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More Male Full Frontal Nudity: "Shame" with Michael Fassbender

I swear I don’t go looking for these films, but I stumbled across the movie “Shame” last night, with Michael Fassbender, on one of the cable channels and found another male full frontal nude scene. And because male full frontal has always been so taboo I figured I’d post one more time about it.

The plot of “Shame” revolves around sex addiction, which I write about to a certain extent in my upcoming book “The Wall Street Shark.” But because I’ve also read there’s controversy about sex addiction I focused more on my character’s alcohol addiction and touched on the topic of sex addiction. And this is why I played it safe in my book:

 Sexologists have not reached any consensus regarding whether sexual addiction exists or, if it does, how to describe the phenomenon.

Frankly, after doing the research, I’m not sure I believe sex addiction exists either. But I know there are those who would disagree, and I’m not an expert on the topic and don’t claim to know any answers.

In any event, the main character in “Shame” is a sexual addict. And there are a few full frontal nude scenes with Michael Fassbender that I didn’t expect. I think those scenes were handled well with respect to the theme of the film, and also necessary in a film like this. But I’m not reviewing “Shame” here. I’m only reviewing Michael Fassbender’s full frontal scenes. And Fassbender gets five big gold stars for this one just on full frontal alone. He’s truly one of the more “gifted” actors in Hollywood in this department. In fact, it’s hard to forget these scenes long after you’ve seen them.

But the film is really very good, too, and I think highly underestimated. If there is such a thing as sex addiction, it’s handled in a professional, honest way in “Shame.” Here are some reviews about it, and I personally would recommend it even if Fassbender hadn’t done such an eloquent, artistic job letting it all hang out, so to speak. He’s not just a gifted man in the full frontal department, he’s also a gifted actor. And I haven’t seen anyone mention this in any other reviews anywhere.

As an added addition, actress Carey Mulligan stars as Fassbender’s unusual sister, and she gives one of the best musical performances of the song “New York, New York,” I’ve ever heard.