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A Free Sample from PRETTY MAN…

There’s already sell copy and a sample from the book out there. But I thought I’d add another from a section that was particularly difficult to write. The Hillary character had to be just right. I kept picturing Holly Golightly, but with a certain type of bold independence that comes from years of disappointment.

Hillary had just placed the “open” sandwich board sign on the sidewalk. Her cotton dress was plain white, with a black belt and a full skirt that fell loosely to her knees. Her shoes were flat, black ballerina slippers. When she looked up from the sidewalk and saw Josh walking toward the store, she flipped a long shock of straight brown hair off her chest and smiled…her face was pinched and her lips were pressed tightly together…although she placed her hands on her hips and started tapping her right foot.
“Hey gorgeous!” he said, shouting across the sidewalk like an old married man who was late for dinner. Then he lifted the box of cupcakes as a peace offering.

She stared at the box and said, “You know I don’t eat cake.” She wore a hint of lip gloss and a thick line of mascara that extended across her upper eye lid. There were wide, dramatic chunks of blond in her long, brown hair.
Josh turned to Roland and said, “Hillary believes that cake is behind all the problems in the world. She never touches the stuff.” While he joked, Hillary pressed her index finger to her lips and stared up and down at his new clothes.
“Ah well, “Roland said. But what he really thought was, the girl could use a cupcake or two, maybe even a piece of her own chocolate. Her arms and legs were toothpicks; her body sideways was an ironing board.