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Pat Patterson Openly Gay and WWE; Social Media Pressure, Gay Porn, and Racism; Tom Daley and THAT Other Swimmer Make Headlines

Pat Patterson Openly Gay and WWE

Here’s a really good article about the life of Pat Patterson, and what it was like to be at the top of his game as a pro wrestler, and gay.  It’s another one that breaks the stereotypes. There are a lot of guys out there like Patterson.

Nearly 20 years after he first arrived in the U.S., Patterson reached the pinnacle of his career in 1979 when, aged 38, he was crowned the World Wide Wrestling Federation’s inaugural Intercontinental Champion. To this day, that championship remains one of the most prestigious in the organization that later became World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). What most in the wrestling world didn’t realize, however, was that the new champion was gay.

The rest is here.  I know there are many important points in this article about Patterson and his life, but I also think that part about stereotypes is important to all of us. So that we know not to stereotype gay men into any specific category.

Social Media Pressure, Gay Porn, and Racism

As the heading suggests, this is a highly controversial topic for some. I think it also gives a fairly accurate example of the more questionable sides of the porn industry and porn stars.  

In the past, scenes featuring gay porn stars who have committed statutory rape and even murder (Mike Dozer and Sean Cody’s Addison, respectively) have not been pulled down from studios’ websites, even after news of their convictions spread. And in my nine years of reporting on the gay-adult industry, a studio (let alone two studios) has never removed or canceled content due to a performer’s personal beliefs—that is, until now.

So what made Diggs special? White men with sexual “preferences” working in gay porn is nothing new. But thanks to social media and industry blogs, those “preferences” are being exposed, shared, shamed, and retweeted to such an extent that studios can no longer pretend to be oblivious.

You can check out the rest here. It’s a fairly in-depth piece. It gets into sexual preferences and racism, which is a topic that’s becoming increasingly popular these days. They mention hook up apps and talk about whether or not sexual preference is a form of racism. It’s…well…interesting.

There’s nothing lewd or sexual about the article, but I don’t think the web site for this one is SFW. You’ve been warned.

Tom Daley and THAT Other Swimmer Make Headlines

Of course my heading for this is sarcastic. I figured I’d better mention that for those who have been deprived of a sense of humor.

This pretty much says it all…

Tom Daley, Great Britain‘s openly gay diving champion, was front-page news across the U.K. after he and his synchronized diving partner Daniel Goodfellow won the bronze medal at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

But in what is an ironic twist on the shameful past practice of cropping out gay athletes from mainstream media, most of the British papers focused their coverage not on the pair but solely on Daley.

It also happened on Twitter. I saw it myself while it was trending. I kept wondering who the other dude was…with all due respect to Tom Daley. It’s not Daley’s fault. The media has been doing this for years with every minority. I’m not shocked. It’s a good example of how little you can trust these days in the media.

You can check this one out here. 

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