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Free E-book Contest Here!! Find the Bad Word…

As promised, I’m going to run a contest in celebration of my new release, FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL.

It’s going to be fairly simple, too.

The only catch is that you have to read FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and find the sentence with the word “seemingly.” The word “seemingly” is only used in the book once, because I absolutely despise any word ending with “ingly.” You won’t find any other fiction of mine with an “ingly” word. And the only reason “seemingly” is in this book is because the copyeditor put it there and I decided not to complain about it. But it’s one of those words that makes me cringe.

When you find the sentence with the word “seemingly,” leave a comment on the thread and then e-mail me at: with your contact information and the sentence with “seemingly.” The comment you leave can be anonymous and short, or you can leave your identity. You only have to say something like, “I found it. I’m sending you an e-mail,” in the comment. Right after you comment, send me an e-mail with the correct sentence with the word “seemingly” and you’re done.

Don’t leave the actual sentence from the book in the comment thread. That wouldn’t be fair to other people and I won’t be able to publish it. And I will be checking the times you commented and e-mailed me to make sure they go together. In other words, if someone leaves a comment on Saturday at ten in the morning and e-mails me at one minute after ten, I know it’s legit. And I want to keep this fair.

That’s all there is to it. The first five to leave a comment and send me an e-mail with the correct sentence from the book with the word “seemingly” will get a free e-book of THE COMPUTER TUTOR. And this book won’t even be released until February 9th, so five people will be ahead of the game in that respect.

To sum it up:

1. Find the sentence in FOUR GAY WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL with the word “seemingly.”

2. Leave a comment on this thread letting me know you found the sentence, without giving out the sentence.

3. E-mail me immediately with the sentence that contains the word “seemingly.” And please put “I found it” in the subject line.

4. I’ll send you a free copy of THE COMPUTER TUTOR.

And I will leave this contest open until five people comment. This means that if the fifth person doesn’t comment until next month…or year…he/she will still be eligible to win the free e-book. I don’t see any reason for a time limit.

If anyone has any questions, e-mail me. Please don’t fill up the comment thread with questions. I will be checking comments more often than usual. But be patient if the comment doesn’t appear immediately. It’s still there on blogger, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away.