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Ryan Field New Backlist Releases

Ryan Field New Backlist Releases

I hate writing blog post titles like the one above, but if you know blogging it’s important to title and tag a post a certain way for search engines. I would rather have just titled this post “New Releases” and left it at that.

And here they are, as I’m getting the notifications from Amazon daily:

A Young Widow’s Promise link

This is a pg rated erotic romance with a straight female main character and a gay sub-plot. It’s a novella and I think it’s about 30,000 words. It’s also a civil war historical and the setting of the novel is something I researched in detail. It all takes place on the New Jersey/Delaware border, where at one time there was a prison that held confederate prisoners of war. Felecia, the main character, falls in love with a confederate solider after losing her husband and sons in the war. She’s also taken it upon herself to dig graves on the front lawn of her home for as many dead confederate prisoners of war as possible. I’m adding the blurb to this one because it’s very different from anything I’ve done before.


Felecia Roundtree is thirty-seven years old, she’s already lost her husband in battle, and prays each morning her two young sons live to see another day. With her own two hands, she’s turned the front of her property at remote Locust Point, NJ, into a burial ground for unknown Confederate prisoners of war, hoping someone will return a kind gesture to her own loved ones. Then one morning in August, just after she has a vision of her dead husband, three Confederate prisoners of war turn up at her doorstep begging for mercy. One is near death; the other two aren’t much better. Though she’s reluctant at first to help the enemy, she offers them food and shelter, and then eventually begins the romance of her lifetime with a young old Confederate named Calvin. When she learns a deep dark secret about the other two Confederates, she’s not sure what to think. Felecia has no idea she’s even falling in love. Nor does she realize she’s preserving an important part of American History. But she’s true to her promise every step of the way.

Billabong Bang link A short erotic romance with a multi-race character.

Another Regular Bud link A short erotic romance sequel to A Regular Bud.

Babycakes link A short erotic romance set in Australia in the Daintree Forest that was once published by Alyson Books.

Bury It, Officer link A short erotic romance with a hint of light BDSM and shoe fetish. Also in a previously pubbed anthology edited by Cleis Press and Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza link This is a pg rated gay romance without a lot of sex. It was originally pubbed in a different version about ten years ago in an Alyson Books anthology. It is in no way associated with a m/m romance titled Strawberries and Cream. As you can see, this story was released a while ago, long before Strawberries and Cream was even a thought.

That Cowboy in the Window link  A short erotic romance with a gender bending twist, about a transgender who can actually pass as a woman without a single issue. The ending is happy, but not in the way most might expect.

That’s it for now. All of the above titles are on Amazon for .99, and will be for at least the next three months.


I was pleasantly surprised tonight when I opened an e-mail from coffee time romance regarding another review for STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AT THE PLAZA.

This was one of those short stories I didn’t expect to get much attention. There’s no sex in it, it focuses more on love and romance than anything I’ve ever written before, and the characters are simple, ordinary people who fall in love for the first time. I like to know that I can write anything in any genre, with or without sex, gay or straight. And though this book didn’t sell nearly as many copies as my other books, It’s been an extremely rewarding experience for me. And one day, if I ever decide to write anything mainstream under a pen name, I’m going to use this book as my muse.

It seems to be hitting a spot with some reviewers, and I’m extremely thankful to them for these reviews. Especially thankful to Lototy at Coffee Time Romance. And the interesting thing is there was another m/m romance released with a similar name around the same time I released this story. It’s interesting because my story was originally published in an anthology many years ago by, I think, Alyson Books under a different title.

Here’s the link to the review, and here’s the review below.
ISBN: 978-1-60054-486-6
May 2010
loveyoudivine Alterotica
20 Pages
M/M Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The life of a freelance writer can get pretty lonely, and Kellan is realizing just how much he has let the world pass him by.

He just writes about life on his blog, and Jason Patriot settles for nothing less than total honesty.

Making the decision to get back into the dating game is not as easy as it would seem, but Kellan knows the only way to have a real relationship is to get out there. He comes across Jason’s blog during research for his latest article, and feels like this is someone he would really like to meet. Their impromptu date segues into hours of talking, sharing, and totally enjoying each other’s company, but Kellan fears if things go too fast too soon, they could damage what looks to be a wonderful beginning.

Much like the blog Jason writes, this story is creative, honest, and entirely realistic. This just feels exactly what it is like to meet someone new, have that tingle of attraction, and hope those feelings are reciprocated. There is nothing complicated or convoluted about Jason and Kellan, and it only makes you want to know more. I love the simplicity and straightforward approach this story takes, and am as always overjoyed to read anything by Mr. Field.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza: a Review by Gerry Burnie

I posted a short list of the book review sites a week or so ago that I often check out when I’m looking into buying a book. And when I mentioned that I often read Gerry Burnie’s reviews for lgbt books (especially historicals, which I know nothing about), Gerry decided to review one of my books. Check out the link and check out all of Gerry’s reviews; the full review is below.

The book he reviewed is a short story e-book titled, STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AT THE PLAZA, and I’m thrilled to see that he liked it. This story is one of the few things I’ve ever written in the first person, and also one of the few things I’ve ever written where there’s almost no erotica at all.

I received flack from some of my readers about there not being any erotica in the book. But sometimes a story just doesn’t call for too many erotic scenes. And with this story, an overkill of erotica wouldn’t have worked.

Sometimes fate really does work in your favour … Well, in fiction, anyway. That’s the premise behind Ryan Field’s charming short story, Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza [loveyoudivine Alterotica, 2010], and it comes across quite delightfully.

