LGBT romance SLEEPLESS IN SAN FRANCISCO on Best Seller List at ARE

I received an e-mail this morning that SLEEPLESS IN SAN FRANCISCO just hit number 8 on the web site. So I figured I’d post something. I’ve received tons of e-mails about this book, and almsot all (you can’t have it all 🙂 have been great.


Today is the release day for my new book, SLEEPLESS IN SAN FRANCISCO. As the title suggests, this is an GLBT twist on the old film, “Sleepless in Seattle.” But aside from the title and the fact that the story is set in San Francisco, there’s very little from the original movie in this book. And the synopsis below, which I think is very thorough, should give readers a good look at what’s inside. If you’re a fan of home improvement shows on TV, if your a fan of hot air balloons, and if you love romance with a happy ending, this book might be just what you’ve been looking for.

When young Noah Richardson sends an e-mail to the producers of the home renovation show “Dream Away,” he has no idea that the host of the show, Jonathan Haynes, will be intrigued and touched by his sad story. Noah, his father, and their black lab, Tucker, have recently relocated to San Francisco to start a fresh new life and heal their wounds. And their house is in dire need of renovation.

Jonathan Haynes is desperate to find an interesting house to film for the show. So he gets on a plane and flies to San Francisco the day after he reads Noah’s e-mail. But Jonathan soon finds out that Noah’s father, Ed, doesn’t know about Noah’s e-mail and he has to convince him to do the show. The fact that Ed and Jonathan wind up on the living room floor having passionate sex during their first meeting doesn’t help.

But Ed finally agrees to do the show. By the time construction begins, Ed and Jonathan can’t get enough of each other. They start having secret encounters to satisfy their desires, never realizing they are building a solid relationship at the same time.

Then a series of events takes control of their lives and changes them all forever. Ed’s not sure what to do. He’s in love with Jonathan, and he can’t get enough of Jonathan’s body. But he feels guilty about starting a new relationship with anyone. So he wrestles with the conflict and begs for a sign to help him decide what to do, which leads to a surprise ending that none of them could have predicted.