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Straight Guys Who Wish They Were Gay; Finding the Larger Gay Universe; Sam Callahan Apologizes For Leaked GIFs

Straight Guys Who Wish They Were Gay

One of the things I try to do when I’m linking to other articles is to show what’s happening in LGBT news, and how LGBT news is evolving. Sometimes, however, the only way to approach these articles is with sarcasm, and to take them all in the spirit of good fun.

With that said…

Call it progress or mere stupidity, but it turns out a lot of straight guys spend actual moments of their lives wishing they were gay.

And while very few of the below reasons dug up on Whisper ring particularly healthy or legitimate, we can certainly understand the appeal these days.

Here’s the rest of it. It’s one of those meme pieces, with quotes from alleged straight guys.

One comment said this…

I’m sure all of these quotes are off-handed jokes. The one comment that being gay would “be easier” is somewhat laughable. Most gay people -especially those just coming out of the closet wouldn’t agree w/ this – and any straight person w/ a brain would recognize this as a joke as well.

Finding the Larger Gay Universe

Here’s an “artistic” link that revolves around gay men in a box…literally and figuratively, in a box.

Ron Amato is a New York-based photographer. Much of his work centers around issues of male beauty, aging, same-sex attraction, and body image in the gay community. His latest project, “The Box,” explores themes of self-discovery and community building.

You can check the images out here. The artist is trying to discover the “larger gay universe.” And, he’s putting all these together as a book through his crowdfunding campaign. If you want to give him your hard-earned money to help him find the” larger gay universe,” there is a link to his kickstarter campaign where you can contribute. The photos are actually interesting.

Sam Callahan Apologizes For Leaked GIFs

Now don’t get too excited over this one. The Hollywooders think we don’t know what they’re doing.

I hate to say it, but another D-lister from the X-Fator had his photos leaked…photos of his half naked body that you know he never wanted anyone in the world to see.

I was young and foolish back then, unfortunately I wrongly trusted the person I was speaking to at the time and was completely betrayed and catfished.

It’s not something that would happen now. I’m way too focused and driven to put myself in that risky situation, but I guess we live and learn.”

This one is here, and here’s one of the comments…

How many times must these guys say they were simply young and foolish and really did not know what they were doing? So effing tired of these face-saving lies.

Chase of a Lifetime