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Soap Star Eileen Fulton Performs at The Metropolitan

Soap Star Eileen Fulton Performs at The Metropolitan

Update; From my inbox:

I just found out that we are going to have to postpone Eileen and Richard’s event due to a scheduling conflict. The charity event that you kindly posted has now been moved to 2/16/13 7PM. I’m thrilled. Now I think I can go.

When I saw an e-mail about soap star Eileen Fulton in my in-box yesterday, I put everything aside to read it. When I owned my art gallery Fulton used to perform cabaret in New Hope and she would stay at the B&B next to my gallery and we got to know each other in passing and she turned out to be one of the warmest, nicest, people that ever crossed through my doors. I’ve seen her perform here, and in NY, and her shows are excellent because it’s not the typical cabaret venue you would expect. Fulton doesn’t just sing old standards. She chooses interesting works and acts them out on stage. She’s also a romance author, which gave us even more to talk about. Unfortunately, fifteen years ago we didn’t have cell phones with cameras to take photos.

I’m posting a press release now about a show Fulton is doing for charity that’s going to help Habitat for Humanity. I posted about Fulton here on the blog a while back.

From my inbox:


CONTACT: Richard Skipper(845)-365-0720

Sparkill, New York 10976

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 24th, 2013 7:00PM The Metropolitan Room 34 West 22nd Street, New York, NY $25 cover to benefit Habitat for Humanity (2 drink minimum) For Reservations: (212)-206-0440 In an exclusive event at The Metropolitan Room, successful entertainer and celebrity interviewer, Richard Skipper, will be sitting down for an intimate chat with Soap Star, Eileen Fulton. Discussing her career, personal endeavors, and the many talents she has worked closely with, the final fifteen minutes of the event will be dedicated to Ms. Fulton addressing questions directly from the audience members. After the event, Eileen will also be available in the downstairs area of the venue, for an opportunity to meet and greet fans and friends. This extraordinary interview and performance is one too reckon with! Imagine: Inside the Actor’s Studio; embellished by and carefully crafted with Richard Skipper’s dynamic, energetic, and unforgettable style.

A Background: Fulton and Skipper…If we were going to crown a queen of daytime drama, Eileen Fulton would be the obvious choice. As a star from As The World Turns for 50 years, she brought life to the scandalous and popular character audiences loved to hate – Lisa Grimaldi. After studying with some of New York’s top acting teachers and making memorable stage, film and TV appearances, Fulton was cast on the CBS soap, As The World Turns, in 1960. In 2003, Fulton was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime EMMYs, and remained a lovely fixture of daytime television until the show’s final broadcast in September, 2010. Richard Skipper is a popular entertainer, theater historian, and pop culture blogger. Having conducted over an impressive 525 interviews for his daily blog celebrating people in the arts (RICHARD SKIPPER CELEBRATES), he is currently writing a book to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Hello, Dolly!; based also on his award-winning website chronicling the Broadway classic. Skipper has covered several opening nights as the voice of Feinstein’s at Loews Regency and has conducted on-stage interviews for Julie Budd, Carol Channing, Jackie Joseph, Yelena Popovic, Carolyn Quinn – author of Mama Rose’s Turn – Tommy Tune, Ron Young, and Peggy Pope. Richard has also worn the hat of associate producer of the 2010, 2012, 2013 Bistro Awards, and has recently produced Peggy Herman’s CD Release Party at Feinsteins; an SRO success.

Skipper is also featured in Dori Berenstein’s documentary, CAROL CHANNING: LARGER THAN LIFE. Please call Richard Skipper for Press Inquiries 845-365-0720 A few Testimonials…Last night’s (Nov. 1, 20 book-signing by Carolyn Quinn of her book, “Mama Rose’s Turn”) had a full-to-capacity crowd in attendance as she gave an excellent interview and extended a tantalizing invitation to read her fact- filled and intriguing book. She also introduced to many of us, for the first time – Richard Skipper.

