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Male Full Frontal Nudity Movie "The Overnight," Steve Grand Admits Some Mistakes, Landlord Gets Caught Having Gay Sex

Male Full Frontal Nudity Movie “The Overnight”

Last night I caught a film on Netflix called The Overnight. And without even realizing it, I was shocked to see a few scenes with male full frontal nudity.

It’s a good movie, too. And the full frontal nudity is actually part of the storyline. It’s not just there for the sake of nudity. In other words, without giving out spoilers, you need to see the full frontal to believe it.

The storyline reminded me of a modern day, loosely translated, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. It’s listed as a comedy, and there are a few scenes where you’ll laugh in spite of yourself.

You can read more about it here at IMDb, and check out the cast. 

And, there are homoerotic moments, without any sappy gay stereotypes at all. This time Hollywood got it right.

I think most people would like it.

 Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

Steve Grand Admits Some Mistakes

I love Steve Grand, and I love everything he does, so in order to remain objective I’m just linking to this one…with only a few short comments.

Sometimes I definitely had dark moments where I wondered, “Would I have been better off if I just worked in a cubicle or something?”

Audience members – almost all male – answered the question for the 26 year old by shouting ‘No! No!’
Grand went on to say: ‘I was making such a big mess out there! Of course when you are learning stuff you make a lot of mistakes and I made a lot of mistakes – said a lot of stupid sh*t.’
I don’t think he made a mess. I don’t think he’s lost any fans either. In fact, I think we need to support him even more now.
Landlord Gets Caught Having Gay Sex
A landlord who rented out an apartment to a straight couple was caught having sex in that apartment, while the straight couple was away, by their motion detection cameras. 
Because it serves as a security system, Pierce received an alarm on his phone, saying the Nest system had detected noise in the apartment.
When he went to check the video feed, he saw his landlord and another man having sex on the married couple’s bed.

The Smoking Gun, whom Pierce supplied with the explicit six-minute clip, say the video shows the men ‘removing their pants immediately upon entering the room and then climbing atop the bed.’

The rest is here. This gets even worse when they describe what happened after the sloppy oral and anal sex and it was time to clean up the mess. There’s a screen shot of the video at both links above.

This is another reason why I love, and I have, surveillance cameras.