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PrEP Safe As Aspirin; Pride School Opening In the South; Pussy Riot On Donald Trump

PrEP Safe As Aspirin

Here’s a study that claims PrEP is as safe as aspirin…but it’s a short term study. That’s important to remember. At least I think it is.

…PrEP for HIV infection favorably compares to aspirin in terms of user safety. While long-term studies are needed, providers should feel reassured about the safety of short- and medium-term PrEP for HIV infection with FTC-TDF.

I’m no expert but I have friends who are HIV+ who take HIV meds. Truvada is one of them. I’ve heard them talk about the long range side effects of all their medications, including Truvada. I think aspirin has long term side effects, too, but don’t quote me on that.

You can read the rest here. 

Pride School Opening In the South

With all the assimilation happening right now with gay adults (and it is happening), this article is interesting because it sounds as if they’re trying to segregate younger gay people…in a church.

“To provide LGBTQQIAA students, families, and educators a safe, fun and rigorous learning environment free of homophobia and transphobia—a place that honors their identities so they can be themselves, find themselves, and find friends and mentors who can help them navigate the challenges of life and education.”

I have no idea what all those letters after LGBT & Q are and I’m not doing a search either. In some ways, these people have segregated themselves right out of my life.  

While it sounds like a wonderful concept, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for these kids at the same time. Who on this earth goes through life without experiencing some kind of issue? Gay or straight? It’s called life…growing up and learning to deal with and accept the world.

In any event, you can read more here. I guess my problem in understanding this is that I don’t believe in ANY kind of segregation at all. And, these kids are eventually going to have to grow up, and when they find out the world isn’t all hope and change, with fun and rigorous learning, they are going to be in for a real shocker.

Pussy Riot On Donald Trump

I really don’t like to get into articles like this because they are political and I don’t like to discuss politics on the blog. But since this is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen, I’m posting it anyway.  

“You have to seriously think about giving a microphone and opportunity of public speaking to persons like Donald Trump. Because we have so many serious problems, and to follow and comment [on] every word of this man is really not the best idea.”

There’s more here. 

I think the message she’s trying to get across is that Trump is going to be like Putin. And who doesn’t take complicated political advice from someone referred to as “Pussy Riot?”

I guess we’ll find out soon enough, because Trump’s numbers continue to grow in the polls. Ironically, almost the same way President Obama’s numbers grew eight years ago.

And this is my last political post for a while.

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