“His thought-provoking questions and comments, wittiness, sense of humor, and wonderful speaking voice made you feel like you wish you could have sat there for at least another hour…Kudos to Carolyn and to a new fond acquaintance, Richard Skipper”. -Tina Padas-Mavroudis. Elizabeth, New Jersey

“I was very glad I went to Richard Skipper’s event with Julie Budd at the Laurie Beechman Theater. Julie was the perfect guess — and she and the audience couldn’t have had a better interviewer than Richard. I felt like I was a guest at a fabulous luncheon and was privy to the Julie’s best stories and memories of her life as a person and entertainer. It was a great treat to see video clips and, of course, to hear Julie sing for all of us in attendence. She was glorious. AND this event celebrating Julie was a benefit for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Please be on the lookout for Richard Skipper’s future celebrations”. -Vicki Stivala, NYC

“Was such a pleasure attending your talk with Carolyn Quinn, Author of MAMA ROSE’S TURN! Very fun and informative. Keep up the great work Richard!” – Christophe Caballero, NYC

“A most wonderful evening with Richard Skipper celebrating Jackie Joseph! Time spent at these interviews gives one the opportunity of seeing a glimpse into the personal side of personalities that would never have the chance to… Thanks for a great time!” -Leslie Alter,

“NYC Richard Skipper did a great job November 1st, 2013 at Barnes & Noble, interviewing author Carolyn Quinn at the signing of her new book “Mama Rose’s Turn”! The evening came off brilliantly for both Carolyn and Richard. BRAVO!” – Loria Parker, Mineola, New York

Thoughts for Jeanne Cooper; "Not Young, Still Restless"

I’m not sure how many of my blog readers will know who Jeanne Cooper is (I’m betting a lot know), but she was always a huge influence in my life from afar. She was recently hospitalized in LA, listed in critical condition, and I just wanted to post a few thoughts about her and express hope for a fast recovery…and gratitude for all the things she’s given to her fans over the years.

CBS Los Angeles (CBSLA) first reported Cooper was hospitalized on Saturday, April 13 in Los Angeles. The 84-year-old reportedly is in the Intensive Care Unit, but her ailment has not been disclosed.

Jeanne Cooper has been a staple for years on the daytime TV show, The Young and the Restless. She is daytime TV as far as I’m concerned. She’s been playing Kay Chancellor since I learned how to walk. As a child, I remember Y&A on TV every single day because my mom always worked as a psychologist and we had a housekeeper who was devoted to Y&R. If it hadn’t been for Jeanne Cooper’s dramatic scenes, and her acting abilities, I wouldn’t even have noticed the TV show. Remember I was a kid.

But the moment Jeanne Cooper came on the screen it was as if the world stopped moving for everyone in the room. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soap star who could command that kind of attention since then. It was as if the screen lit up and came to life. From the words she spoke to the gestures she made with her hands she seemed to command attention. And her character, Kay, at the time was no saint either. But more than that, she was a strong female character when there weren’t many around. She ran Chancellor Industries with a proverbial iron fist, and she took lovers at will when that sort of thing wasn’t done much on TV. As I recall, she even had younger lovers when women didn’t do things like that.

Watching Jeanne Cooper in action, flashing those huge diamonds around, and then following the storyline of Y&A hooked me for life, and from there I found my love for romance novels and serials of all kinds. Yes, I’m am an addicted soap fan. It was inspiring. Jeanne Cooper was awesome. For a long time I wanted to be a soap actor, but realized I’m happier behind the scenes with a keyboard so I started writing gay romance. And the interesting thing about the part Cooper played wasn’t total escapism either. She tackled some serious topics over the years, from alcohol abuse to kidnapping. To put it mildly, she’s entertained and inspired millions and millions since then.

I hope she hasn’t been hospitalized for something too serious, and I hope we get to keep her for another twenty years at least.

You can read more here.

She has a book titled, “Not Young, Still Restless,” you can read more about here.

And you can check out her wiki page here. I find the best short bios around there.

 Wilma Jeanne Cooper (born October 25, 1928), best known as Jeanne Cooper, is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Katherine Chancellor on the daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. Though she was not on the series when the show debuted in March 1973, she made her onscreen debut in November of that year, and remains the longest-tenured actor on The Young and the Restless.[