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Purchasing Used Books on Ebay For More Money…

Here’s something I don’t get. If anyone wants to comment and explain, I welcome their thoughts.

Sometimes people point me to web sites where my books are being sold. And this morning someone pointed me to ebay, at this link, where bidding just ended for THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE.

I have no problem with anyone selling my books on ebay. But what I don’t get is why anyone would spend more money on ebay for a used book when they can get a new book on amazon cheaper.

Maybe I’m missing something here. If I’m not, then I hope readers are aware of the fact that most my books can be purchased at amazon in print, not just as e-books. And from what I’ve seen today, they can be purchased cheaper.

I’m not sure, but I would imagine my used books are also for sale on amazon. Which makes me wonder even more why anyone would bid on, and buy, a used book on ebay for more money.

This might fall under the category of reader beware. If it does, please check out all your book buying options before you make a purchase. As a reader, I never buy the first book I see, print or digital. I shop around first to see who is offering the best deal. Most of the time, like them or not, it’s amazon when it comes to print books.