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I’m Not Very Political…BUT

I live just outside a small artist colony, New Hope, PA. New Hope is known for it’s famous artists, furniture designers, and writers. Dorothy Parker had a home about fifteen miles away from mine. Moss Hart owned a weekend farm about three miles down the road. And New Hope was once a well known theater town, where all the newest Broadway shows played before they went to New York back in the middle of the last century.

New Hope is located between Philadelphia and New York. But I spend a lot more time in Philadelphia than I do in New York. My doctors are in Philly, I shop in Philly, and I know the city well. Even our local news channels come from Philadelphia and we are generally considered the northern part of the Philadelphia area.

And when I heard that Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia is going to enforce a new tax on soda and trash pick up within the city, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. And not just a tax on all soda; just regular soda that contains sugar. I think they are even going so far as to tax all “sugary drinks.”

I don’t even drink soda or any other sugary drinks and I’m shocked, because if they can enforce a tax like this on something as simple as soda, there’s no end to what they can tax next. And I don’t want to hear about the fact that drinking sugary drinks causes obesity. So don’t even try to leave a comment about that here. I’m tired of hearing about obesity. There’s only one thing that causes obesity in America or anywhere else: overeating. And taxing soda and all other sugary drinks isn’t going to make anyone thinner or healthier. Eating less food is the only thing that is going to do that.