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Documentary On Tokyo’s All Male Gay For Pay Brothel

There’s a new documentary out titled, Boys For Sale, that’s focused on a gay for pay brothel in Tokyo. What’s interesting for lack of a better word is the male prostitutes don’t all identify as gay.

“I’m detached,” says one of the men, asked how he can have sex with other men when he identifies as straight. “My mind goes blank.”

Many of these sex workers were homeless or orphaned following natural disasters or personal ill fortune.

Others simply needed money and weren’t dating at the time. 

Here’s the rest. You’re not going to hear many happily ever after stories with this one. It gets into HIV in Japan and trans people, too.

And for those of you who want to judge gay for pay sex, there are plenty of hetero prostitutes as well.

WTF? Gay Men Are Great Babysitters?

Here’s one about some poor, misguided researcher who truly believes that because gay men don’t procreate they make the best babysitters. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever heard this.

“If we consider an ancestral environment, for example,” Jimenez pontificates, “when having kids was very risky, especially multiple kids, having an extra pair of hands definitely would have come in handy.”

He points to the island of Samoa in Polynesia as an example. The culture there recognizes a third gender called fa’afafine. The fa’afafine are assigned a male gender at birth, they are attracted to men, but they exhibit both female and male traits. Jimenez noticed that they tended to take on “uncle-like” roles in families.

Aside from the fact that most of the gay men I know will go out of their way to avoid kids, a lot of gay men are marrying and starting their own families now. Maybe this is a parody piece. I’m not sure. But if it’s not a parody piece someone should tell this poor guy.

Here’s the rest.  

G-Rated Gay Romance, “Said With Care,” By Ryan Field

Most of the books I’ve released this year with Ryan Field Press have not been erotic gay romance novels. They’re G-rated new adult gay romance novels. (New adult means they cover the ages of college years to someone’s 30s, not that it’s adult content…it’s a genre like YA.) And there’s not really a set reason for that, other than the fact that I wanted to do something a little different, and these particular books didn’t need sex scenes in them. That’s hard to explain, but I wanted to clarify this in case anyone was wondering.

With that said, here’s a new release for late summer titled, Said With Care. I won’t give out any spoilers, but there is a HEA ending and I get into a lot more detail with some of the minor characters. One character even has a transgender best friend he meets for lunch all the time.

When Corbin Hadley returns to his family home for the holidays with the young woman he’s planning to marry, he still identifies as straight. The fact that he was seeing a guy at school named Bruce was only a temporary phase. Corbin has no intention of spending the rest of his life as a gay man.

Although Corbin embraces his decisions willingly, he soon discovers his perfect heteronormative family has been keeping a few secrets from him, especially his mom and dad. And when the young woman Corbin is planning to marry accidentally discovers he’s been keeping Bruce a secret from her, Corbin is forced to deal with a few realities he never thought he would have to address.

When he finally learns the truth about his family, will the secrets everyone’s been keeping from him change his life for the better? Or will he risk losing the love of his life because he doesn’t want to face the truth?

Below are links. It will be available in print very soon, and it’s also being distributed on iTunes and most places were digital books are sold, including Kobo. I’ll post a few excerpts, soon.

And… here’s the newest profile photo on the sidebar. It’s really me, and it’s the most recent, taken about a week ago. People are always asking about that and I have to admit that I do fall short in the photo department. But I think that’s because I don’t like being photographed, and also because I don’t think it should matter one way or the other what an author looks like. It’s about the books and the words, not the author’s photo. I’m not an actor and what I look like shouldn’t be important. In any event, that very unprofessional photo really is me, and I will work on this in the future to get a better one. But I do like the gay bear shirt I’m wearing. I got that in Palm Springs at the gay bear store 🙂