Ryan’s A Guy In Love…Blog Going Blank

I’ve been following my friend Ryan’s blog for more years than I can remember now. And this morning I found out it was going blank.

I don’t know the exact reasons why the blog is going blank. I’ve e-mailed Ryan and I didn’t ask for details because I know he’s a private person and I respect his privacy. My concern was to be sure everything was okay with Ryan and Tyler. At this point, I think of them both as adopted brothers.

And if I did know the details, I wouldn’t mention them because they are Ryan’s business.

But I do know a lot of people are going to miss Ryan’s blog, including me. For me, Ryan is what blogging was always intended to be. When personal blogging first started, it was supposed to be about online personal journals, where people talked about their lives, their interests, and their dreams. It wasn’t supposed to be about promoting books, reviewing books, and hocking goods and wares for personal gain.

Then blogging caught on and became something entirely different, which is fine. I’m just as guilty as everyone else. But I’m gonna miss the old ways. And it’s just not going to be the same without Ryan around on the interwebs.

Today is a Special Birthday…

Today is my buddy Ryan’s birthday. He blogs regularly over at http://aguyinlove.blogspot.com/, and he’s been a huge supporter of ravenousromance.com. I’ve known him for about four years. I started out as a curious fan, and then fell in love with his blog and all of his posts. I’ve interviewed him and I’ve followed his life. And I’ve watched him grow better and stronger each year. He is what blogging is supposed to be about, and he puts me to shame in this respect. He’s also a really nice, smart, decent guy with a strong voice and a sense of humor that doesn’t stop. He makes me laugh, too, which if you knew me, isn’t easy to do.
He’s like a brother and a friend combined. and if I knew how to bake a cake, I’d make one for him.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ryan. I can’t be there in person today, but I can be there in spirit. I can’t cook to save my life, but I can shop for a good bakery on the web.