Release Day: You Missed a Spot, Big Guy

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You Missed a Spot Big GuyBy: Ryan Field Other books by Ryan FieldPublished By: loveyoudivineISBN # 5043_1015
Word Count: 5036Heat Index
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc), Rocket, Epub

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About the bookWhen a cute college guy named Rick takes a part time job keeping house for a newly divorced construction worker named David who has a ten year old son, Rick isn’t shy about wearing his tightest pants, his shortest shorts, and his most revealing underwear. Although Rick’s not certain whether or not David will care about what he’s wearing, Rick’s heart beats faster each time he gazes at David’s strong legs and heavy construction boots. When Rick steals quick glances at David’s tool belt, his knees go weak. And when the right circumstances occur and Rick can’t hold back his feelings for David any longer he seizes the opportunity to blatantly seduce him with cunning instincts.But David reacts in a way Rick hadn’t predicted. And though Rick isn’t sure at first about whether or not he’ll keep his part time job, he doesn’t mind taking good care of his big strong construction worker dad while he’s still employed there.