Next New Release: BILLABONG BANG

This short stand alone should be released about the first of the year. But here’s a sneak preview of the cover. I’m looking forward to it because it’s been in the making since last May. One of my editors went through a personal family crisis and we put this book aside for a while. I thought it was better to just set it aside and let her get to it when she was ready to work again. And I’m glad I did. It was worth the wait.
Good editors aren’t always easy to find, which is something I’ll post about very soon (smile).

Five New Book Releases This Month

Pardon the cliche, but when it rains it really does sometimes pour. I have five new releases coming out this month. One is a full length novel, two short story stand alones, one novella that’s part of a Christmas collection, and one Christmas short story that’s part of an anthology.

It’s been a busy fall, and I’ll post about each one as they come up. But the one I’m posting about today is one of the short story stand alones for The title is DIRTY LITTLE VIRGIN, and it’s just as smutty as it sounds. And although there is a little bit of modern romance in the story, it’s not what I would consider an absolute romance.

And…once again…just so it’s clear: this is not a full length novel. It’s a short story stand alone that will be priced accordingly (cheaper than a full length novel) and all the info will be written up in the product details on most web sites. If you shop at amazon, though, you might want to check out or allromanceebooks to read the product details. I love amazon, but I think they fall short when it comes to product details.

Buyer Beware? Huh?

KEVIN LOVES COWBOYS hit number one in the erotica category this week. This little short story stand alone surprised me even more than A REGULAR BUD did.

But I’d like to make it clear that this is gay erotica, not gay romance. And it’s a short story stand alone and not a full length romance novel. I noticed an Amazon a reviewer from a place called Broomall, Pennsylvania slammed KEVIN LOVES COWBOYS with a one star rating and a nasty review because he was under the impression it was a novel, not a short story. He even wrote something like “Buyer Beware,” as if we were trying to fool him on purpose.

How this guy didn’t see this is a short story is beyond me. It’s listed all over the web as a stand alone and no one’s trying to fool anyone into thinking it’s a full length novel. I’ve even posted about it here, on this blog, as a short story back when it was released. I can only assume this reader didn’t do his homework and doesn’t understand digital books yet. The price alone, $2.00, should have led him to believe it’s not a full length novel.

But you can’t win them all (smile).