Terry finally snap and kill them all?