The main character, Kellan—a free lance writer and first-person narrator—is given a writing assignment to review a blog authored by Jason Patriot. Impressed by what he sees he contacts the writer to set up an interview, choosing a neutral place to meet in Central Park. They meet, and as these things sometimes do, events progress to where Patriot invites Kellan—not to bed—but to the dining room of luxurious Plaza Hotel for strawberries and Cream.

To reveal more of the story line would be a bit of a spoiler, but I can say that the narrative flows like strawberries and cream, and the story is as tasteful as a sprinkle of sugar. If I have a quibble it would be that the ending is a bit truncated without a satisfying resolution.

Enthusiastically recommended for a short read. Four stars

Five Diamond Review From Got Romance Reviews

This was going to be a one post day, but I was just tagged on facebook with this review from Got Romance Reviews.

I’m mostly thrilled now that I can put up the Got Romance Banner here on the blog. I love that banner, and I’ve never had a book reviewed by them before. And I’m also happy because this short story e-book, STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AT THE PLAZA, is one of the few works of fiction I’ve ever written in the first person. It’s also one of the few books I’ve written with practically no erotica. Oddly, it’s more difficult for me to write something with emotion that doesn’t have erotica.

Big thank you to Jillian over at Got Romance Reviews!!

I loved this story. Flat out adored it. The emotions were so pure and the writing was some of the best I’ve seen, which is refreshing and gave me the opportunity to enjoy the story without my internal editor flashing. Telling a story in first person POV can be tricky, since the reader may not get a sound idea of what the character telling the story is like, except through his eyes. However, the author did a superb job of giving the reader a very good visual of who Kellan is. And the descriptions of the other hero, Jason, were so detailed, with layers that proved how great a writer Ryan Field is.

The story itself was a wonderful, if very short, journey of discovery. Kellan wants more than sex…he wants a deeper and more meaningful connection. The fact that he finds it right under (or above, as the case may be) his nose, is so perfect. Truth is stranger than fiction and even though this story is fiction, I was able to suspend disbelief without any problem whatsoever because I truly wanted these two men to find and fall for each other. Kudos to the author and I’ll definitely be looking for more from him. This earned every diamond!


Sometimes we think of things we wish we had done after a book or short story e-book has already been published. And while I was going through files this morning looking for a pdf for STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AT THE PLAZA I wanted to send to a reviewer, I read a quote inside the book I wished I’d used as the tag line on the cover of the book.

It’s too late to do anything about it now. But if there were a way to change it, this is how the tag line would read:

Excerpt/quote from “Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza” …”People born with money often spend a lifetime apologizing for it; whereas people who earn their own money spend the rest of their lives making other people apologize to them“…

Why I Give Details About a Book

I read the other day on one well known romance review blog that one reviewer in particular doesn’t like to read author blogs because she doesn’t want to be influenced by what authors have to say about their books. She wants to decide for herself, and interpret the book for herself. Well, I say with a huge smile….blah, blah, blah 🙂 Get over yourself. Authors don’t write about their books on their blogs to influence people. Authors write about their books to help people decide whether or not they are interested in buying their books. It’s a tight economy for most people, and if I didn’t give details of what my books were about, I’d feel as though I’m letting people down. To take it one more step, I receive e-mails from readers asking for more information about my books all the time. A few people even ask me to spoil the ending. If this is what they want, I’m more than happy to help them out. One nice woman even decided not to buy one book after I told her the ending. She didn’t like the ending and said she wouldn’t be interested in reading the book. This didn’t bother me in the least, and I’m glad she e-mailed and asked so she wasn’t disappointed.

Part of my job as an author is to explain my books in as much detail as possible, without giving spoilers (I will if someone requests one, though) Personally, I love to read other author blogs and I love to get an in-depth look at what motivated the author, what to expect before I buy a book, and how the author would like to see the book interpreted. And frankly this never influences the way I interpret a book. But I guess to each his (her) own.

I’ve written a lot about STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AT THE PLAZA. And I’m not trying to influence anyone. I’m just trying to give readers as many details as I can. This book is a romance. There are a few minor erotic sections. But not many. And I want people who read only erotica to know and understand this. I don’t, however, want them to think I’m trying to tell them how to interpret the book. I believe people are smart enough to do this on their own, in spite of anything I write on this blog.


My new stand alone, STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AT THE PLAZA, was just released today and I wanted to post something quick. This is different from my other books. It’s not as erotic and the heat level is much lower. It is, however, probably the most romantic story I’ve written in a long time. And, another version of it was published in a romance anthology by Alyson Books a few years back. This time I added a few extra perks to the storyline and changed the style in ways I wasn’t allowed to do before because I didn’t have creative control over the final edit. I’m happy with the final project now; I hope readers are, too. Below is a blurb. I’ll post excerpts sometime next week.

Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day Weekend.

Handsome, young Kellan works too hard and doesn’t spend enough time meeting new men. Deep down, he’s an old-fashioned guy who believes in romance and true love. He’s tired of sex for the sake of sex and wonders about whether or not he’ll ever meet the man of his dreams and fall in love. Though he’s willing to put his heart on the line to start a new relationship, the men he’s been seeing aren’t interested. Until he finally comes in contact with a nice young guy he never expected to meet. They exchange a few e-mails, set up a date to meet in Central Park, and wind up spending a wonderful Sunday morning together that ends at The Plaza Hotel where they dine on strawberries and cream. After that, they discover a connection neither one of them could have predicted. And though they are extremely attracted to each other, Kellan is adamant about getting to know the man he’s falling in love with first before they jump into bed together.