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New Release: March 18th…YOU MISSED A SPOT, BIG GUY

Sometimes in publishing the stars are all aligned and everything works out just right. And that’s the way it’s been with this book…so far. No one’s reviewed it yet, so there’s always room for a glitch (smile).

YOU MISSED A SPOT, BIG GUY will be released on March 18th, this Friday. I’ll post more links when I get them. It’s a short story stand alone e-book that runs 5,000 words, it’s m/m erotica with a touch of romance, and it has a very happy ending with hope for the future. Another version of this story was once published in an erotic anthology by a print publisher. I can’t recall the name of the anthology right now. But this newly released version is longer, has more of my own personal touches that were originally edited out of the one for the print publisher, and I hope it has more emotion.

And I’d like to thank everyone at my publisher,, for allowing me the chance to publish my short stories as stand alone e-books. I’ve been writing and publishing short stories for many years. But they’ve always been included in anthologies and collections. Thanks to loveyoudivine I’m now able to release these stories on their own. And thanks to the readers who have been supporting me since I started doing this. You guys are my boss, I never take your comments for granted, and you’ve been speaking very loudly in the past five years and I’ve been trying hard to listen.