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Newest Release: SIR, YES SIR

SIR, YES SIR is my newest release with And just so it’s clear, this isn’t a romance. It has a happy ending and romance in the storyline. But this runs more along the lines of erotica. Another version of this story was pubbed in an anthology by STARbooks Press under a different title. I also added more layers to this version, and more character development. And, (smile), this time I made the choices about what remains and what doesn’t, not someone else.

Below is the blurb and tag line. It can be purchased here, or at any online e-book retail outlet.

When cousins are two of a kind, a handsome young private helps keep it all in the family.

Blurb: When good-looking young Buddy goes looking for fun near the military base, his heart is racing and his pants are tighter than ever. He stumbles upon a bar where the music is bawdy and the military boys are rough and ready to go. It all starts out with an innocent smile and a simple game of pool in the back room. But it winds up in an old recreational vehicle parked outside the bar, with two drunk, rowdy cousins who know how to kick off their black boots and give orders to their smooth little blond boy. And Buddy can’t wait to get down on his knees and follow their commands. His solitary goal is to please them both at the same time. It’s not about love and romance anymore. It’s about satisfaction, primal urges, and grown men with strong needs taking what they want without any apologies.