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Book Excerpt: ALL ABOUT YVES

Though ALL ABOUT YVES is loosely based on the old movie, “All About Eve,” the book revolves around the fashion and modeling industry instead of the theater industry, it captures many of the experiences young gay men have when they are trying to break into the modeling industry, and both the male leads in the book are gay men.

On all the e-book web sites, including amazon, there’s an excerpt from the first chapter. But I wanted to add one here on the blog that hasn’t been published anywhere. This is from a scene where Marco finally realizes that Yves is stabbing him in the back, and he’s not taking it well.
“There’s nothing laughable about a male model getting older,” Marco said. He walked up to Frazier and pointed at him. He jabbed Frazier’s chest with his finger a few times. “And while we’re talking about obsessions, I’m sick and tired of the way sweet young Yves follows me around and mimics my every move. When he’s not watching the way I walk, he’s watching how I dress and how I hold a glass. I’ve. Fucking. Had it.”

“He’s just in awe of you,” Frazier said. “How can you be so sadistic to someone so gentle and decent and kind-hearted?”
“I’ve always managed to maintain a balance between my public persona and my private persona,” Marco said. “And I intend to continue doing just that. There are certain things about my life I’m not willing to share with the public or anyone else, including some fucking little cunt named Yves.”
“For example?”
“For example: you,” Marco said. “You’re my partner, my lover, and my husband. And I’m not allowing a sneaky little climber like Yves Marisano to stick his claws into your back so easily.”
Frazier smiled and crossed to where Marco was standing. “I know this is when I’m supposed to reassure you and baby you. But you’re not a teenager, Marco. You’re almost a middle aged man.”
“Watch it Frazier,” Marco said. “I’m not joking.” He hated being called middle aged.
“And frankly I resent the fact you’d even think I’m interested in taking advantage of a nice young man like Yves,” Frazier said. “I know you’ve always had to fight hard, but I’m not going to let you stick your vicious claws into me for no reason, and I’m not going to let you stick them into poor Yves either.”
Marco took a deep breath and turned his back on Frazier. “What about his claws?” He spoke through clenched teeth.
“He doesn’t even have claws yet,” Frazier said. “He’s too young and sincere to even know how to defend himself against someone with your experience. He’s just a star struck kid who worships the ground you walk on. He’s never made an inappropriate comment or advance to me. The only thing he ever talks about is how much he admires you and the fashion empire we’ve created. The fact that we’re even arguing about this is insane.”
Marco banged his fists on the bar. He tried to lower his voice, but he was too furious to do anything but shout. “So I guess I should just ignore everything and start taking those Prozac pills everyone else takes. Let me tell you one thing…”
“Marco,” Yves said, appearing in the doorway. “I checked on the canopies and everything in the kitchen is fine.”